Best Responses For When Someone Says I Miss You?


Missing other people when you are away from them is a common emotion felt by many people. And the most commonly heard phrase used to express this is “I miss you”. Your response to this can be varied and it depends on the person who is claiming they miss you. But it can be quite a task for you to decide the right response to the statement. Let us know ‘Best Responses For When Someone Says I Miss You?’.

Best Responses For When Someone Says I Miss You?

Best Responses For When Someone Says I Miss You

You can be facing a dilemma about the best response to give when someone says they miss you. Your response to the claim of someone missing you will depend on your mood and the person making the statement. Whether you are interested in them or not, whether you like them or not, you are obligated to send a reply back (if it’s over text) or reply to them in some way. 

List Of Some Best Responses

In this article, you will get to know some of the best responses that you could use in case someone says they miss you. 

I miss you too

This is the most common reply and this is the reply that lets the other person know that the feeling is mutual. This is just something that signifies that they are being missed as well. This is a great reply to someone you like or love and it can be a great conversation starter too! 

Wish you were here though

This would tell the other person that you miss them too and their presence with you will make you happier. This is a reply that fits when two people are physically separated and wish they were not so. 

I miss all the fun times we had together!

This response will make the other person think that you remember them and the things that you did with them. It shows that times spent with them have been valuable to you and you still cherish them. This might lead you both to a time of recollecting and laughing over some memories that make you nostalgic. 

Absence makes the heart grow stronger

This age-old saying gives you a little hope and fills both of you with optimism even in the dark times of not being able to see each other. This phrase means that the distance between you and your loved one will make you love and appreciate each other more than before. This is really good because when you can appreciate someone, you will be closer to them and it will enhance your relationship with that person in many ways. 

What do you miss in me?

This can be taken as a coy reply to someone and it can even lead to interesting conversations and leave you with a huge smile on your face. Send this to someone to have a fun little conversation as the response to this question can be a fun one that roasts you as well!

I often look at our pictures

Looking at someone’s picture when they are not there is a way of coping with their absence and openly claiming this to them will make their day better. This is a great way of saying that you miss them back and wish they were physically there with you. 

Why? Where did I go?

This is a funny reply when you don’t miss the other person but you still don’t want to be too open about that fact to their face. This can be taken as a joke and will get you out of your unspoken obligation without any awkwardness. 

Oh really?

This is a sarcastic reply asking them if they really missed you. This reply can either take the conversation funnily or might be taken as an offense too. So tread carefully with the person. 

What’s up?

This provokes a general conversation and will lead you out of the expected reply when you don’t reciprocate the same feeling towards a person. Using this as a conversation continuation device is a great idea, even when you don’t have anything much to say.

Hey, thanks!

This is a light-hearted reply to a miss-you text and this can be taken very lightly by everyone. So if you do not want to be rude to someone and do not want to say that you miss them back, this is your go-to reply!

I miss me too, I am pretty awesome

This amazing response is a cocky one that can gain you a little laugh and will allow you room for escape from claiming that you miss them as well. Most of the replies where you avoid saying that you miss them are ways to distract the conversation. 

I get that a lot

Yet another cocky and fun response to steer the conversation in another direction without any awkwardness. 

It’s been quite a while, right?

When someone you have not met with in quite some time texts you, this is one of the best responses to give. It can lead to plans of meeting up or a repetition of the old times that you used to have with that person. 


There are so many responses that you could give for a text or when someone tells you that they miss you. You can get as creative as possible with your responses and make your conversation really fun. Your response can even lead to hours of conversation. Friends come very rarely and are hard to find, so when someone claims that they miss you, take it upon yourself as a great opportunity to reunite with an old friend of yours and have some fun with them. You both will be busy with your work eventually and might not be able to catch up with each other like in the old times, but even a few minutes of carefree conversation with them might cheer you up.

  • What’s the best reply for an I miss you text?

You need to make sure that you convey your feelings in the right way and if their feelings are reciprocated, be open with that as well!

  • What makes me miss someone?

One of the main reasons people miss other people is the distance that they are not used to between them.

Best Responses For When Someone Says I Miss You?

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