Comebacks When Someone Calls You Ugly

There can be many reasons for a person to call you ugly. There may also not be a reason for a person to call you ugly. Usually, a person who calls the other person ugly based on looks or their physical appearance is self-conscious and insecure. Maybe they have grown up in a space or in a family where looks and physical appearance matter a lot. let us know about that the Comebacks When Someone Calls You Ugly.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Ugly

In this world, it is not just about physical appearances and how you look, it is mostly about how you give solutions to problems, how smart you are, how easily you can handle difficult situations, and how you live your life. It’s also possible that the both of you are enemies or nemeses and in a moment of anger, they might have called you ugly. 

It’s also possible that it is said by a person who you love and is close to you and in the movement of anger that is called you ugly. Furthermore, it is totally up to you how you want to perceive their statement of calling you ugly.

What did you do or say to aggravate the situation?

Usually, there is a saying that you cannot clap with one hand. This means that if both of you had been in a fight, then you also might have said something that could have hurt them. Therefore, in reply to that, they used this phrase of calling you ugly. 

Before using the comeback statement to tell them off, you need to ponder what you did which led to this situation. If you think that what you did was wrong, and you shouldn’t have done it, then you should not aggravate the situation or make it worse by saying something more. You can choose to leave or just be silent. 

This doesn’t mean that you are ugly, or you are a coward. The fact that you didn’t respond to you being called ugly can be interpreted that you do not want any trouble or arguments. It is good to take a break of a minute or two and think about how to solve the situation if they are your close ones rather than putting fuel to the fire.

What are the emotions that you are feeling right now?

  • Before you use a comeback for them to call you ugly, you need to first register what your emotions are at that point. Are you feeling anger or disappointment? You also have to figure out how close you are to that person. If they are a stranger, acquaintance, or enemy, then you should use a comeback. 
  • But at the same time, if they are someone you are close to, or you know very well, then you should pause for a moment and register and acknowledge your emotions first. They also might regret calling you ugly after a minute. They may also apologize to you for calling you ugly. 
  • This doesn’t mean that everything will be alright but at the same time, you can prevent your relationship from breaking further. Also, make sure that before saying something in response to their statement, you are in the right state of mind. You are not saying something on the verge of anger, jealousy, or disappointment. Of course, all these emotions are bound to be going on in your head. But before replying, make sure that you want to say it and not because you want to prove your superiority.

How do you want to handle this situation?

  • Your response to the statement should also be made considering the number of people who are watching you at that point. If you are just two people, away from the rest of the crowd or there is no one else, then you can use the comeback. 
  • If you are in a group of people, and they are watching you, you can still use a comeback statement, but just be sure that you don’t embarrass yourself. Make sure you know what to say properly. It can lead to a very embarrassing situation if your sentence formation about the comeback is just off the track. 
  • Just because this article mentions some of the most brutal comebacks one can find on the Internet, that doesn’t mean that you have to use them. If you don’t want any trouble, then don’t use them. But it will be recommended that you stand up for yourself. Keeping the person and circumstances which led to you being called ugly aside, the comebacks will help you to gain confidence in your beauty and the way you are.

What can you do in this situation?

  • While it is easy to say to use comeback in situations where you are being called ugly, you are being disrespected. It is not easy to do so. These situations are not pre-planned and are usually very unexpected. In such situations, you’re dealing with your emotions of anger and distress. In such cases, not many people would be able to give appropriate comebacks when they are being called ugly. It is ok if you are not able to give a proper reply to such a statement. 
  • It doesn’t make you ugly or less respected. In such a situation, you can either use the comeback or if you are not able to think of any such comebacks, you can just leave the presence of the person. The person who has said this has toxic thoughts about you. Whatever the circumstance was, to be with such a person as an acquaintance or a close friend usually is not considered good. 
  • Rather than thinking about a comeback and what reply you should give, think about why the person said so. Do they not like you or was it impulsive? Is your relationship going downhill? Whatever the reason might be for these answers, you need to take the next step because a small thing like calling someone ugly can turn into a big affair if not discussed in the earlier stage.


Even though it is not likely that you will remember statements of a comeback in the moment of anger or sadness, it is good to learn a few comebacks. You can use them when it comes to protecting your self-respect. You don’t have to read and learn them for situations like these. Furthermore, you can read them, keep them in mind and make your own in time. Hope that you might not need them since these situations should not arise in front of anyone. If such a situation does arise, you know what you can answer and give a befitting reply to such a disrespectful statement. So here are some comebacks you can use when someone remarks that you are ugly.

First Comeback- I think you forgot to wash your eyes while taking a bath today. I do hope you didn’t forget to take a bath altogether

  • This is such a classic comeback. If someone calls you ugly, you can use it. This statement not only shows that you are confident in who you are but also shows that you know that you are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their way and no one should call another person ugly. Everyone is unique and has their traits and qualities. 
  • When you make this response to the person who just called you ugly, it means that you know that you look gorgeous, and the problem lies with their eyes. More so with their mentality and personality. With this comeback, you are implying that they might not have washed their eyes when they were taking a bath, or they just skipped their birth altogether that day. 
  • This is a power comeback for someone who calls you ugly. You just replied by saying that you feel like they didn’t even have a bath that day.

Second Comeback- Maybe, but still you can comment on it. You are so bad I am falling short of words to express it.”

  • Even though it is not recommended that you talk bad about someone’s looks just because they did so, it is ok to take a stand even though it might hurt others now and then. If you reply with this statement then they will not dare to call another person ugly for a long period. 
  • By making this statement you just implied that you are not that sure about your beauty, but they look so messed up whether look or personality-wise that you cannot even express your feelings and thoughts about it. Just imagine a person with such a bad character or personality that you are not even able to express your emotions about it. 
  • Here you are not just implying about the physical looks but also their thoughts and their useless comments. When someone tells you that you look ugly you should try to make a comment that will prevent them from not only calling you ugly but also anyone else ugly the next time. They should think twice before passing a judgment based on physical appearance.

Third Comeback- “Time to pour some sanitizer in your eyes so that you can see more clearly.”

  • Now, this doesn’t mean that you are going to put sanitizer in their eyes. It means that the problem lies with their eyes and more so with their vision and thoughts about your beauty. This shows when compared to the second comeback that you are more aggressive and confident about your beauty. You know confidently that you look beautiful. 
  • You don’t need others’ approval or comments about your appearance to know that you are gorgeous. After making the statement, you will come out as a daring person with high morale. You are not easy to be shattered, you believe in yourself and do not let others’ opinions affect you in any way. You trust your gut and more so when it tells you to not listen to someone’s stupid talks about how you look. 
  • Furthermore, you are fearless and have a brave heart to stand up to someone who disrespects you.

Fourth Comeback- “So what I thought was true. When you keep looking at ugly things throughout your life, you start seeing everything as ugly.”

  • It means that the person telling this to you is so used to seeing their reflection in the mirror that they are calling you ugly as well. It can also mean that whenever they see the reflection in the mirror, the only thing that comes to their mind is ugliness. Again, this doesn’t specify about physical appearances but thoughts as well. 
  • The person telling this to you is also full of ugly thoughts. They like calling someone not beautiful based on their physical appearances and the way they look. These people who are usually bullied in schools and colleges are surrounded by negative thoughts and insecurities. They are themselves not brought up in a home where they are taught that everyone is unique and beautiful in their way. 
  • Their relatives and parents might have set some beauty standards for them. That’s why when they think that you’re living your life your way without letting your looks define you, they think it is not correct. These people usually put too much effort into their looks and perception of who they are in people’s minds. They hate people who live their lives their way. They point out fingers and call them names. Don’t let that affect you know who you are in any way.

Fifth Comeback — “I ain’t a mirror, sorry!”

  • This can be considered as a modified version of the previous comeback. This is also the most commonly used comeback. When someone calls you ugly, and you use this statement, it will stun the person opposite to you and they might not be able to reply to such a statement. 
  • If you don’t reply to being called ugly, then this is the best, simplest, and most powerful comeback. Who knows? They might be calling themselves ugly in front of the mirror at home because they are so insecure.

Sixth Comeback — “That’s what your parents exclaimed when you’re born.”

  • This statement can be extreme and savage both at the same time. It can impact your relationship greatly. That’s why it is important to know how you perceive the statement. Even though the statement has nothing to do with actual parents, the other person might feel that they are targeting and bringing their family into the conversation. Before using the statement, make sure that you are up for a fight. 
  • This statement might shock the other person, and they might start a quarrel with you. Again, this statement cannot be used with everybody, especially your close ones or people with whom you have a professional bond.

Seventh Comeback- Yes, I tried to copy your look today.”

  • This comeback is simple and sweet. Their insult will just bounce back at them when you use this statement. When they call you ugly and disrespect you, you can just use this statement to make them understand that even you are not a fan of how they look and behave. 
  • This statement will imply they are not just calling you ugly, but also themselves. They are ugly and disgusting at heart. No one has a right to comment on anyone’s appearances and doing so is a very bad quality that every bully and enemy processes. 
  • Hence, it is recommended that the first time itself we call you again and give them a befitting reply so that they will not talk like that with you ever again.

It is totally up to you to decide which comeback you need to use in the situation where you are being called ugly, and you have to give a reply. Hopefully, this situation does not arise, but life isn’t that smooth. Bullies and people who hate others do exist. It is a very unplanned situation to be in honestly. If you ignore their statement, then you might begin to think that maybe what they are saying is correct for a second or moments after. You might start pondering what if you are ugly? Therefore, to prevent all such thoughts about yourself, you need to give a reply and stand up for yourself about what you believe in. You may become more prosperous than these people later in life. Who knows?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

1)What are some other comebacks which can be used?

Answer- Some other comebacks which can be used are as follows-

1.” Did you eat something nasty today? Your face and speech are reflecting that.”

2.” Your brain is rotting in the fridge. Please bring it out and use it.”

3.” So finally you decided to include me in your ugly girl’s gang. Thank you, Leader.”

4.” I don’t care. Please find other people who have the same low wavelength as you. “

5.” This shallow personality ain’t going to get you anywhere. Hope you don’t die alone.”

6. “Wow, it’s amazing. I just encountered a talking animal.”

7.” I don’t eat and drink makeup like you. Maybe that’s why.”

8.” You look just like stale fish I threw out yesterday in the trash can. I am sorry, was it your twin?”

2)What should I do if someone close to me calls me ugly?

Answer- First, try to figure out the reason why they said so. It could be in the moment of anger. Breaking a relationship with a good person just because he/she called you ugly in the heat of the moment won’t be a wise decision. Don’t let those things which they said get to your heart. It is really important, however, to discuss what happened later when everything is fine. Talk to them about how you felt when they said so and see how they respond.

3)Can I use these comebacks everywhere?

Answer- No, you can’t. While these statements sound good and bold when said, you also have to make sure you are in the right surroundings. You also have to be practical in certain situations and cannot let your heart out. If it has happened once in the office, then you might not have to dig deeper. But if it is something that is repeatedly happening, you need to report this kind of behavior to higher authorities.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Ugly

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