Getting Rehired After Being Fired

There are multiple ways to get a job but being rehired after getting fired has a taste of its own. With so many approaches to this situation, often many people ignore this opportunity. Sometimes, they accept it but are unaware of how to go about it, which causes trouble. There are also times when they focus on salary as the only aspect, which has its cons. However, this article contains all you need to know about approaching a job where you’re being rehired.let us know Getting Rehired After Being Fired .

Getting Rehired After Being Fired

Common misunderstandings

First, look at a few misunderstandings people have about a position like this; it may contain something that has been on your mind too! 

  • Embarrassing 

Many people find it embarrassing to go back to an old job, especially if you were fired. It may feel like you’re out of place and that there is some sort of a predefined image that the colleagues may have of you. That’s not true. While many may remember you were fired, they more or less consider it a normal thing at work. Moreover, they may be glad to have you back! When you get back to your old job knowing what to do, it rubs off on the new employees that you’re well-versed and skilled!

  • Loss of dignity 

Another misconception is that you’ll be kept in low regard or will be treated poorly. It is common to think that other colleagues may assume you’re in desperate need to have come back rather than get a new job, but that’s only a thought. You also begin to feel low of yourself for having gone back to a company that let you go. These are just matters of the mind. It’s a lot more effortless to get your previous job back; right from the rehiring to the work results!

  • Leftovers 

Quite often, it is presumed that you are the one in need of the job and not vice versa. It may lead you to think that you’re getting the leftovers of the company to be in that position, team, or work itself. You may wonder whether this was just something they were ready to give to anyone. In times like these, remember that the company requires a person with your skills. There are many applicants but the fact that they considered you tells you that they like you.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  • Company’s say

Yet another strong misconception is that you’re in a way indebted to the company and that they will treat you as they like. Wrong again. You have to make your approach with confidence. It doesn’t matter whether you’re employed elsewhere already or if you’re unemployed. The fact that the company once chose you should be ensuring enough that you’re good enough and they want you back. For all you know, you might have just the opposite of the company’s say! 

Reasons why you should consider getting rehired. 

There are many reasons why you should accept such a proposal but be sure to consider the main ones:

  • Salary and incentives. 

Since this is the known factor, let’s have a look at this first. It is a proven fact that when you’re called back to a job, the chances are that the salary will be higher. Moreover, it works in your favor knowing the company’s background and understanding how to negotiate with them. Not only that, but you also receive many incentives and perks as you are welcomed back! This is something that you won’t get at a new company. 

  • Easy interviewing 

You already know the interview process, the information, and the morals of the company. It’s like you’ve already had practice with your interview at the company before. That’s why the interview process couldn’t get easier! Even the company is aware of your profile and capabilities, so in most cases, they take interviews only to check whether your potential has changed in any way. With the information you have as well as your growth over time, the interview will rarely be a troublesome task or nervous obstacle. 

  • Confidence 

This is one of the highly admired factors of being rehired. Nothing compares to the confidence you have built over experience and all the first-hand knowledge you have obtained about the company. While doing research is one thing, being present in person is another. You won’t get that with a new company. Right from the interview to working and communicating, your confidence level receives a solid boost that won’t match any other. You have better self-esteem and, therefore, can provide potentially outstanding results!

  • Developed and improved skills 

Having worked at the company before, you have experience. You know how the company works as well as all the tips and tricks attached. Additionally, the time you may have worked at other companies adds to your potential. This, in turn, leads to much-developed skills that you can execute once rehired. It will be a boon to your company and will also take your capacity to a higher level. You can ensure ease of performance as you already know the drill!

  • Better and bigger opportunities

 There are chances that if you’re getting rehired, you will be offered a higher position. Needless to say, your company knows your potential and clubbing that with the experience you’ve had at the company, it gives you better chances of coming in as a superior than having to start from scratch. Newer organizations want to test your abilities before they trust you. However, here that factor has already been completed, so it lifts you on the bar. 

  • Fitting environment 

Communicating at work becomes easier when you know your colleagues. With new jobs, there is the additional task of having to blend in with the employees. While this slows down your productivity, opting for companies at which you’ve worked is the right choice. With a familiar working space and staff, it is convenient to focus on your goals! 

How to get rehired?

It’s not every day that employers will come knocking at your door calling you back. With numerous applicants out there, you need to create opportunities for yourself too, and here’s how:

  • Look out for vacancies 

Being connected with the company and colleagues, you have a lot more contacts and sources than the others. Take advantage of this fact to keep checking on positions and vacancies available that suit your preference. It’s not a bad thing to approach the company first!

  • Measure negotiations 

Before you begin negotiating, consider the needs of the company. Avoid dumping your list. Communicate and let them know that you have raised your bar compared to before and that you won’t let them down. Look at their views too, and then settle on something that works for both. It often happens that employees get overconfident and demand extremely high salaries or positions. Remember that even though the company may be in favor of you, they still have many other options. 

  • Work on your performance 

Before you go back, get better. You will increase your capabilities with other jobs, but that’s not guaranteed either. Neither is it the only thing to focus on. Take a look back at why you were fired and grow on those elements as well. If you’ve worked before but haven’t changed, it’s not profitable for the company to hire you back. Give them reasons to want you back.

  • Locations 

It often happens that with the development of new branches or shift of the office to a new location, many positions are opened up. Take that opportunity and give it a shot. Be more flexible but avoid giving in entirely to the company’s demands. Accept changes but only to an extent. 

  • Positions

There are times when higher opportunities open up, and the company doesn’t want to risk handing it over to new employees. In such cases, they scout for older employees. Be on the lookout to get rehired during times like these. There are higher chances that you will get the position depending on how confident and familiar you seem in your approach.

  • Time for comebacks 

You may have come across situations where the company can’t afford to have you due to various reasons. Your ability and performance are not considered here, and even if you’re doing great, they have to let you go. These companies often call for comebacks where the employers invite you back when the company is stable again. This is a very potential opportunity that you shouldn’t overlook.  


There you have it, all the information for getting rehired! It’s not a bad thing and is a very potential choice that you must consider. If you find yourself with a choice to go back, be sure to give it quality thought before you make a decision!


  • Is it better to get rehired or apply to a new company? 

This depends on each person. If you’re someone who likes to stick to the roots, it’s better to get rehired. However, if you’re open to new ideas, and constantly interacting and expanding your reach is one of your strong sides, choose another company. Some people get bored working at one place while some start as freshers and end up as managers. Whatever workflow suits you is the one to go for! That being said, getting rehired is the easier option, while applying elsewhere is the more creative one. 

Getting Rehired After Being Fired

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