Top 10 Funny Questions to Ask Your Boss

Funny questions to ask your boss

Many of the employees have many questions to ask their boss in all contexts, and they many times end up getting fired or avoid the questions due to the fear of salary deduction. There are funny questions to ask your boss in the office. All of the questions given below are funny and can be asked to their boss once he/she permits to ask. 

Funny Questions to Ask Your Boss

  1. How much salary do you get? Everyone is curious to know about the aliens, UFO, and the secret of the pyramid triangle. Still, the employees are the only humans who want to know about their boss’s salary. Every employee is keen to know about their boss’s salary.  They always imagine themselves at their boss position someday or the other, and they dream of fulfilling their dreams by thinking about the amount they’ll receive at their boss position. Still, they don’t know that the more the salary, the more expenses, and responsibility. 

  2. Can you grant me a leave for 7 days as my 7 friend’s dad passed away by watching Oprah Winfrey after recovering from Covid? Often, employees are rejected for the leave, and they get upset after getting disapproval but keeping the request humorous and subtle can lead to leaving, even if it is for few days. When a worker in the company insists on leaving, this indicates that he/she wants a break from a hectic schedule of the regular hassle going on in the office.

  3. If you could promote anyone at your post from the office, then who would he/she be? Leveling upwards has always been a desire of human beings, no matter what post they are in—still, every human desire to achieve something, especially workers working in every work sector. Employees always look forward to their fellow workers, and they want to know at what post they would be promoted next.  Employees are also the guy who always looks into others plate, and they want to know what their fellow mates are absorbing. Hence the employee is eligible to ask about others’ promotions to their boss, and they should be subtle while asking their boss.

  4. If google hired you, then how much salary would you demand and for which post? As many kids grew up, they always wanted to know what their parents brought to eat or any toys to play with. After they grow a little more and start their academics in college, they get a little curious to know exactly what kind of job their parents do. And as they get an internship and they earn too, they talk about how much their parents would earn at their age and how they should be working to earn more. Once the student turns into an employee, they always have a question about their boss that. If a huge company would hire them, what would be the salary negotiations their boss would do. 

  5. When was the last time you came to work on time? Punctuality has been important in human life. They say once the time is gone can never come back. These lessons taught every kid in the school for years, but the kids were nervous when their teachers would be late for school. This feeling and the desire to raise a question against them even politely were not allowed to kids.  When the kids grow up and work as employees in the office, they are always curious to ask their boss what happens if their boss is late. The only question employees have why there is no one scolding their boss, and if the employees get a little late, then the boss bursts the employees in front of every other employee.

  6. If you don’t want to promote me, can you at least share your tiffin with me? People across the globe have been differentiated by many classes such as Higher, Middle, and Lower class people. Even though this is being stopped over the years, many countries and people still discriminate against people based on the wrong class. In the streets, this happens in the corporates office too, and the employees working in the office always imagine that would make their boss ever share the tiffin with them.  Or would their boss ever share anything with them which is unofficial? The power distance is for real in some countries. Still, many countries are trying to keep a friendly environment in the office for better results in the performance of employees and to maintain the goodwill of the company. 

  7. Will you prefer working overtime or work from home? In many offices across the globe, the workers from all the sectors and all the departments work overtime for extra income to pay off their debts and for their better financial condition. But the question they have is whether their boss also works overtime for extra income. If yes, who pays him extra for working and is the work any different from others’ overtime working departments.  These are the doubts that every employee in the office feels to ask their boss. They even try to ask their boss, but they often ask a different question due to the fear of getting fired or a deduction in the salary. 

  8. Which is your favorite destination when you take a leave from the office? Every human being on this planet earth loves to travel. Traveling to a new place always gives an immense amount of knowledge and helps to know about the various cultures and their habitat. Many people take a break from their busy schedule to freshen up their mind by visiting other countries. It is said that a fresh mind helps to focus on the work and increases the chances of successful work.  Every worker in every sector in the company needs a break, but they have this curiosity to know about their boss’s favorite destination. They imagine that they both have the same destination or hill station they would like to visit. 

  9. How would you run the office in a non-digital world? Would you be so cool then too? The traditional form of marketing and advertising has been in the history of all the products. Then it was too difficult to handle the employees, and the boss was upset with the performance of their employees because the technology was not introduced. After the emergence of digital media, things become easy for the employees and their boss. But employees always think that what if the digital world was never there and everyone would run up to the cyber café for their print out of the sales bill. Would their bosses be so cool and calm with the employees? That scenario would be different in the world without digital assistance. It is a nightmare for the workers working in the company. We all hope that the digital remains forever so that all the bosses would be calm on the employees.

  10. What is your favorite all-time munching food that you would eat secretly during office hours? We all love to munch in our free time. Even a kid munch his favorite food during school hours. Eating secretly during work hours is not a good idea, but it is needed to divert the mind and come back with a bang on the work. When an employee has been caught munching during office works, then action has been taken. But what happens when their boss is munching during office hours? This has been a real question that is stuck between the employee’s minds. The employees always think about the most favorite thing their boss likes to munch and what would be action taken when he/she has been caught. 

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Top 10 Funny Questions to Ask Your Boss

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