Does Lowes Have An Age Restriction?

Every recruitment process out there has some requirements and some limitations. To be eligible for the vacant seat one should meet all the criteria of that recruitment process. For most of the recruitments, there is an age limit along with the relevant skill and interest. For the age limit, one should be of age as required during the recruitment otherwise you may be taken out of the process. For different vacancies, there are different criteria like age, educational qualifications, and some other skills. The age restrictions make it different for people to select the posted job.let us know about that the Does Lowes Have An Age Restriction?

Does Lowes Have An Age Restriction?

About Lowe’s

Lowe’s is an American chain of retail stores across the country. It specializes in providing home renovation goods and supplies. The company is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina US. According to recent reports, the company runs more than 2000 such stores across the country. The company’s key products are building materials, hardware, tools, paints, lumber, etc. The company is well-known in its category and it comes at the top among the leading companies in the list of its competitors. Subsidiary stores of the company have a major role in its growth and popularity. Unlike other companies, Lowe’s is involved in various social works and it also sponsors various events.

Does lowes have an age restriction?

Yes, Lowe’s has age criteria to apply for a job. Different jobs at Lowe’s it has different age restrictions. The company offers multiple job opportunities. Some job profiles at Lowe’s are Cashier, Customer Service Associate, and Stocker/receiver. The minimum age to work at Lowe’s is 18. Below 18 it is prohibited to work at Lowe’s. In some cases, one can get a job at 16 or 17 but for cash-handling work, one must be 18 years of age. For a Cashier one needs to be above 18 years of age otherwise the person will not be able to work for the desired job profile. Age restrictions are common in almost every type of recruitment, so to meet the eligibility criteria one should have to clear this criterion.

Age criteria for some of the job profiles at Lowe’s

1. Cashier

The work of a cashier is tedious, and one doing the role of the cashier will be responsible for cash flow handling. The cashier must have the skill of managing cash and handling it. The minimum educational qualification of a cashier is the matrix and must be of 18 years of age.

2. Customer Service Associate

A customer service associate should be humble and of friendly nature. He will have to greet the customer pleasantly. For this job profile at Lowe’s one needs to be 18 years of age and he/she must have cleared the matrix. For this position, one can have to stand for a long time. Sometimes it needs to move the stocks of products from one place to other.

3. Stocker

As a stocker one will have to look for the stocks of available products and provide the customers with all kinds of products available. One will be clearing the queries of customers and giving any to all information about the products. As an employee everyone needs to greet the customer and talk to them with respect. For a Stocker, one must be of 18 years of age and should be good in Math, and communication.

There may be many requirements for a particular job but one skill that requires at every job apart from all requisites is communication. Communication skill is the most denuding skill than others. 


Age restrictions in the recruitment process are mandatory in all fields. However, it should not be at every place. The recruiters should focus on skills instead of educational qualifications and age. There are a lot of talented people who are not eligible for the desired job profile just because of the single sheet of paper called a Certificate. And works that include hard physical work and experiences should have age restrictions. Not only at Lowe’s but every company and recruiter set age criteria for the selection of the right candidate. If in a scenario, one is not eligible for the desired job due to age, he/she can opt for other better options like blogging, editing, becoming an author, Autocad Drafting, and many more. As a candidate, one should check every term and prerequisite rightly so that one won’t regret it later.  


1. What are the various Lowe’s job profiles with age criteria?

At Lowe’s almost every job profile has age restrictions. Not only at Lowe’s but at every company there is an age criterion. At Lowe’s, some of the job profiles that need age eligibility are cashier, stocker, Customer service Associate, etc.

2. I am 16. Can I get a job at Lowe’s?

The minimum age to be eligible for a job at Lowe’s is 18. At this age, it will be difficult to get a job. Instead of looking at companies like Lowe’s one has different opportunities to get employed or 

self-employed. One can be an author, blogger, animator, illustrator, Autocad Drafter, and much more.

Does Lowes Have An Age Restriction?

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