Coca-Cola – Know More Interesting Facts

Almost everyone is familiar with the term ‘Coca Cola’ right? Of course! As it is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Coca-Cola is a multinational company which is registered under Delaware’s General Corporation Law. The Coca Cola Company has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. This company manufactures non-alcoholic drinks, syrups, etc. The company that is prominent for its sugary drink is Coca Cola. 

Coca-Cola - Know More Interesting Facts

Orientation at Coca-Cola

Market Orientation

The Coca-Cola Company was regulated on Slater and Narver’s tool (1990). This tool contains many questions with 14 objectives which the personnel have to answer well-versed in the company’s orientation. The employees who are knowledgeable about the company’s operations are as follows:-

  • The Chief Administrative Officer 
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • Chief Quality Officer 
  • Product Integrity Officer
  • Chief Sustainability Officer

Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation means the understanding of supplying the products to the customers to fulfill the target. Coca Cola mainly focuses on the needs of consumers, partners, and other customers. The company keeps up with all the information regarding the needs of the customers and how to resolve them. The company has introduced various ranges of their products as some people prefer the products with no calories, some with little calories, some with low Sodium, and others prefer it with sweeteners or no artificial colors.

Competitor Orientation

The seller understands the strength and weaknesses related to long-term strategies and their competitors. The various competitors of Coca Cola are:-

  • Pepsi
  • Red Bull
  • Fanta
  • Sprite
  • Gatorade
  • Mountain Dew
  • Dr. Pepper

Why work at Coca-Cola?

The various reasons to work at Coca-Cola company are:-

  1.  In this company, it’s not just about working for the company, it’s much more than that, like being a part of something that impacts the world in some or the other way.
  2. It’s a place where each person creates an impact by doing their job perfectly. To make a powerful and impactful contribution to various communities, there are several opportunities for everyone.
  3. Total Reward is a program that focuses on a complete package of learning, payments, benefits, etc. The customary components of Total Reward programs are:-
  • Base remuneration
  • Yearly inducement
  • Interminable inducement


John Stith Pemberton was a pharmacist from Columbus, Georgia who invented this sugary drink in July 1886. The drink was called a ‘healthy tonic’ by the public as it was prepared with coca leaves and kola nuts. The term Coca Cola comes from two words – Cola leaves and Kola nuts. The term ‘Coca-Cola’ was devised by Frank M. Robinson. 


The key management of Coca-Cola company as of 2021 is as follows:-

  • James Quincey is the Chairman of the Board and chief executive officer
  • Brian Smith is the president and chief operating officer
  • Manuel Arroyo is the chief marketing officer
  • Monica Howard Douglas is the general counsel
  • Nancy Quan is the chief technical officer
  • Barry Simpson is the chief information officer
  • John Murphy is the chief financial officer 
  • Beatriz Perez is the chief of communications, sustainability, and strategic partnership.


Following are the varieties of Coca-Cola:

  • Coca-Cola Vanilla (since 2007)- Coca-Cola sells this variant in the United States, South Africa, China, Austria, Slovakia, Canada, Australia, Sweden.
  • Coca-Cola Citra (since 2005)- This variant is only sold in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Coca-Cola Lemon (2001-2005)- This variant is available in various places like Hong Kong, Australia, France, United States, Korea, Mongolia.
  • Coca-Cola Lime (since 2005)- This variant is available in Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Lithuania.
  • Coca-Cola Cherry (since 1985)- In the starting of the year 1996, Coca Cola Cherry was available in Canada.
  • Coca-Cola Raspberry (since 2009)- This variant is available in Australia, New Zealand.
  • Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla – This variant was released in the United States in the year 2020.
  • Coca-Cola Cinnamon – This variant was released in the United States in the year 2019.


Over 3 million tons of plastic waste are produced by Coca-Cola, including 110 billion plastic bottles. There are no such plans to reduce the number of plastic bottles as said by the company’s chief executive. Bea Perez has declared that they won’t stop the use of plastic bottles as the customers prefer the plastic bottles because they are light in weight.

How much waste does coke produce?

Coca-Cola produces almost 200,000 tons of plastic waste annually. The one country where the pollution of plastics is the most is Mexico because in Mexico Coca-Cola is the most popular sugary drink. Approximately 75,000 tons of plastic waste are produced annually in Mexico.


The Coca-Cola Company is one of the vast and perceived beverage companies in the world. The credit for the success of Coca-Cola goes to the people who do their tasks perfectly to achieve the goal. There are various merchandise which Coca Cola offers to the customers through their website Coca-Cola advertises its products on various large platforms like Google and Yahoo so that everyone gets familiar with them.

Coca-Cola – Know More Interesting Facts

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