Different ways to say Look forward to starting working

Starting a new job is like writing a new chapter in life. All the learnings from the past are implemented during this new venture. The mistakes, observations, failed experiments, are all used to write a fresh start. Work culture is also developed through these very same tactics. But isn’t it better to be well aware of it beforehand than to learn it through trial and error? In a formal setting, it is the first impression that gets imprinted and passed around. Thus, with the future at stake, it becomes crucial to walk on the ladder without missing a step. This feat can only be achieved when you train yourself in professionalism. An uncompromising part of it is efficient communication. Keep reading to know more Different ways to say Look forward to starting working.

Different ways to say Look forward to starting working

You might have heard – Actions speak louder than words. It is the supreme truth. But there is another side to it. In a workplace, words often reach before actions do. By the time you convey your virtues through a salvageable move, your colleagues will be ready to pass their judgment on it. This mayhem of disaster can be avoided by using various tools of business communication. 

The main objective of the subject is to equip an individual with sufficient cognitive means for effective communication and a smooth flow of ideas in an intra – organizational space to facilitate the fulfillment of the goals of a company. Under the umbrella of business – communication lies an aid in the form of the phrase – Look forward to starting working. 

Meaning of Look forward to starting working

‘Look forward to starting working’ is a phrase that is often used in a professional environment. It can be used as a part of verbal or nonverbal communication. Although it makes more appearances in emails than in conversations. It is commonly used before signing off with regards. ‘Look forward’ directly implies the feeling of being pleased about something that is to occur in the future. It acts as an ending statement to convey joy at starting something new. In this case, it is working. This statement is used for expressing the keenness appropriately while still not overpowering the delivery of it. 

Especially if you are a new joiner, then along with greeting your office mates, you have to add this promise made up of 6 words. It shows that you genuinely want to collaborate with them. Expression of emotions in a formal setting demands a cordial layout. A deadly combination in the corporate world is an individual that fulfills all their job responsibilities and is also a good communicator. Moreover, having an understanding of what to use when, shapes you into the desired confidant at the workplace. 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Is there any need for an alternative?

This phrase is used frequently because of its fixed position in the components of a well-oriented mail. But sometimes adding a few words to it can change the entire narrative. Instead of ‘Look forward to starting working’, if you were to use ‘ I look forward to starting working’, the intensity of the intent will increase. This escalation would still be in the constraints of respectful dialogues, yet the change of emphasis by adding the letter ‘I’ will be significant. In the eyes of the reader, you will be portrayed as someone that can inculcate a quick input rather than following the generic norm. 

Another mechanism to accentuate the value added to a certain person for a particular event, you can use alternatives to this phrase. Every puzzle has a differently molded last piece that completes the picture. Similarly, some situations demand a reiterated and modified version of this phrase. Words may change, but the motive behind them does not. The alternatives portray the same excitement that the statement ‘ Look forward to starting working’ does, and their usage is even more apt as it makes you stand out from the horde of it.  

Different ways to say Look forward to starting working

In a professional environment, you have to assure your colleagues, supervisors, clients, and collaborators of their importance. For this purpose, a general statement like ‘Look forward to starting working’ seems inadequate. That is why we must look for other options that fit the character perfectly yet offer a fresh face to it. Suppose you are in a panel meeting or have been invited for lunch at a table with five of your fellow workers; in such circumstances, you can’t simply say the same phrase over and over again. These situations demand an SOS. 

A quick solution to calm the anxious wave that your brain might be floating in. Well, there is a little worry over if you have the following alternatives registered in your head. Another factor to be mindful of is the position of the person you are addressing. Whether they are a customer, a business partner, an allotted mentor, your manager, or your teammate, this plays a necessary role in determining the option to be used. Let us look at some different ways to say the phrase.

1. I am looking forward to working closely/ together

This option is just one step ahead of the phrase discussed above. As it eliminates the part of starting, you can use it once you have joined a corporation. It will signify that you already view yourself as a part of the company. It also highlights the aspect of working together, establishing the idea that you will do your best to avoid any friction on your part. It can be used with your colleagues and supervisor. In case of not having worked collectively with them in the past, this line acts as a warm welcome to future collaboration. 

2. I am excited at the prospect of working with you

This alternative does not involve any beating around the bush. The directness of expressing the excitement of working with someone is quite evidently highlighted here. It can be used when along with working you also want to sustain a great rapport with them. As it has a hint of informality ingrained in it, there should be extra care taken while using it. A scenario involving someone who adorned the role of a mentor in your formative years and now you are finally getting to collaborate with them – is a perfect stimulus to use this response. 

3. I am assured it would be a great experience working with you

There are times when in your workplace you become accustomed to a colleague from some other department. During the lunch hours, you listen to their thoughts on the ongoing projects and greatly admire their work ethic. When you land an opportunity to work with them, it is necessary to express your expectations to them. Your faith in their working standards when communicated will instill confidence in them that will ensure that the project reaches new heights. A ground of familiarity with someone’s functioning dynamics in the office is essential while relying on this option. Avoid if there is no pre-established interpersonal bond with the recipient. 

4. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to start working with you.

When you have just joined a company, you can use this statement in the reply to a welcome mail. It can be mentioned at the end when addressed to your supervisor. It will express your eagerness to work with them and learn from them. It will also act as a tool, using which you can place your reporting manager at a higher, respected place from the start itself. Wherein, you will be reflected as someone who knows the mannerism that governs a professional space. Refrain from using it if you have been part of the corporation for a while. As it can be misinterpreted quite quickly. It is not an effective medium to be used by a seasoned employee.

5. I am excited to be part of the team

Suppose your company is planning to launch a new campaign. A spree of the marketing strategy aimed at capturing the attention of customers. You have been selected as a member of the team that will overlook the process of it. Isn’t this a big deal? So to treat this given opportunity appropriately, you must thank the appointing committee. While curating a well-oriented mail, don’t forget to mention this statement before signing off with regards. You have to exhibit your enthusiasm and through it a commitment to the objective of the campaign. A promise to work hard for its success. 

6. We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future

Being appointed as the leader of a team that is dealing with an important business client, is a tough task to execute. Looking after the work of your teammates, ensuring timely updates, deciding deadlines, and reporting the process to the higher management, are all part of the job. The last and the most salient step is communicating the progress effectively to the client. To begin with, in the first meeting itself you must convey your hope for a smooth journey. It will assure them of your abilities as a team leader and also as a service provider. 

When you start the statement with ‘We’, it will show you as a part of the management. Incorporating the team when addressing will also boost the morale of your team members, indicating that you see all of them as your equals.

7. We are looking forward to working with you again in the future

When collaboration with another brand or a particular project designed for a customer reaches its completion, you must end things on a hopeful note. Expressing your wish to work with them again, will place you in their good books. But only use it if you also want to collaborate with them, because some could be a nuisance. Getting through troubled waters once is good enough. Weigh the pros and cons you experienced while working with them and then accordingly take your call. 

Tip: There is hardly anything that could go wrong when using these alternatives in written form through letters or emails. But something that you must be aware of while using it in a face-to-face conversation is the tone. The tonality of your voice plays a major role in making or destroying the situation. It should match the vibe eluded by the phrase. A higher or a lower tempo could do more damage than any good.  

Non – verbal ways to communicate Look forward to starting working

Verbal and non-verbal forms of communication go hand in hand. Without affirmative actions directed towards what was said, there will be no value of words. Showing instead of telling plays a vital role in building trust in a professional space. Someone who can’t follow up their words with their actions is often seen in a bad light. Exhibition of positive traits and a willingness to contribute can be displayed using various actions.

Below are a few non-verbal ways of demonstrating ‘Look forward to starting working:

  • Punctuality
  • Formal Dress code
  • Striking confidence
  • A smile through it all


A professional environment is a space of moderate expression. Human emotions range a whole spectrum, but your office is not a place where it should be vented out. Even positive emotions need to be expressed politely and with due consideration to the ethics that run the corporate world. Just because you need to get somewhere, doesn’t mean you have to push someone. Similarly, you must ensure that no one feels uncomfortable because of you. Express interest without disrespect.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What else can be used instead of Looking forward to starting working when starting a job?

A1. The best alternative to opt for when as a new employee in a workplace is the phrase – I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to start working with you. Especially use it while addressing your reporting manager. It offers an ample amount of respect and warmth to the recipient. 

Q2. How to use ‘Look forward to starting working’ while replying to a welcome mail from a new workplace?

A2. A new employee must reply to the welcome mail. The phrase ‘Look forward to starting working’ can be used as a closing statement. A guide for formulating the reply to a welcome mail from your supervisor is as follows:

Thank you so much for the welcome. I am so excited to have this opportunity. I am ready to begin my journey with the (name of the company) and contribute to its success. 

I look forward to meeting you in person and starting working under your guidance.

Q3. How should I reply to ‘Look forward to starting working’?

A3. The most appropriate and immediate response would be ‘I am also looking forward to working with you.’ But different scenarios would require various distinctive inputs. In case you are a newly hired employee receiving the phrase then the most suitable reply would be – Thank you for the opportunity, whereas if you are a supervisor then you’d say ‘Welcome aboard.’  

Different ways to say Look forward to starting working

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