Director of Education Job Description, Salary, Duties

Director of Education Job Description

Director of Education Job Description

The director of education is responsible for planning and implementing educational programs, reviewing and updating the curriculum and teaching procedures.

The director of education studies the teaching methods and their results by working with the teachers and other stakeholders to study the progress made and the challenges teachers and students encounter in the learning process. 

The director creates a reliable progress report for teaching techniques and changes the learning approach as required.

The director of education must work with the various heads of departments in schools to tackle the problems they face in the teaching process. The director should be up to date with the schools’ happenings in the districts and ensure the academic process’s smooth flow.

The ideal Director of education should possess good people skills, a good communicator, and be comfortable engaging people from different backgrounds and disciplines. You must be professional in the discharge of duties and display a high level of integrity and trust in all your dealings.

The director of education might sometimes work with students, physically challenged persons or children, so you must be accomodating and find creative ways to work with them effectively.

The director of education must have a robust knowledge of the education industry, its nature, and specializations to identify learning opportunities that will increase the quality of learning of a particular institution.

A good director of education should have the following traits:

  1. Analytical Skills: This is to gather information from different sources and analyze the data to arrive at a logical conclusion that is essential for advancing the education industry.
  2. Leadership Skills: This is to positively influence other people and lead others to achieve greater goals more than can be achieved individually.
  3. Creativity: This encourages innovation and fresh ideas in solving problems so that the organization is not stuck in old patterns of solving problems.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Director of Education

  • Creating new or updating the curricula working with the teachers, students, and other industry stakeholders.
  • Monitoring the progress and effectiveness of new and old teaching methods and making adjustments where it is needed.
  • Implement policies and make sure appropriate ethics, compliance, and training are conducted.
  • Design effective programs that will cater to various kinds of students, including the physically challenged, people with dyslexia, etc.
  • Ensure that the students and staff’s physical and psychological warfare are catered for and given priority in the education budget.
  • Ensure that safety and health measures are put in place in the school environment, and monitor strict compliance at all times. Thereby ensuring that all forms of accidents are avoided as much as possible.
  • Ensure that school clinics are well equipped to meet the basic needs of students and staff. 
  • Work with security authorities to ensure adequate security is provided within the academic environment so that the learning process is not disturbed by fear and anxiety.
  • Oversee all faculty recruitment and evaluate all course curriculums and ensure swift compliance to all education submissions and compliance with policies.
  • Prepare an education calendar and ensure it runs smoothly, ensuring satisfaction in the academic process.
  • Manage all education equipment and ensure the efficient use of teaching materials.
  • Organize, monitor, and grow the ESL/TESOL delivery within the district.
  • Work with teachers to organize early childhood age-appropriate activities, lesson plans, family programs, and recitals.
  • Implement an assessment plan for online courses; collect and analyze data.
  • Design different comprehensive vocational training programs for class and online.
  • Design and implement a clear recruitment process complete with specific goals and targets.
  • Manage and organize all oversight grant functions and activities concerning budgetary fiscal prudence, mandatory reporting, and government allocation monitoring.
  • Hire and monitor an adjunct faculty, professional, and clerical staff.
  • Networking building professional relationships with members of the education industry.
  • Choosing the best textbooks that are most suitable for the learning objectives that are expected to be achieved.
  • Increasing student interest in reading through a combination of several literacy approaches and daily living skills.
  • Direct formulation of print ads, online marketing of several kinds, direct mail, and direct sales to corporate bodies.
  • Play the role of local ethics and compliance officer, handle the training, audits and deal with external auditors to ensure compliance.
  • Evaluate and study students, write progress reports and IEP’s detailing the current level of the student’s performance, needs, strengths, and weaknesses.  
  • Design an ROI model for education program cost tracking and program success evaluation.
  • Supervise all outreach programs for different schools, support staff members at outreach sites, and create various summer art programs. Assist the recruitment process of all instructors for the classes.
  • Coordinate educational opportunities such as BLS, ACLS, and professional development.
  • Carry project management team along in the development and execution of conferences.
  • Develop and implement an in-house CPR program.

Director of Education Job Description: Requirements

  • Master’s degree in Education Administration or related field.
  • Teaching certification and previous teaching experience.
  • The ability and patience to prepare documents and make strong policies will bring about a significant and positive improvement in education quality.
  • The ability to multitask; work on several projects simultaneously to meet the academic environment’s demands.
  • First-class organizational skills; organizing and presenting reports, PowerPoint presentations, assessments, and more. 
  • Ability to use tact diplomacy in interactions with all relevant parties; because you will be dealing and interacting with people from different backgrounds and disciplines, the ability to be sensitive to other people’s opinions while trying to find common ground is essential to possess.
  • Strong ethical conduct; you must maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness in the discharge of your duties, putting all personal, religious and political bias aside.

Director of Education Salary

Director of education salary ranges from $60,000 to $125,000 based on the experience and location

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Director of Education Job Description, Salary, Duties

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