Departments And Salary Levels Of Bosch

Each company has its system and work distribution. Especially in large companies, all the work is valuable and must have done professionally. Bosch company, which is worldwide known, is one of these large companies. The presence of many departments and levels within the company means that the salaries are also very diverse. So, how is this salary distribution for which positions? let us know Departments And Salary Levels Of Bosch.

Departments And Salary Levels Of Bosch

Bosch company works on many technological developments and offers its customers new generation products. The comprehensiveness of its work shows that thousands of professionals work within Bosch. This personnel works with different salaries according to the work department and level.

Bosch Business Lines

Robert Bosch GmbH, known as Bosch shortly, operates on four business lines.

a. Mobility Solutions: A line of business dedicated to developing and empowering motor vehicles through software.

b. Industrial Technologies: It is studied to give sensitivity to the sensors of the electrical machines.

c. Durable Consumer Goods: It develops systems to control electrical household appliances remotely.

D. Energy and Building Technologies: It deals with tools such as air conditioning in the building. It works for intelligent home improvement purposes.

With such a comprehensive job description, you can estimate how many departments there are at Bosch. Although these fields are interrelated, they have many different qualities. Therefore, each area must have handled carefully and professionally.


1- Management Accounting Department: Directs the management team in detail while making commercial decisions. The management department is the heart of a company. It makes sure that things are on track by doing operational control of all other departments. The final check of all transactions and the final decisions go through the approval of the management team.

2- Purchasing Department: Deals with the purchases in the domestic and international areas by determining the prices and quality in the market. It analyzes the budget of the products with external prices and appoints the most affordable prices with the highest quality.

3- Department of Design: Makes product design. It should be in contact with all departments throughout the process. It integrates the desired features with appropriate engineering. The availability and function of products are dependent on the design team. It makes the most appropriate design by considering all the necessary particulars in detail.

4- Logistics: Carries out information and the material flow inside and outside the company. It is one of the company’s most vital veins. It creates supply chains, which allows it to control sales. It keeps the product stock quantities under check.

5- Marketing Department: Develops marketing strategies. It works customer-oriented by determining the measure and prices for the group that the products have addressed. Its focus is on the wishes and needs of the customer. It analyzes these and prepares the appropriate strategies by preparing reports.

6- Human Resources: Decides the personnel to work in the company. It recruits employees with professional work discipline who can carry the company’s brand. In addition, it also warns or dismisses the employees who hinder the company’s work efficiency. In other words, it is a department that was concerned with personnel quality.

7- Quality Management Department: Tests the conformity of the manufactured products to the quality standards. He should be in contact with all departments and ensure control. It analyzes and reports the products produced from the first stages by passing them through the standards filter.

8- Corporate Communication: The most substantial department of a company. While the corporate communication department provides information flow such as informing the employees about the standards and keeping them informed about the developments, it should also leave a strong impression on other companies or customers outside the company.

9- Sales Department: Responsible for sales strategies. It carries out the sales transactions in the region. Analyzes figures related to sales rates. It presents the products by representing the company in the market. Strives for better strategies by observing and analyzing competitor companies.

Employee Salaries

Designers are the lowest-paid Bosch employees, earning $9,000. Senior Managers, who recieve $124,000 per year, are the highest-paid Bosch employees. Managers below the level of Senior Managers have paid more than other employees in the organization. After the Developer, who gets $84,000 per year, the highest-ranking Managers earn an average of $66,000 per year. Then, the Entry Level position follows with a $50,000 income. IT Analysts and Junior Managers earn an average of $45,000 and $39,000, respectively, behind them. Salaries decrease as you move down from management. It is clear that there is a salary hierarchy here, but working with such a professional team requires determining the salary of each team member separately.

Salaries According to the Locations

Employees’ salaries vary by country of residence, just as by department and experience. The reason for this is that demand and sales rates vary in countries. In addition, production and supply conditions vary in each country. Employee salaries need to diversify for each country regarding the currency. The highest-paid Bosch employees earn an average of $79,000 per year in Germany. Bosch employees who use Emolument work in the United Arab Emirates at an average salary of $50,000. The USA is by far the second largest on the average salary scale. The average salary in the USA is $73,000. 

The countries with the highest average incomes are $52,000 with Singapore, the $50,000 with United Kingdom, the $45,000 with United Arab Emirates, and $12,000 with India per year. It is not hard to understand that while the good salaries are more in the most industrialized countries, these amounts show a decrease according to the economic conditions of the country decreases.


The Robert Bosch GmbH company has acquired a global character over the decades. The departmental structure of the company is quite strong. The company expects all employees to do their work diligently so that as the quality of work increases, so do the company’s earnings. If you want to work for a Bosch company, you should know that salaries vary among employees. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is there bullying and mobbing because of the hierarchy?

Bosch puts professionalism above all else. Bullying or mobbing is behavior that professional people do not prefer or promote.

2- Is it a suitable company to work for a long time?

If you love your job and the salary is good enough for you, there is no reason not to work long hours.

Departments And Salary Levels Of Bosch

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