Does IKEA Drug Test?- All about IKEA

Does IKEA Drug Test?

With over 14,000 employees in the US, IKEA is among the country’s most significant employers. The Swedish home furnishing retailer is famous for its egalitarian culture. It, along with the company’s diversity and benefits, makes it an ideal workplace for everyone. Hence it is no wonder that you’re here curious whether IKEA drug tests its potential employees. Today’s topic- Does IKEA Drug Test?

Well, do they?

Short answer – yes, they do. Like every other company, IKEA has its recruitment process. When you first go to IKEA for a job, you’ll have to undergo an initial screening interview. Following this, you’ll have to submit a sample at the specified drug testing lab within 48 hours. The company will also run a background check on you – passing which you’ll give documents to ratify your employment. 

IKEA Recruitment Process

The IKEA recruitment process takes place through three stages. The first step is a personal interview that takes place as soon as you apply for a position at IKEA. However, contrary to popular belief, this is not immediately followed by a drug test. 

The test only transpires once you have cleared the interview. And when presented with a conditional offer of employment, you’ll know you passed the interview with flying colors.

The next step is a background check conducted by IKEA, where you will have your employment/physical and mental history looked for. During this period, you’d also require to submit a drug sample at the designated testing lab. Once the tests come back (and you pass) you’ll get a set of orientation documents to sign and confirm your admission. 

How Does the IKEA Drug Test?

While there is a lot of confusion about whether IKEA drug tests its employees through a mouth swab or a urine sample, there is no clear answer to this question. The IKEA drug test depends mainly upon the manager, store, or area you’ve applied. 

The pre-employment drug tests monitor through national and international company policies which makes this variation an exception. However, since such disparity observes, there may be some allowance for discretion.

If we were to rely on a majority opinion, several people (around 65%) on this thread reported going through a non-dot urinalysis drug screen before their employment. A smaller number (25%) said that they used a mouth swab for their drug test. To ensure that the process is smooth, it would be wise to prepare for either. 

How To Pass An IKEA Drug Test?

The next question, naturally, is how does one clear the IKEA drug test? Passing a mouth swab test is easy, provided you’re not a heavy drug user. Toxins like THC do not stay in your saliva for long, making it easy to rid yourself of any remaining evidence. 

To ensure that you prepare for both the drug testing techniques, let us further allocate this section into two parts.

Passing a mouth swab test

Like we’ve already discussed, a mouth swab test isn’t a massive problem if you’re not a heavy drug user. If you haven’t smoked up in at least a week, the IKEA drug test might be a cakewalk. All you have to do is brush your teeth several times a day before the days leading up to the interview and you’re all set.

But in case you smoke often, it might be difficult for you to pass the test. Saliva neutralizing gum might be your best bet in such a case. The downside is that they’re super expensive, but they’ll also help you ultimately detox any THC that you might’ve had in your system. 

They’re supposed to take just before you have a drug test, so make sure you have one on you during the interview/appointment schedule.

Passing a urine drug test

After going through a lot of information on the internet, I can tell you two things that are undoubtedly true about urine drug tests. 

  1. Natural detox is not an option.
  2. All the other options are super expensive.

Here are some more details – since the drug toxins stay in your system for weeks (especially if you’re a heavy smoker), the test might pick up on your last drug activity. Hence, it’d be wise not to go for a natural detox if you only have a couple of days to your drug test.

If you’re willing to pay for a smooth drug testing experience, you can either go for a detox drink or get some synthetic urine, the most popular being sub-solution. In either case, you’d be spending a significant sum, so the choice is entirely yours. 

Other Testing Methods

There are some other methods of drug testing like the blood and hair drug test. These tests are more accurate and differ according to the frequency of use. But they are not used by IKEA as per the company’s guidelines – so we’re in the clear.


Whether you’re looking for a position at IKEA or just curious about how to ace their pre-employment drug test, we hope this article was helpful. To summarise, the drug test at IKEA is a significant part of its recruitment process and has to be passed by its employees. The drug test method might be confusing, but we’d suggest you prepared for anything. Also, let us know if the strategies listed above helped!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you were to fail your pre-employment drug test for THC, can you still be hired by IKEA?

No, in case you fail your drug test, IKEA will not hire you. Every potential candidate has to pass the drug test to employs at IKEA. 

Does IKEA do random drug tests? 

No, IKEA only does a pre-employment drug test once during the background check of the potential candidate. 

If weed is legal in my state, would I still not be hired to fail my pre-employment drug test? 

Yes, IKEA has a firm anti-drug policy. The company thrives on healthy customer service, and hence any individual that fails to pass the drug test will not be hired.

Does IKEA Drug Test?- All about IKEA

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