Does G4S Drug Test?- Drug test in the G4S company

Does G4S Drug Test

What is g4s?    

Group 4 Securicor, also known as “G4S,” is the World’s largest security company that provides safety, welfare, and prosperity to millions of people worldwide. G4S is operated around the world in more than 90 countries and is expanding today. G4S company is also one of the largest private security companies in the United States, worth more than $9.8 billion.  The company employs more than  6000,000 people that stands among the third-largest private company that employs people. In this article, we’ll let you know Does G4S Drug Test?.

The g4s company provides a safe environment for both the employees and people by ensuring zero-tolerance for any use of drugs. G4S tends to uplift health and safety among the people, safeguard human rights policy, and embedded social responsibility in each individual. They also engage in the progress of both the socio and economic spheres. Their main aim is to help people around the world.  

Does g4s drug test?     

G4S always opens the door for employees to work and engage with them.  They accept diversity among different types of people to provide career opportunities and learnings.  It is mandatory to have a drug test in some countries before applying for a job in a G4S company. Yet, for some, it is only needed after passing through an interview and being ready for selection.  The g4s is a drug-free company. Drug tests are made compulsory for all employees.  

Now we shall see some of the Questions and Answers below to understand and be aware of the drug test in the G4S company.  

  1. Is drug test a compulsion before working in the company? 

Answer: Yes, they drug test before hiring.  A drug test is necessary for all. G4S wants to assure that all the employees are free from nicotine and drug use.  Sometimes, a drug test is required before the interview.  But it can also be done after the interview. This demand is different from one place to another.  However, a negative result for drug use is compulsory before getting the job offer.  

  1. How do they administer the drug test?  

Answer: Mostly in many countries, the company accept oral swab to check the drug test.  However, some places accept urine tests.  Both works in the same way.  In Atlanta, Urinalysis and hair test is conducted.  In Texas, a urine test is used.  In Michigan, they did blood tests. In Florida, standard urine test.  In New York, urine test and oral swab. Each place differs in handling drug tests. This is to ensure that the company is drug-free.  

  1. What happens if you’ve tested positive? 

Answer: In case if you’ve tested positive, you’ll be rejected for the job.  The g4s company has no tolerance for any use of drugs, even on some medical grounds. So even if you’re a person with medical treatment and have a card on medical marijuana, you will not be accepted. Furthermore, the company ensures that they have strict rules and do not permit employers to use the drug at all costs.  

  1. What happens if you’ve tested negative? 

Answer: After getting through the interview and tested negative, you should be ready to start working with the company.  You’ll get the job offer without any hindrance.  It will be a great place for you to engage your time and energy. The job will meet your satisfaction as long as you work hard for it.  

  1. Where do they conduct the drug test?  

Answer: Places may depend according to the places and location of the company in a particular country. They will give you a list of locations to take either an oral swab or urine test.  There are many sub-offices in many different countries.  One can easily find them. Other than that, the company also suggests some nearby places to do a drug test. 

  1. Does the G4S drug test on-site?   

Answer: No, g4s doesn’t carry out drug tests on-site.  Every applicant is given enough time to take the drug before working. It is mandatory for all employers. Sometimes, the company may suggest a place where you could go for a drug test. Once you made your submission, the result will put you in a position where you deserve it.  G4S doesn’t do a drug test on-site because it should be done professionally and with the right people.  Until now, G4S doesn’t allow drug tests on-site.  

  1. How long does it take to do the drug test? 

Answer: It usually takes 1-2 days. The company gives time for this. After a day or two of your drug test, you will be called for your drug test submission. Whereas in many other countries, it could take more than just a day or two.  The duration may differ from one location to another.  

  1. Are criminals and drug user is taken as an employee?  

Answer: No, not at all.  The g4s company doesn’t entertain anyone related to drug use and has a criminal record.  They do not hire felons.  The G4S company conducts Drug screening services to ensure safety at work and provide a peaceful environment among the workers. Any person who is involved with drug use will be permanently terminated. If you’re a drug user, g4s company is not the right job for you. No criminals, No drug users are permitted. 


We have seen from above how the G4S company works to uplift employers from any drug-related use.  In many parts of job application, you’ll not get a job offer if you are tested positive on the drug test. Then, it was a strict rule followed by the company.  This time, however, some countries accept applicants who tested positive with proof of prescribed medical treatment.  

Andy Lane, Managing Director at G4S Regional Security, said:  “The misuse of alcohol and drugs can have a severe impact on business performance.” G4S wanted to provide all employees, ensuring a safe and peaceful environment for all.  This could be one of the main reasons for G4S to conduct compulsory Drug Tests.  

Does G4S Drug Test?- Drug test in the G4S company

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