Books on How to Read People?

Reading books is a great way to continually seek knowledge. It would help expose you to different cultures, perspectives, and views. It would also help you understand people better. When you are intentional about reading people. You would discover that humans are amazing beings. There are multiple books available on how to read people. Let us know about ‘Books on how to Read people’.

Books on how to Read people?

Books on How to Read People?

Though the topic seems odd. Some authors have written astonishing books on these topics. Regardless of color, height, weight, or geographical location we are humans. Reading any of the books mentioned in this article would help teach you more about humans, and what you can expect from us. Here is a list of some of the best books you can buy on reading people.

Books on Reading People:

Predictably Irrational:

This is a book by Dan Ariely. Dan thinks that our irrational thoughts often influence our rational thoughts. This was proven when humans started depicting strange behaviors. Dan is a behavioral expert, and his book successfully combines daily activities with experiments. This helped change the pattern of human thought and behavior. 

If you can decode this with humans, you would be at peace with everyone. This is because you would always understand where they are coming from. This book contains some fictitious characters. However, this should not cloud your judgment. If you read and utilize this book. It would help set you straight and get you back on track. This is because it would show you where you let your guard down, and what happens when you do that. 

Sapiens; A Brief History of Humankind:

Yuval Noha Harari is a renowned historian. His contribution to the growth of human nature cannot be overstated. This detailed book was written by Yuval Noha Harari. The book talks about human evolution. Humans as a specie have come very far. However, in a quest for this knowledge. We are gradually losing some of our values. This book generally discusses some of the things we have lost in a quest for knowledge. 

The book is a great read, it contains everything you need to know about humans. After completing every episode of this book. You would easily understand how people work. What influences our decisions, and why do we make such decisions at the time? You would simply understand what makes people tick. This book would help protect you from some avoidable emotional and mental mishaps.  

Thinking, Fast and Slow: 

This is an award-winning classic by Daniel Kahneman. Daniel is an economist with multiple awards to his name. In this book, Daniel explains that two systems combine with our thought processes. We have the fast and slow system; they have some similar attributes peculiar to them. The fast system can be emotional and is very intuitive. Analysis and coherence are the forte of the slow system. 

These two systems have an important hold on our daily activities. However, when people fail to understand these systems and how they work, it often becomes fatal. There are different relatable instances, and multiple characters were used. This helps provide clarity and ensures that the procedure is properly understood. The book would help you understand your intuition, how it works, and how they impart our actions. This book would reveal human blind spots that people never knew existed.  

Quiet; The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking:

This thriller by Susan Cain focuses on introverts. It’s a work of non-fiction, and it speaks volumes about how introverts have fun and also enjoy their day. Introverts are often labeled as weird, boring, and antisocial. However, it all depends on the perspective you are seeing it from. This book explains how introverts survive despite the supposed pushback from extroverts. 

Susan simply used facts that had already been presented before to help put together a solid book. All you should know about introverts have been properly explained in this book. She also mentioned that no one is 100% introverted or 100% extroverted. The difference between introverts and extroverts is very thin. Your stance on that line is dependent on your underlying situation around you, and personal circumstances. Some introverts can be difficult to read. This book explains everything you need to know about introverts and what makes them tick. 

What Everybody Is Saying?

The book was written by an ex-FBI Agent. Who better teach how to read people if not those in charge of it, the FBI? Joe Navarro is a former agent, and his book explains how you can easily read people in minutes ad tell their intentions without speaking a word to them. This book would teach how to read behaviors, patterns, and gestures, Reading and understanding this book would make it easy to read people. 

However, this book is not for recreational purposes alone. It is also used for educational purposes. Before you read this book, you should keep an open mind. This would help you understand the details and also put you in a good position to relate to the real-life incidents that happen in the book. 

How to Analyze People?

This book was written by David Abbots. It discusses how body language and countenance play a big role in helping read people. David focuses on the type of personality and using simple human psychology to rebrand yourself. You can read this book before going for a romantic dinner or date. It would open your eye and reasoning to another perspective.

If you have always been on the search for that complete turn-around in life. This is the perfect read for you. However, this book does not go deep into humane explanations. However, a general overview of the subject would be given. It does not also give visual descriptions like some of the books mentioned in this list. To continue reading, you can check out other books

The Like Switch:

This is an interesting book that analyses an individual’s behavior and that of the people that surround you inclusive of your extended relations. This book by Jake Schafer would expose you to clues that human beings give. The clues can be intentional and unintentional, but they can also go beyond those. There are fun pictures in the book that makes it lively, interesting, and easy to understand. Although the topic is very familiar. This book would help provide a different perspective entirely. 

This book might seem strange to extroverts. This is because it explains things they already understand. However, introverts that find it difficult to interact socially would find it a good read. It would also help utilize your abilities to the best capabilities possible. Jake pays close attention to the art of unspoken communication. He even considers it more important and efficient than verbal communication. 

How to Analyze People?

This is the second book on the list with the same name. However, they are based on different personality traits. The books are also written by different authors. This is written by Aiden Mccoy. It defines what makes people take decisions and what sort of impression is created at first glance. 

This book is handy, so you can easily carry it along with you when you are going out or going to any event. However, complaints have been made by customers that the size makes it difficult to see the lettering in the book. 


After carefully reading this article, you should be able to choose what book you would be reading. Though there are quite a lot available. However, this article has helped streamline the books to a couple few you can easily choose from. You can read the preview and review of each book to help get a better understanding what each entail. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it possible to read people’s minds? 

Yes, it is possible to read people’s minds. To some people, it comes as a natural talent. While some thee strive to make that possible. However, it is possible to read people’s minds. To do this, you just have to be in the right frame of mind, and also understand the nitty gritty that it entails. 

  • Can I control People’s minds?

Trying to read people’s minds and controlling the mind are two different things. If you can read someone’s mind, this does not mean you have the access to control the person’s mind or control the person’s thoughts. Mind controlling is another topic on its own entirely. 

  • Where can I buy these books?

If you want to purchase any of the books mentioned above, they are available on Amazon. You just have to input the name of the book in the search bar and you are good to go. However, for those that are not available on Amazon, you can check the official website or eBay. 

  • Is reading people a skill?

The ability to read people is a skill that some people have naturally. Some have it because of the nature of their job. While for some it can be hereditary. This does not stop does that do not have the skill from taking it up and learning a thing or two. 

Books on How to Read People?

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