Everything About The Ollie’s Return Policy

Ollie’s is one of the leading warehouse retailer shops in America. It is basically like a grocery supermarket. It provides several daily-use, Grocery, and household items at a meager price. Here is all you need to know about Ollie’s return policy in detail. For more information, you can refer to the official page of Ollie’s.

Everything About The Ollie’s Return Policy

Like many other grocery stores in supermarkets, Ollie’s also has the same return policy for their customers. However, Ollie’s return policy is better than any other store in the USA. Here is all you need to know about the return policy for lease in detail. You can also refer to the company’s official website if you wish to know more about it. 

Given below are the points that one must keep in mind while returning any item purchased from the police: 

  • One must request the return of any item purchased from the Store within 30 days from the purchase date. 
  • Although there is no pressure that one must return under 30 days. 
  • Ollie’s will grant you a full refund for any item that is open and also partially used.
  • Return request will be granted if the product is in excellent and original condition. It should be as it was at the time of purchase.
  • One must have the receipt of purchase or any receipt that declares it was brought from Ollie’s. To get a complete refund.
  • The product must be inside the original packaging with Ups Intact on it.

What To Do If It Has Been Over 30 Days, And You Don’t Have receipt?

As I mentioned above, Ollie’s does not force its 30 days policy hard on its customers. This is why customers are pleased and satisfied with Ollie’s customer service. According to Ollie’s Return Policy. If a person requests to return an item with no receipt and after 30 days. He is also eligible to get a refund and exchange of the product. To do so, you need to go to any Ollie’s Store nearby with your original ID issued by the government. The Store will accept your return request and refund you the money by doing so. Even After it’s been over 30 days, and you have no receipt. However, the staff will check and investigate the item a little before refunding. Also, the company will not give you a full refund. Instead, a tiny amount will be deducted for service and delay.

All About The Ollie’s Store

Ollie’s is a top-rated grocery store/Supermarket in The USA. It has more than 400 stores all Around the world. The company currently only serves in the United States. The Store has lots of funny pictures, posters, and figures of the founder Bernstein. One can easily find all sorts of goods on Ollie’s at an affordable price.

What Kind Of Stuff Does Ollie’s Sell? 

There is no single specific item sold by the Ollie’s. There is a wide range of unique items offered by the Store. Here are a few examples of goods that are sold by Ollie’s:

  • sunglasses and other beauty accessories 
  •  electronics accessories
  •  floral items
  •  apparel goods
  •  food items
  • meats and other frozen items.
  •  Pharmacy and medical items.
  •  Photos, frame

How To Make A Return Request At Ollie’s?

Ollie’s offers a straightforward and convenient return process. Before making any return request, make sure you match all the conditions mentioned above. Now talking about the way to return. There are a few different steps you can use like:

  • You can directly visit the store and talk to any staff member about the return wish. The staff will inform you about the further process. 
  • You can call the customer service of the Ollie’s. You will get the number quickly on the official website of Ollie’s. 
  • You can also visit the help center page (if purchased online) at Ollie’s official website. On the help center page, you will find the “make a return” option. Click on it and complete all the steps asked. 


Ollie’s provides its customers with excellent shopping and customer service. You can quickly return any item, even if opened and damaged. You can also get refunded if you do not have a receipt for the item. You can also contact the customer service number provided on the website.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Do Ollie’s sell second-hand goods?

No, Ollie’s only offers fresh unused goods. No item sold at Ollie’s is second-hand. Therefore no need to worry about it.

  • Does Hawaii have any Ollie’s Stores?

No, ollies are not available in Hawaii. Ollie only provides its service in a few states of the USA.

  • Do Ollie’s have a home delivery service?

No, Ollie’s does not provide home delivery of the products. Instead, you need to visit Ollie’s Store to purchase something.

Everything About The Ollie’s Return Policy

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