Do Google drug tests?- Google and its drug policies

Do Google drug tests?

Let’s talk about the drug test. One discomfort faced by employers is drug screening before the appointment. Although you may have passed all rounds of interviews, your entry to the job is confirmed after the drug test in many global companies. Do google have a drug test in their recruiting process is a commonly searched inquiry, and the answer is they don’t take drug tests of their employees. Go through the article to more about Google and its drug policies.


Google is a widespread and fastest internet search engine founded by the Stanford University scholars Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is headquartered in California, United States. However, google serves people worldwide and recruits people around the world. Google is one of the four globally acclaimed technology companies including, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. Millions of people’s dream are to work with this multinational company. Besides the regular interview, people are confused if google asks to undergo a drug screening test. No, Google doesn’t drug test.

Does google do the drug test?

Companies, like google, recruiting people globally, has to treat their potential employers with the utmost respect. Asking the employer for a drug test is perceived as impolite in some cultures. So, multinational companies like google do not ask for a drug test to work with them.

Does google drug test their potential? 

No, Google does not take drug tests of their employers. Google is looking for people with talent and liability. They consider taking drug tests as a disgrace to their potential employers who have proved their excellence in their careers. 

Can google ask for a drug test?

Another interesting question is, can google ask for a drug test. Is it right on their part to ask their employees to go through drug screening? No, when we live in an environment where drugs are sold in every nook and corner, the company does not have the right to stop the employee from exercising their free will in the nation.

Can you fail a drug test and still get the job?

Google does not have a drug test in the first place. Even if there comes a situation where they start recruiting people with a clean history, failing a drug test does not mean you are not worth the job. The drug test is carried to determine the ethics of the person. It may not seem like the right way to score a person’s work discipline but, it works in most cases to identify the credibility of the employee. Even if you fail your drug test, your work history and talent can save the job for you. So, make sure to prove to them that you have the capability.

Is a drug test necessary in google?

Companies like google depend only on the productivity of their employee. As long as you work hard without any complaints, they don’t care about your personal matters. Some people get motivation from taking drugs and pills. However, if drugs and smoking are causing indiscipline in your work, google sure has the right to dismiss you. Keep your boundaries to exercise your freedom.

Google Code of Conduct

Google’s code of conduct was originally adopted on October 2, 2015. It recently got updated on September 25, 2020. It declares that the google workforce is responsible for Fairness, Commitment, Accountability, and Transparency. It clearly says that it strictly prohibits harassment, discrimination, misconduct, abusive contact, and retaliation. It does not permit misconduct with co-workers. Google employees take the pledge to treat their co-workers with courtesy, support, and respect.

Google Drug Policy

Google has not mentioned specifically their drug policies. Their code of conduct clearly mentions that they are against misconduct, abusive conduct, and retaliation. If taking illegal drugs and unprescribed medication is affecting your workplace, you are in danger as per their code of conduct. Google values talent. It looks only at your performance at work. Failing to meet the deadlines, turning up late for the job, procrastinating your work, verbally abusing your colleagues, and mistreating the customers, are not entertained in google.

If they happen to notice that all these reflect your drug intake, they can terminate your employment. Remember, Google doesn’t care if you spoil your physical and mental health, but they don’t stay peaceful if that influences their work performance.

Does Google have the right to ask for a drug test?

Google does not perform drug tests as of now. Google code of conduct states that it has the right to take action on the individual who is not committed and transparent in their work. If your contact with illegal drugs causes disturbance in the work environment, Google has the right to ask for your drug test. They may also expel you for the same reason.

Do google drug test their developers?

No, Google does not drug test their staff at any level. You can be a developer, Coder, or Designer. Whatever work you do, google does not demand taking a drug test. Google workspace is characterized by individual work under the team. It does not involve bargaining with the customers like in the supermarket. Most of the work is digital and happens between and your pc. So, the drug test is not requiring for google.

Drug or Background Check

Of course, Google does standard background checkups of the candidate. The standard background checkup looks up for any past criminal record and Financial Integrity.

How do drug tests work?

The drug test is used to identify the presence of drug content in the body. The commonly used drug screening test is the 5-panel urine test. Basically, the drug content is identified in the urine. The 5-panel drug test means it discovers the presence of the five most-used illegal drugs such as Cocaine, Cannabinoid, Opiate, Amphetamine, and PCP.

Google does not have a drug test is a matter of fact. Their motto is “Doing the Right Thing.’ It doesn’t mean you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Do not overlook their respect and compassion towards their employees. Be truthful to the job and the work environment. 

Do Google drug tests?- Google and its drug policies

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