Does Jiffy lube drug test while hiring?- Answer

Does Jiffy lube drug test while hiring?

This article details the Jiffy lube corporation and answers the question ‘Does Jiffy lube drug test while hiring?


Jiffy lube is an international corporation that is an American brand of Automobile oil-changing shops. The company was founded by Edwin H. Washburn in Utah in 1917 in United States. Although its headquarters is in Houston, Texas. However, it took Jiffy lube 18 years to go public. Each franchise has about 24 million customers each year, which is huge. The company itself was ranked 1st on national Oil and Lube news in the fast Lubes industry ranking. Not only that but Jiffy lube was also ranked number 15 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2012 Franchise in the world and many more.

For a change in June 2011, the company introduced a new program Oil change Schedule (OCS). With this new program on the road, the customers of Jiffy lube could choose how often they have their oil changed based on the recommendations of their vehicle manufacturer or even road conditions. The OCS program moves away from the old model of changing oil every 3,000 miles and provides a schedule that is unique for each driver. 

The employment service of Jiffy lubes:

Since the company, Jiffy lubes has only seen an upward graph in its success since 1917, The hiring process of the company is fairly good too. People willingly apply to get jobs in Jiffy lubes. They pay good and provide full-time employment to the interested candidates. 

But. Jiffy lubes are very particular and quite strict about their employment process. Any kind of malpractices is not entertained. Especially when it comes to drugs. The company usually avoid hiring a person with a drugs intake history. 

‘Does Jiffy lube drug test while hiring?

Jiffy lube is an automobile oil changing company so it’s not wrong to say that they involve in some risky jobs. One mistake in the company while working can lead to a bigger accident. So, the recruiting team of the company needs to be strict towards the candidate that they are willing to hire. Solely for this particular reason, they require to perform the drug test of the candidates which is legal in America. 

However, some of the franchise of the company allows them to have their drug testing policy all over America. This involves, some of the franchises taking the drug test almost regularly every 6 months or a year and some franchises may not take the drug test at all. But if you want to work in the headquarters or some of the busiest franchises of Jiffy lube, then be prepared for the drug test. 

Suspicious drug test:

Well, in Jiffy lubes no one can trick the recruiters to get the job without the drug test. If somehow you pass the initial drug test at the hiring time, then that does not mean that you are safe. The company as mentioned above takes a test of every employee after every 6 months or whatever periods they decide. 

Some of the drug tests also occur when some accidents silly or not happens in the company. If the company gets suspicious of someone about the drug use, then they either immediately talk to you or without any prior notice asks you to take the drug test. Many people get caught in this type of drug test. So, by personal opinion, I advise you to stay clean on your side. 

What happens when the drug test comes positive?

Without a doubt, if the drug test is positive, they do not hire you. They immediately reject your application. If an employee is getting caught in a suspicious drug test, then they either suspend the worker for a year or simply just fire them from the job. They even make sure that you are not given a job on any other franchise of Jiffy lube if the case is severe. 

 What Drugs Does Jiffy Lube Test For?

The drug test at Jiffy lube includes the standard drug test i.e., a 5-panel drug test. This type of drug test is very common among companies in America that wish to take drug tests of their employees. This test is completely legal and no one can oppose this test if the company gets suspicious of you. This 5-panel drug test goes for the following drugs particularly:

  1. Cocaine
  2. Opiates
  3. THC
  4. PCP
  5. Amphetamine

Hence if you are on any of these, get yourself a clearance certificate if you want to have a job in Jiffy lube your dream job. Even if you were never involved in drug cases you still have to be prepared to go through this 5-panel drug test. 

What Types of Drug Tests does Jiffy lubes go for?

The drug tests that are preferred in Jiffy lube depend on their policy and also how legal that drug test is in America. However, the different franchise of the company uses different kinds of drugs test as the location where the shop is located is important too. For example, at Jiffy lube Rochester, they use the hair drug test method while in the other franchise of Jiffy lubes i.e., Woodinville and Blackfoot, the standard type of 5-panel drug test are used. Some even go for the Urine drug test. The candidates are given a cup in which they have to collect their pee and submit it to the laboratory i.e., Jiffy lubes assigned for this particular test. Then the candidate has to wait for the test results which generally come in 2-3 business days. If the result is positive then you are not hired and if it is negative, then you are welcomed to the company. 

You have to go through company policies or their instructions before applying if you do not wish for the drug test. But if you want to work in the most talented and one of the best-growing oil changing companies in America then you have to stay out of drugs.

Some exceptions:

Jiffy lubes does provide some exceptions in the whole drug test policy. If a candidate is on some legal medications and you have a medical prescription for a drug to be used, then that case will be handled very carefully. The candidate holding the medical certificate will not be rejected immediately although they have to go through some questionaries. 

For those who want a job in Jiffy lubes, you must keep checking their websites almost regularly especially in hiring seasons. They open up an application portal and the candidates who are interested should apply it with correct information and your resume. 

Does Jiffy lube drug test while hiring?- Answer

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