Does Family Dollar Drug Test?

Drug Test At Jack In the Box

Family Dollar is a successful chain of local stores that provides a dynamic range of products at pocket-friendly prices across the United States. There are almost 8,000+ Family Dollar stores with almost 60,000 loyal employees. And it is a dream for many citizens to be employees of this ever-growing store chain. Family Dollar’s headquarters are in Chesapeake, Virginia. You may find Family Dollar stores in your neighborhood. These retailers are growing at a very fast rate, and that’s why they need talented and passionate employees to carry their legacy ahead. This article is to help those interested in Family Dollar, its employment procedures, career growth, etc. And also, let’s know ‘Does Family Dollar Drug Test?’

Answer: Yes, it does drug screening. However, if you want to apply for Family Dollar, then other important things like its application procedure, different available positions, and salary insights might also interest you. This article will properly answer your specific queries regarding drug tests, the timing of drug testing for their employees, the method they use for drug testing, and other queries.

A successful career at Family Dollar

With the increasing effect of digital conversion, applying for jobs has become easier. There are two possible ways to apply for Family Dollars. The first one is the traditional one, where the applicant might manually visit their nearest store and fill out the application form in their desired profile.

The second one is the digital route to applying, where the qualified applicant may typically visit the official Family Dollar website and apply for the position. One can get to know about various job postings through the LinkedIn account of the company as well.

A person can expect a career with Family Dollar with Store Associate Positions, retail store manager, cashier assistant manager, stock manager, customer service representative, etc.

Why do Family Dollar drug tests?

As per Family Dollar’s code of business conduct, it provides a safe and drug-free environment for its employees. To maintain its workplace dignity, Family Dollar drug tests its employees and the applicants who are prospective employees.

Family Dollar may drug test its employees for any suspicious activities, accidents, or illnesses. As customers, we also won’t like it if we go to any store and the staff is not in normal condition. Family Dollar realizes this, and maybe that’s why Family Dollar is one of the leading stores in the United States.

When does Family Dollar drug test its employees?

For pre-employment purposes, Family Dollar drug tests the applicants one time. That is, after the interview. Family Dollar holds the right to drug test the candidates selected as its prospective and present employees.

Normally, Family Dollar may drug test its employees in the case of accidents, any illness, or while promoting them to more leading positions.

The method of drug testing

Family Dollar tests its employees/candidates on a 5-panel drug test. Selected candidates are tested for the 5-most commonly abused drugs. Family Dollar tests for drugs like opiates, cocaine, PCP, THC, and amphetamine.

The company uses a 5-panel urine test for drug testing. If they find a candidate abusing any of these drugs, then he/she won’t be selected as a Family Dollar employee. Whereas in the case of drug abuse by any Family Dollar employee, store administration may take strict actions or might leave with a warning. It depends on the store and its administration how they react to these kinds of behavior.

How do you pass the drug test?

You can pass the drug test in multiple ways. If you don’t use drugs, then it’s all well and good. However, if you are a drug user, you should either stop using them as soon as possible or use synthetic urine in some inappropriate ways. But if your plan backfires, it can cause you tremendous problems, so better stay away from drugs at least two-three weeks before the interview.

What if you pass the pre-employment drug test?

If you can pass the pre-employment drug test that is held after the interview and are educationally qualified for the job, then kudos! You are a Family Dollar employee and now you will receive the benefits that Family Dollar offers its employees.

Family Dollar repays its employees a good amount of money, provides health insurance, paid time off, and other vacations. You can get a salary of around 400k per annum.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a Family Dollar associate store manager is $11/hour. The average salary of a retail store assistant manager is between $9-$14/hour. A cashier at Family Dollar may earn, on average, $8/hour. A customer service representative may earn $9 on average. The Family Dollar can pay the assistant manager $11/hour. A retail store manager’s average hourly salary is $15. A sales associate can earn $10/hour.

We can conclude that the average salary of Family Dollar employees can range between $10-20 based on their qualifications and experience.


It is a big opportunity to work for Family Dollar, and being unable to qualify for its drug test can cost you a tremendous loss in your subsequent career too. Hence, it is good to follow healthy practices before your interview. The company possesses genuine reasons for conducting the drug test, and that’s why a responsible employee must follow the company protocols.

Family Dollar may drug test its employees. A Family Dollar employee should be prepared for it, while there are remarkably few actual instances of a sudden drug test.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the method of the Family Dollar drug test?

Family Dollar drug tests by urine testing. They check the 5 most commonly abused drugs in a person.

Q2: Who owns Family Dollar?

Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar in 2015.

Q3: What is the minimum age to apply to work at Family Dollar?

A person should be at least 18 years old to work in a Family Dollar store.

Q4: Is there a Family Dollar store in Alaska?

No, there is no Family Dollar store in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon.

Q 5: Where is Family Dollar headquartered?

Family Dollar’s headquarters are in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Does Family Dollar Drug Test?

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