Does Meijer Pay Weekly?- Know More About It

Meijer is a privately owned retail chain founded by Hendrick Michigan in 1962. It provides a variety of products ranging from groceries, clothing, and furniture to pet supplies. Its headquarters are located in Walker, Michigan, United States. The company as per the latest reports of January 2020 has approximately 70,000 employees in around 259 stores, generating annual sales of US $ 19.59 billion. Let’s know more about does meijer pay weekly.

Does Meijer Pay Weekly

A company is run by its employees and their efforts. To acknowledge these efforts and motivate the employees, a company takes up the initiative of providing remuneration in the form of wages or salaries to its employees for the work performed for the company. These payments are typically made in the form of cash or direct deposits or cheques. Paying the employees helps in maintaining their personal life and also keeps up the motivation of working in a certain organization. Money is one of those main factors which an employee keeps in mind while applying for a particular job. Unlike other companies in the retailing industry, Meijer offers weekly paychecks as well as direct deposits to its employees to recognize their performance. It is the performance of an employee which helps the business move forward. 

To answer the question, yes, Meijer does pay weekly.

Why and how does Meijer pay weekly?

According to the Minimum Wage Act, an employee is supposed to be granted the pay wages on a regular and timely basis. This wage period could be hourly, monthly, weekly, or monthly. 

A multinational retail chain like Meijer pays weekly to its employees. In the loading and stocking department, a Stocker employee is offered $1,431 per week and an Order Picker is offered $1,221 per week. A weekly payroll schedule makes for easy planning.

Similarly, under the Management department, a Zone Leader is offered $1,145 regularly. There are numerous benefits of getting paid every week at Meijer, for example, one of the financial perks is that of an employee discount which is given to the employee on the original price of the goods or services by the company. 

Health insurance and vision insurance are two common benefits an employee can avail of at Meijer which would motivate him for working more and in a consistent way for the organization. Other than these two major perks, retirement plans, flexible working hours, and paid time off are also few advantages provided to their employees by Meijer.

Working at Meijer can prove to be quite beneficial as along with keeping customers’ needs at first, it also rewards the Team Members so that they are encouraged to work more compassionately. 

Different financial benefits apart from the ones listed above are also offered to the company’s team members to keep their spirits high. These include Short and Long-Term Disability, Scholarships, Adoption assistance, educational assistance, Team Member Discount, and also Flexible Spending Accounts.

Advantages of Weekly Payroll

  • Getting paid off every week provides higher employee satisfaction. It also helps the employee to sort out his/ her expenses and feel satisfied with their performance. 
  • The more an employee gets paid the happier he/she is which in return gives out better results on the professional front
  • Getting paid regularly makes the employee feel consistent and belonged which ultimately reduces the chances of job-hopping which is very common nowadays. 
  • Weekly paychecks also reflect the employee’s performance every week so that even overtime workers are paid as per their performance. 
  • Weekly payment is a simplified process as it helps in maintaining a record of the employees’ performance and payment. Employees look forward to receiving their pay on a more frequent basis which is why they generally prefer either biweekly or weekly payments.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do Meijer employees get a discount?

Yes, as per the company’s decision, employees at Meijer get a discount of 10%.

  • Does Meijer have good benefits?

Motivation in employees is a major key factor that keeps the employees consistent at their work and also contributes to a positive work-life balance. There are different perks provided to the employees like employee discounts, coupons, flexible working hours.

  • How much is a cashier paid at Meijer?

The salary for a Meijer cashier is $12 per hour. It can also range from $5-$17 per hour depending upon the performance of the employee.

  • What do Meijer employees wear?

It is important to understand the professional front at any company, which is why it depends upon the workers how they want to present themselves for a particular position. 

  • Is it better to get paid weekly or biweekly?

As per the survey, many employers prefer getting paid biweekly which is much more convenient because of the costs and time associated with running payroll. Generally, receiving payroll is the topmost priority of every worker especially the ones who are placed at the lower levels of the chain which is why it is better to get paid weekly.

Does Meijer Pay Weekly?- Know More About It

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