Call Off Meaning in English Dictionary, Usage & Alternatives

Call Off Meaning, Usage & Alternatives

Here in this article, we will tell Call Off meaning. Call off is an idiom that is ideally a figurative expression that indirectly presents the non-literal meaning of the phrase. Call off is a term used because people when they feel the need to withdraw from something pre-planned. It could be shocking to understand that the use of this expression could sometimes change the course of one’s life, for better or for worse. “Anything could happen in 24hours” is a popular phrase that people are familiar with, and these two words could make a good contribution to make a difference in a person’s daily life.

It only goes to prove that ‘call off’ is a term that comes carrying a lot of sensitive emotions or could barely shake a person’s day. It’s contradictory depending on the person or circumstance it is used in. Although it comes off as if it could create a negative atmosphere after the phrase is used, some circumstances wherein people feel the need to have used it proves otherwise. Here are a few examples that support the said statement.

  1. Relationships. The expression could cause a disturbance in a smooth relationship between people. Sometimes it could destroy relationships that have stood the test of time. 
    • A Romantic Relationship. Calling off a relationship usually means to terminate an ongoing romantic relationship between two people. Although the decision could be collaborative or a single-minded decision, it only means to say that they may have to go in their separate ways. It may not be a permanent decision but calling off means to terminate the relationship at the moment. The general term used when couples decide to call off an ongoing relationship is called a ‘break up.’

    • Friendships. Relationships do not necessarily have to be limited to being romantic. Friendships are the most common relationship that exists among people. Some may say that terminating a friendship is comparatively harder than a breakup. Friendship can break due to many reasons. Some may have toxic friendships. Some may move farther away. Some may struggle within the friendship by being bullied. A friendship that only leads two people to hurt each other constantly should not be tolerated. Whatever may be the reason, finding good friends today is hard, let alone losing one. Calling off a friendship is never easy and takes away memories when friends depart and turn into strangers. 

    • Marriage. Most people find it hard to make it to the romantic and comfortable phase of a relationship, let alone getting married. But for those who do, only love can help them so far. A marriage is more than just two people being connected. It is about culture, tradition, and families sharing a bond. No matter how true and pure love can be, in some cases, it can be blindsided, and when two married people decide to go in their separate ways, they call off their marriage and everything that comes with it. Human beings are very complicated, with different backgrounds and mindsets, the choice is always there, and they take time to adapt to a new environment. Calling off a marriage affects the couple, their respective families, their financial position, emotional state, and it’s worse when a child is involved. The common term used when calling off a marriage is ‘divorce.’ The decisions could be tough to make. Whatever the reason may be, finding love is hard, and letting go could be harder.

    • Wedding. Calling off the wedding, a popularly known heartbreak scene in movies. Weddings usually embark on the beginning of a marriage and indicate growth in one’s long-term relationship. This is the in-between and is a huge step of becoming a couple from just two people. The events are huge or small and private based on people’s liking, but friends and family of the couple get together on this occasion to celebrate the love they have for each other. Calling off a wedding is a decision when one of the two parties involved has a second thought if they are not ready or any other reason that makes them feel like they should not be making this commitment. One can call off the wedding between getting engaged and the wedding or even on the day of the wedding. It’s almost like our favorite romantic comedy ending in tragedy when the bride or groom is left at the altar. 

  2. Party. ‘It’s never a good party unless it had to be called off.’ Partying frequently happens when people have a good social circle to celebrate the weekends or Friday nights. There is a lot of music, dance, games, food, and drinks for parties above age. There is usually a host to every party who takes care of the planning and organizing the entire event. It often feels the need to call off the party, especially if they receive complaints from the neighbor. The popular term used to call off a party is “party’s over.” Parties have extremely enthusiastic energy, and when it is called off, people get bummed out and return to their respective homes. Regardless, parties always make up for some great memories they people cherish for years. 

  3. Contract. A workplace environment allows a body of employees who are bound by a contract. Usually, contracts are set for a period of time and renewed again based on the employee’s performance. There is a conduct to be adhered to in every company. In cases of misconduct, or even if the performance is extremely poor of an employee, the employer will be forced to terminate the contract as per the company’s policies. Cancellation of the contract could disrupt the affected party’s life as they would be unemployed and choose alternative options and alter their lives accordingly. Terminating or canceling the contract is the term used in such unfortunate scenarios. Sometimes, this turns out to have a positive outcome as it may lead us to find a course of a career that we may truly be passionate about. 

  4. Games. Across the world, people are connected through sports. A special bond is created between friends, fathers, and sons when they sit and watch the game together. Sometimes, due to unfortunate weather conditions, when the player is injured or unwell, when teams tend to do a walkover, matches and games are canceled. These cancellations come with a huge cost regarding the investors, sponsors who depend on the player for their business. Many cricket and football matches have been disrupted by heavy rains that either cause a delay or cancel the game itself. Safety is a high priority, especially when crowds in such a huge number are involved. Although staff may keep security, I check if any unknown boxes or packages are found before the game, which calls for an obvious termination of the schedule planned as safety checks have to be made. Repercussions will not be worth the risk. Evening matches are played with floodlights and are monitored by the spectators of the match to ensure fair play in the game. When the floodlights are not functioning properly, games are canceled or held until the problem is fixed to continue the game. Times when they are unable to fix floodlights, it leads to the cancellation of the game. 

  5. Trips and Vacations. Vacationing is always exciting because of how rewarding it feels to explore new places and cultures. Not forgetting about the luxurious stays and the equal expenditure on the same, but vacations can be cost-effective based on the location chosen. Although, vacation really is about the experience and the memories that one makes with family, friends, and oneself. It always feels so recreational stepping out to find something new every day, and traveling has been craving for a larger part of the population across the world ever since the pandemic has hit us. A time that people spend with their loved ones is always valued and looked forward to. But unfortunate circumstances can cause the cancellation of the entire trip and, in other words, calling off the trip! Such decisions involve the loss of money, time, and energy especially drain the excitement built up for the experiences. Accidents, deaths, extreme weather conditions, passport-related issues, and the most recently – hit by the virus could truly ruin our trips. Moreover, traveling for leisure is ruled out because of the procedures one has to go through based on the current scenario. Calling off a trip is a loss of an experience more than anything else. 

  6. Romantic Jitters. As mentioned earlier, it is hard enough to find someone who accepts you for everything that you are. And it is harder to find someone willing to show interest in you these days. Earlier, taking a rain check in the middle of dates was common but calling off dates before it even begins is common because they are not up for it or not interested in dating any longer. They rather cancel the plan to meet up than make an effort. Calling off dinner dates, picnics, and quick coffee could be a sign of disinterest. One should not hesitate to move on to finding someone who is in the same place as them. Nobody is ever ready for romance, but romantic jitters lead to calling off plans before even trying to make it work. However, no one is expected to get into a relationship unless they are ready. It may be better if they do not disappoint the other person involved by calling off plans at the last moment. 

  7. Protest. Protests are a common way of raising a voice, being heard, and bringing the necessary change. However, the routes chosen may differ, the cause is subjective, and the voice is loud even if it is a silent protest. Young adults today take it upon themselves to bring a change if they can convince the government. Students are very fragile, and government cannot impose any strict actions as they have to abide by the laws. Protests have brought us freedom, importance and, most importantly, make us feel we belonged wherever we may be. When protests are successful, and regulations are made, the long fight is finally called off. 

The term calling off is portrayed to be a negative term in most scenarios. However, one must look past it and see the bright side. In relationships, letting go may be hard, but only to find a new person that fits into your world, protests are called off when things get violent, and the contrary is called off when regulations are made. The cancellation of vacations allows us to tend to our families, especially when they really need us.

Terminating contracts could change our career course and allow us to find something we did not know we are passionate about. It only brings change within us, and it has to embrace because life is unpredictable. It allows us to find the time and space to get to know ourselves better. Most of us live a compromised life because we fail to understand what we want truly; circumstances change how we perceive our future selves. It is important to notice that there is a positive aspect attached to the usage of this expression. 

Some alternative terms for ‘calling off’ would be termination, cancellation, or even break-off. The usage of alternative would be in respect to the circumstances faced by people, but they too bring change in people’s lives. Most of us worry that the change brought about by calling off something could be unbearable but what if it becomes everything we have ever wanted or dreamed of? Let a termination of something allow you to find what you are meant to be and allow yourself to accept that version as well joyfully, and the rest will follow.

Call Off Meaning in English Dictionary, Usage & Alternatives

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