Does target drug test?- All About Target

Does target drug test?

Target corporations is a component of the S & P 500 Index is a retail American company with the eighth position in the retail market. Due to the difference in the setting up of the store and corporation, they have two founders and founding date. The store was set up in 1962 by John Geisse and the corporation was set up 118 years ago by George Dayton in 1902. They have their areas of working and hire many employees for the purpose. This article answers the question- Does target drug test?

From beauty to electronics the store sells everything and anything like make-up, appliances, pet supplies, footwear, jewelry, furniture, games, garden necessities, and the list goes on. The company has its headquarters in Target Plaza,1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The important people who you need to know about today are Brian C. Cornell (Chairman, CEO), Cathy R. Smith (Executive VP & CFO), Robert M. Harrison (Senior VP and Controller). The stores have a style which can be adapted by the people and they work on the fact that the store should look according to the neighbors who use it. 

Target does take a drug test and if you miserably fail that you might have very few chances to get a job. The possibility of getting the job is never zero but it is very less in comparison and may be given to someone who passes the test. The test is taken to ensure the safety of the customers as well as the employees because it is righteously said that a person under influence can do anything. A small number of drugs do not make you ineligible and you pass the test because they also have a number above which you are disqualified. The drug test can be taken anywhere in your locality or near the location of your future workplace. But this has changed a lot during the pandemic times and you can start working without a drug test but this depends on the management and the location of the store. A drug test has become an important part and is usually done in all big companies to ensure privacy and safety. 

Drug test:- 

A drug test is done to check the presence of illegal or prescribed drugs in your system. The drug test is usually done with the help of urine, saliva, sweat, blood, or hair. Urinal test is mostly used due to its power to reveal a drug even after it is worn off depending on the drug that was taken and used to detect the presence of cocaine, benzodiazepines, methadone, methamphetamines, drinks, barbiturates, nicotine, marijuana and, other prescribed drugs. Most of the time you have to take a government identification card for the test and also fill a form telling the drugs which are your necessity or are prescribed along with a proper prescription from a certified doctor. The other tests are also done in some cases but they are less reliable as most of them will tell only at a particular time like saliva will only reveal until you are under the influence of the drug. 

Working hours:-

The store has flexible work hours and you can work in any of the slots depending upon your availability and store needs. The employees who work for more than forty hours can avail all the benefits given by the store to their employees like 401(k) retirement plans, medical and dental check-ups, and the Target employee package. If you cross the thirty-hour mark you are provided some of the benefits out of these like coupons for a medical and dental checkup as well as some other benefits which are dependent on where the store is located along with the management. You can also work only twenty hours if you are a student or want to earn some extra credit but in this slot, you are not given any extra employee benefits but are paid the same as other employees.

Overtime and holidays:-

The store pays for the overtime as most of the time the employees who work here full-time have to be on duty for more than forty hours and are under the non-exempt category in FLSA and are paid one and half times their base pay. The company also has a policy which makes you work for overtime of twelve hours in case there is a huge demand or the season is at its peak. They are paid for these extra hours. The store is close to the main festivals in the United States that are Christmas and Thanksgiving and they are paid offs. Previously it also gave its employees Halloween and New Year as paid off but when the pandemic struck they excluded these two paid offs. The employees who work for more than forty hours weekly are also given two paid offs along with breaks during the shifts. 

Why the name Target?

Goodfellow Dry Goods name changing to Dayton-Hudson corporation after the merger was one of the examples of the company changing many names in the olden days. Roseville, Minnesota became the first place to hold up a Target store in the 1960s. The idea of selling products at a discounted price became a huge success and this was developed in the Dayton Corporation. The name was kept so that the middle and lower class could relate and become their regular customers and they were their main targets.

The Target chain was never for the rich class who could afford anything at the price but for the people who bought things when they knew that they were getting a good deal. They opened a large number of stores in the 1990s and spread them across 46 states making a turnover of approximately $29.7 billion. They were also powered by the parent companies:- Datson’s, Mervyn’s, Hudsons’, and others. They also started two different chains namely Target and Super Target. On one hand, Target was a small store which only had Starbuck at the beginning with little or no fresh groceries and on the other hand, was Super Target which was a very big store in comparison and was divided into different pantries and had fresh as well frozen groceries.  

Target Uniform:-

The uniform of the store is not stated but they have a dress code which has to be followed without any exception especially if you work in-store or come in contact with the customers. They have to wear business formals or they can also go for polo shirts with khaki pants and skirts but the shirt or t-shirt has to be plain red. The skirt should be below the knees and the pants should not be too tight or loose. The corporate side of the store has to wear formals and can wear casuals on some days but they should be appropriate and decent.

The clothes they wear represent their company in front of the clients. The corporate employees sometimes decide to wear a red shirt or the shirt they are provided from Target as a symbol to show gratitude and sincerity towards the company. The in-store workers especially girls are urged to keep their hair up to avoid any kind of work accident which includes tucking of the hairs at the time of filling the shelf or helping the customers. All the employees have to wear non-skid shoes along with a belt if you are wearing a belt. The clothes worn should be neat, wrinkle-free, and properly tucked in. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • Why is cashier the best job to start with?
    It is the best job to start with because it is easier to learn and can be done in two days alongside being monitored after that.
  • Do they keep your first payroll?
    They do not keep the first payroll but it may come a bit late because they pay in their payment week and do not depend on the week you were hired. 
  • Are the employees highly paid?
    The employees are paid higher than most of the similar chains and the salary question is mostly comparative in respect. 
Does target drug test?- All About Target

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