Good Excuses to Miss School

Good Excuses to Miss School

Teacher’s pet or a backbencher, every one of us has wanted to take off from the school for a day two to relax and enjoy ourselves. But you can’t state that reason to your lecturer. Sometimes you need a break and can’t seem to figure out a valid and reasonable excuse for it. Excuses must be framed well for them to sound like genuine reasons. So we all spend hours overthinking for an excuse that would seem legitimate and being no suspicion from the lecturer. But finding a gold excuse isn’t that easy, especially when you often bunk your classes.  In this article, let’s see some of the Good Excuses to Miss School.

If you often find yourself utterly troubled by the process of forming and setting up an excuse, you’re reading the right article. To give the right excuse, you need to think of something that sounds legitimate and easy to believe. A good excuse should leave your lecturer with no words or follow-up questions to ask you of your whereabouts. It should seem like a situation where you couldn’t have helped but missed school. That kind of excuse requires thought and effort. To save you from the mental load, here is a list of excuses you can choose from the next time you want to miss school.

To know about it all, keep reading! 

  1. I was robbed: This is a reason that nobody in this world can prove to be a hoax. Getting robbed on the street is very common and at the same time, you won’t have to provide any evidence for that. Just tell your teacher that you were on your way to school and suddenly, out of nowhere, came this fellow who took all your money away, tore your clothes and you had no choice but to walk back home.

    This kind of excuse will help you gain sympathy from your teacher and he/she would also not have anything to doubt you on. If you were there on your way to school but you got robbed, this would show that you were willing to come to school but there was nothing really you could do about it. 

  2. I Got Late from Work: This works best if you have a part-time job. Many students work hard in their part-time jobs to help their school fees and also gain working experience. Working overtime and getting late from work is very commonplace as students do it all the time to increase their pay. Your teacher will understand you when you make this excuse as this will portray you as a diligent and hardworking student who is trying very hard to get on with life. Getting late from work gives you a justified enough reason if you spent your night partying or watching a late-night movie and just wanted to lie late in bed. 

  3. I Had to Self-Study for The SATs: Maybe you just want to chill with your friends or have some time off with yourself, you can always make an excuse for the SATs if you’re in high school. Everyone knows how strenuous and arduous the SAT prep can be and you have to have some time with yourself to do it properly. So the SAT excuse is an understandable and believable excuse. Your lecturer won’t be left with a reason to scold you if it was for the SAT that you were absent from school. After all, who would not like his student to study and do well in the College prep exams? 

  4. My Bicycle got Punctured: You may anytime use this excuse as this is something that can happen with anyone and anytime, and there’s nothing really you can do about it. You couldn’t have fixed it yourself or call a mechanic right away, the only thing you could do was to walk back home. The lecturer won’t bother going to your house to see if it’s really punctured. He wouldn’t even care if you have a bicycle. Because this is something very commonplace, he would ask no further questions and you’re all set! 

  5. Illness: is a very old and very effective excuse. No one can make you go to school if you’re not healthy or are not feeling well. If you’re sick, there’s a chance that you can also spread the disease to other students. So every school always prefers that its students stay home whenever they catch any contagious disease. Hence, you can always choose from a million illnesses and diseases in the world like cold, fever, etc. to give you an excuse to stay at home. 

  6. Funeral in the Family: Well, this is something we’ve heard many times and that is because it is very common. Loss in the family is something that is not in your hands. If there’s a funeral in your family you have to attend and it’s understood. But make sure to not hurt the same person over and over again. The lecturer may remember it and catch you right away. So be careful with this one. It can be a very good excuse as it attracts sympathy and emotion from the lecturers. They feel sorry for you and you’re safe from the lashings.  

  7. Family Illness: Say your mother, father or sibling was severely ill and you were needed at home to look after them and care for them. There was no way you could’ve attended school. Tell them that everyone in your home had to go to their offices and workplaces and you were the only one who could stay at home and care for the ill. Well, that’s a story that can gather many soft hearts around you. They’ll sympathise, they’ll understand and they’ll even grant you further leave if you want. 

  8. Moving to a New Home: If you’ve just shifted your house, there’s no way you could attend school that day. Tell them that you’ve recently moved to a new home and you were busy with the reallocation. The teacher’s never going to check what address you have and where you have shifted. The reason is substantial enough to ask any further questions. They all know how hectic and troublesome a task moving is. So any day you want to take a leave, shift yourself to a new home! 

  9. Met with an Accident: is totally justified as a reason to not attend school. Accidents happen all the time and there are a million accidental situations you can create like a car hit you or you collided with a bike and had to endure some minor injuries. This is a situation that gathers huge sympathy and makes the teacher empathize with what you had to go through. You cannot prevent accidents from happening and everybody knows that. They know that it’s not your fault if you meet with one and easily grant you leave. 

  10. Had a Sprain on my Hand: A sprain or a strain in your hand is just what you need as an excuse to skip school as your hand is the most vital tool for school. It is your hand that you employ in taking all the notes in school. So it is always preferred to make up a sprain in the hand you write with. Because that hand is invalid, then what’s the point of attending school when you would not be able to make any notes or record any lectures in your journal. You can always tie a fake band around your hand to make the excuse look authentic and gain free sympathies. 

  11. Family Emergency: A family emergency can be anything from an ill sibling to an old grandpa who had to be rushed to the hospital. A family emergency is a personal and understood excuse that causes no interrogation and doubt on the teachers’ part. They understand if it’s a family issue and somebody ill or old in your house. A family emergency is something you have to be there for no matter what all responsibilities you have, that is your foremost responsibility and everyone gets that. So the family excuse is gonna work fireworks for you! 

  12. Had Nothing to Wear: This is a different and most genuine sounding excuse. How can you come to school if you’ve got nothing to wear? You can always say that all your clothes were gone to the laundry for cleaning and you were left with nothing to wear but your nighttime pajamas which no one would like you to wear to school and disrupt the decorum. Everybody has a laundry day and many times it does clash with your working days. This is something every one of us has gone through and is completely plausible.  

  13. Had a Doctor’s Appointment: Leaving school for a doctor’s appointment is a justified reason as going for regular check-ups is a must. If you have some illness or treatments going on like the braces on your teeth, you have a very good opportunity to use your doctor as your recluse. Everybody knows that if you have some perpetual illness or treatment going on, you will have to attend its appointments. There’s no question of counting you here as the teacher knows that the reason why your skilled school was genuine and important. 

  14. Family Function: Family functions are inevitable and super busy. You must attend to them and there are family functions all the time. It may be a birthday of some distant cousin or a housewarming party of some aunt that you had to attend. All these functions are family obligations and make up for some great excuses. When it comes to family and things related to it, most teachers understand and grant you leave real easy. You just need to sound as confident and real as you can and you’re good to go. 

  15. Sibling’s Wedding: We all know how busy and jam-packed a wedding can be. From the first preparations to the last vows, weddings can be too much. And there’s no way you can handle both school and a family wedding on the same day. Just say that you had to be there for your sibling’s wedding and they’ll get you right away. Weddings are not one day’s task and require your time and effort. Skipping school for a sibling’s wedding would make for a perfect excuse, sometimes with teachers even asking you about the proceeding of the wedding. 

  16. Road Jammed with Snow: It’s winter and you’ve got an excuse eight there. During winter, roads are clogged with snow and transport inaccessible. So when it starts snowing, you know you’ve got a really good excuse to miss school for the upcoming days. During winter, everyone is struck by the tremendous snowfall especially if you live in a state where it snows real bad. You can always use that as your tool to help you take a day off from school and warm yourself up near the hearth with some delicious homemade cookies. 

  17. Was Studying Late in the Night: This is an excuse that can prove to be the most beneficial for you but you have to use it wisely. If you say that you were studying late in the night, it will make an impression that you’re a studious and hard-working pupil. But do use this excuse carefully. Don’t tell the teacher that you were up till late at night studying his subject because if you do he may ask you some questions you would have no idea about. So always take up some other subject, some other field of study than what the teacher who’s questioning you teaches. And if you follow this one rule, you have not only made a good excuse but a good impression too. 

  18. Couldn’t Find a Commute: It happens all the time that you cannot find a commute to your destination if you’re using public transport. Even if you’re not, who’s gonna check anyway? If you say something like you were waiting on the bus stand and kept waiting but nothing came by to get you to school, that is a valid enough reason with no fault of yours. You live in a far-off city away from the school and the only way to get to school was the public bus which did not come that day. You were there on time but it was the bus which did not come. And you’ve got a wonderful story to narrate. 

  19. Your Pet Died: If you know that your lecturer is a pet lover, this excuse will do wonders for you. Tell him you had a pet, a cat, a dog, anything you like. And tell him that he died. He’ll not only sympathize with you but also feel for you. He may even offer you some condolences and forget all about your skipping school. People love their pets even more than they love human beings. People understand that the loss of a pet can have a dire result on its owner. Hence this can act as your savior when nothing else would work. 

  20. Out of Station: Going out of the station is reasonable and valid. If you aren’t there in the city, there’s no way you can make it to school. Your reason can be anything from visiting an old grandmother to going out of place for some personal emergency. You can make up any reason as to why you were out of the station. There are several reasons why a student may have to go someplace else and teachers understand them totally. Sometimes they won’t even ask you why you were out of the station, just stating it is enough. 

  21. Bowel Disorder: Just say that you had a hard time in the washroom that morning and they’ll want no more details, ask no further questions. Bowel disorders or conditions are the last issues someone would like to discuss with you. At the same time, it is very common and can happen with anyone at any time. So this excuse can be your perfect recluse when you can’t have some time off school as you would not be troubled with any follow-up questions after that will help you get away with an amazing story. 

  22. Construction Work going On: Everyone knows that construction noises and commotion can be too much. You can either say that there’s construction going on a site nearby your home and you developed a migraine because of its squealing noises and or you may say that you have construction work going on in your own home, say you’re reconstructing a part of your building or rebuilding the backyard and the noises get too harsh on you which is why you needed a break. Of course, no ones gonna come and check where you live and this excuse will do you wonders. 

  23. Medical Test: Medical tests and physical exams are necessary duties and often take up an entire day. They also make up for very good excuses. Any day you don’t want to go to school you can state that you had your monthly medical examination which was important for you to take. Medical tests are something that teachers cannot scold you on as it is a necessity and they can’t get in you to look after yourself. How would you ever attend school if you’re not physically fit to do so, right? So use this excuse and you’re all set to enjoy your day off school. 

  24. Traffic Jam: Traffic jams are the greatest hurdle in any commuter’s journey and it is very commonplace too. If you say something like you were out on your way to school but met with never-ending traffic, they will not only believe you but also get you and understand you because this is something that happens with them too. It is not a silly excuse but a legitimate reason. And if the traffic reports on the daily news and radio also talk about it, your point has just been made stronger. So whenever the radio reports heavy traffic, you know you’ve been granted a holiday.

  25. Bad Weather: Bad weather can be the best excuse as it is unpredictable and uncontrollable. Since nobody wants you to get to school all drenched in rain or covered with snow, the weather is what can save you on days when you don’t feel like going to school. This kind of excuse works best if you live quite far away from your school and the teachers have no idea about the weather conditions there. Just state that the weather was not suitable for you to come to school and they’ll have nothing to do about it. This can happen with anyone and is easily trusted. 

  26. Kid Emergency: Many kids in high school have kids and when you have kids, there are a hundred things that come along. You can make up any excuse from taking your kid for a regular checkup to getting him/her vaccinated. Teachers know that bringing up and rearing a child is a wholesome job altogether and you need to have days off to look after it. So, you have all the understanding ears with you when you mention that you had a kid emergency, had to rush him to hospital for his fever or his continuous puking. Anything, put anything there with your kid and you’re good to go. 

  27. Allergic Reaction: Say you are a peanut and then you went nuts! Around 3% of the children in America suffer from peanut allergy and it is very common. It is a near-fatal allergy for which you do need a day or two’s off as prescribed by the doctor. Allergic reaction is a thing you cannot control and something that can happen anytime. Tell your lecturer that you were ready for school one fine morning, you sat at the breakfast table and your mother gave you the wrong energy bar by mistake which had peanuts in it and you started choking. It’s fortunate that you are alive to tell the story, and that eight there, you’ve got the perfect excuse. Never in a million years will the lecturer be able to find that it was a lie because even if you don’t have it you can always imitate one. 

  28. Wisdom Tooth Emergency: We all know how painful and severe those wisdom teeth are. And that happens with everyone. Every one of us at some stage of our lives has to go through the blues of toothache and every one of us knows how horrific an experience can be. So the wisdom tooth excuse is the best excuse to save you from a harsh scolding because he or she too knows what throbbing pain it causes in your gums. So you’ve got an excuse there along with a lot of sympathy and care from your teachers.   


It’s okay to take some time off. It’s okay if you want to lean back, pause for a moment and relax one day. While it’s always better, to be honest, not all teachers are empathizing and cordial, and you can end up bad if you come up with some silly reason as to why you skipped school like you were just busy partying all night or wanted to hang out with your friends. However, we’re sure these excuses will help you get the day off without any berating, and you’ll remember these days with a smile on your face 10 or 20 years from now. 

Good Excuses to Miss School

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