Client Advisor and Sales Associate- Differences and their skills


A client advisor and sales associate are co-related important jobs that two different people perform in a corporate or an organization. Both of these designations perform similar yet different functions and are equally important to enhance sales and generate revenue. Most of the functions performed by people involved in both of these jobs are explained through the title of the jobs only, but there are many functions that these two designations are entitled to do. Both the client-advisor and sales associate are involved in the sales or the market faculties of a company or an organization involved in selling a product or service. Both are two sides of the same coin who have similar functions but work differently even though simply being a salesperson employee in a company. Here, this blog is all about Client Advisor Vs Sales Associate.

The sales associate of any company is designated to provide all sorts of information related to a product or service that the company or an organization is providing to their customers or target audiences. They are also involved in providing any important information that the flyers of the product have missed or have not been explained in detail, which might cause chaotic thoughts in the minds of the customer relating to that product or service.

Furthermore, they are responsible for doing any task related to the sales, including giving advice if needed by the customer. Meanwhile, the client advisor is responsible for taking all actions that are related to the buying and selling or, in other words, trading of the product or service to the customers or the target audiences of the company or the organization. As the job title says, they are responsible for giving specialist advice to the customers about the product or services that the company is selling to them.

It may include product-related queries, after-sale services information, or even giving their valuable suggestions or personal opinions regarding a product or service if they ask them regarding the same. To perform these functions efficiently, the client-advisor needs to be highly skilled and well informed about the products and services that the company is selling or trading in. In simple words, a sales associate has to provide the basic information such as price or another simple information that could be easily read and be informed to the customer meanwhile the client-advisor must have deep knowledge about the product and services that the company is selling so that they can provide a detailed analysis about the advantages and disadvantages of that particular amenity that a customer might be interested in.

Differences between Client advisor and Sales Associate

Major differences between client advisor and sales associate are discussed below that can provide a deeper and better insight about the major differences that both of these jobs perform despite being highly similar yet different when compared to one another. 

  1. Skills required to perform the roles and responsibilities of both of these jobs – A client advisor need to be highly skilled and educated to know the technicalities and specifications of a product that a company is dealing in or even a service that a company is providing as it requires skills to have a good memory to list all the features as soon as the customer asks about them.

    Meanwhile a sales associate is a quite simpler job to do as they do not require much knowledge about the technicalities and specifications of the product or service that a company is provided and can be in simple functions and should be highly educated and skilled to know about how to generate sales and should be efficient enough in that department so that the company has higher prospects and get better gains due to enhanced sales. 

  2. Main Fields of work in the sales department – Client advisors deal in sales and shopping or the basic trading of the product and services that the company is involved in as they are the ones who provide all the information related to the product and services to the customers and the target audiences. Meanwhile the main field of work and responsibilities of a sales assistant is merchandising or in other words providing simple and basic information related to the products to the customers and all the other sales related activities be it maintaining accounts generating higher sales planning and even more. 

  3. Capacity of a company to hire client advisor and sales associate – A General or typical company that is related in selling products and services through retail outlets hires client advisors in huge numbers as compare to sales associate due to a simple reason which is their role in the sales department to generate the product or service sales. The reason behind this activity is that the client advisers use their specialized skills and knowledge to provide insight about the product and service that the company is dealing with to the customer and target audiences.

    Providing information is the most important aspect of trading of a product as if the company will not provide the same then the customer will not be able to know about the product or service which might make them to buy that particular amenity from their competitors and the sales of that particular company will be reduced. To avoid this the client advisors are present in abundant numbers in such stores to attend a wide number of clients together as it is not a one-man job to deal with multiple customers at the same time as each might have different questions about the particular product which might cause chaos in the store.

    However, the number of client advisors that a company may hire is not fixed and it may differ from industry to industry product- to- product and even service-to-service of the business. Sales assistant is also an important employee of an organization as they are involved in all the possible tasks that are important and related to sales as they are the ones who work for the sales generating and profit generating aspect of the company which is one of the primary objectives of a business.

    Their primary role is to make the customer interested in the product or service provided and generate sales through all the possible means that are under their control. Unlike the client advisor did not only focus on the current buyers or customers they even focus on prospective or future buyers and customers.

  4. Other name titles that are provided to both of these designations – The client advisors are also known as sales spokespersons, sales representatives and even retail spokespersons. Meanwhile the sales assistants are popularly known as various interesting names such as – sales account representatives, account executives and even account representatives. 

Hence even though being quite different, there is one major similarity between the two job designations of the client-advisor and the sales associate, and that is they both are essential and crucial to the organization or any business as they are the ones who help in boosting sales and generating revenues for their companies. Therefore, due to some reasons, all of the people hired for both roles and jobs should be highly responsible and skilled. As a result, the company benefits from its knowledge and abilities and can make better sales-related decisions and have higher prospects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which more deals with contacting customers?
    Both jobs require dealing with customers and hence one`s behavioral skills are also important to deal with multiple people. 

  • Do I need a character certificate while changing my job before getting in this field?
    Character certificate is always a perk while appearing for jobs that require dealing with customers. 
Client Advisor and Sales Associate- Differences and their skills

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