Do Lego Masters Get Paid?

A Lego master is someone, who uses the Lego system to make multiple ways to tell stories to people using the Lego bricks. The Lego Masters job is full-time work. It does not require any degree or experience but it is entirely a creative job. Let us know about ‘Do Lego masters get paid?’

Do Lego Masters Get Paid?

Do Lego Masters Get Paid?

Yes, Lego masters get paid. They make some good money. The full-time Lego Master makes around $37,000. The prize money for winners of Lego Master is $1,00,000. As a Lego designer, one can earn salaries around $111,000-$17,500 annually. To know more about the Lego Masters’ pay in detail about their job role and responsibility, knowledge and skills required, places or companies offer the job for lego masters, etc. Continue reading. 

The further discussion will be base on the following question:

  • What is the role of the Lego Masters, work outlook?
  • What are the knowledge and skills required
  • How you can be a Lego Master, steps
  • How much can you make through this profession
  • Job Opportunities in different companies 
  • Some famous Lego Masters

What is the role of the Lego Masters, work outlook?

To be a Lego Master one does not necessarily need a degree it is purely a skill-based job and people who have a really good imagination and interest in this can work in this. The job of a Lego master is to build something new out of the Lego pieces. The work of Lego is no more just a childhood game, but they are seriously building Lego bricks of all sizes; small, miniature, large, simple, and many more. There is the entire team from marketing to creative decides the net model and gives the project. 

The masters of model builders not only just create the model but also repair and reconstruct it. They also do the marketing of their Lego models, through different platforms like social media or by giving interviews. They create tutorial videos for people who might be interested in this.

What are the knowledge and skills required:

The knowledge required for building a career as a Lego Master is a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree in arts and design. Moreover, one should focus more on subjects like math, science, and physics. A degree is not required much for this job.

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Apart from a degree, the skills are very important for being a successful model master like interpersonal skills and good communication skills, Technical know-how of different lego digital designer software and leadership and mentorship skills.

How you can be a Lego Master, steps?

Lego Masters should be creative and innovative then; they can be successful and will stand out from the crowd. These are a few steps that one can follow to start to become a Lego Master these steps are followed by My creation hub:

The first step is Studs Not On Top(SNOT), where the studs of bricks don’t point upwards and the second step is Offsetting means that a half-stud offset is created with a 1×2 plate with one stud, the third step goes like Lettering means the SNOT is used to create letters and numbers and the final step Studs Not In a Row(SNIR), zigzags and diagonal lines are created.

However, Master model builder can have their tricks and techniques. 

How much can you make through this profession?

A Lego master is not working for money. They are not someone earning very handsome pay as there are very less opportunities for them in jobs. Though a Lego Master earns around $35,000-$40,000 annually, and $16-$19 per hour and senior builders might get a little higher than it. It is a great career but if you are someone whose motive is to earn money through this, then it may not be your cup of tea. 

Job opportunities in companies

There are not very companies that offer jobs but  abroad some of them hire Lego Masters:

  1. LEGO
  2. Merlin Entertainments
  3. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Arizona
  4. Brainiax Innovative Learning
  5. The LEGO Group
  6. Brain Builders
  7. Okay Play
  8. IPG Media Brands

However, the hiring process for this job does not go like other jobs instead, these jobs hiring is done through competitions, different contestants from different counties take part in it, the judgment is done on various parameters including skills, creativity winners are given a chance to work in one such company.

Some famous Lego Masters

Andrew Johnson is the youngest until now to win and gets hired by Lego. Some others are mentioned below from the famous show of America who has won the contest and become famous:

Samuel Hatmaker & Jessica, Dave Kaleta & Richard, Mel and Jermaine, Aaron & Christian, Mark and Steven, Tyler and Amy, Zack and Wayne


There are many opportunities to earn money for every job. Lego Masters job also offers good earning potential. It is just that it requires more time and effort to reach that level. The one who has put their mind, body, and soul into this career can reach the milestone easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)
  • Do lego masters have to create in one go?

Ans Yes, in one contest they were asked to build anything within 24 hrs.

  • How many total Lego Master builders are there?

Ans As per priceonomics, a total of 40 Lego masters are there.

Do Lego Masters Get Paid?

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