Best Customer Focus Performance Review Phrases

Best Customer Focus Performance Review Phrases

While handing out an employee’s performance review, the employer must assess their customer handling skills. Such phrases that either commend or call to improve upon customer handling skills for employees are essential for employers. Here are some of the Best Customer Focus Performance Review Phrases.

Working with and for customers well is one of the most necessary skills required for any employee. Since for a firm, the customer’s interest is the essential aspect, they expect their employees to treat customers as such too. So each employee must receive such a review to constantly improve upon their performance in customer handling.

What is Customer Focus Performance Review?

As the name suggests, customer focus performance review is the review of an employee’s performance based on their customer handling skills. For some firms, working with customers is the primary task, and thus their employees need to be excellent communicators to do so. Even if they have issues that pertain, they could work upon them.

So when an employer writes the performance review of an employee, they need to add such details. It is essential to mention all the positive and negative traits of the employee while dealing with customers. Alongside the features, you could also add how they can improve upon their performance if needed.

A wholesome review will help the employer tell the employee what they are lacking. Such a review will help the employee understand their weakness. It can also help the firm maintain excellent customer service and ensure that no customers have complaints against the service. Now let’s move on to the phrases to get used for such a review.

Customer Focus Performance Review Phrases for Exemplary Skills

Numerous employees have perfect interpersonal skills and perform well in dealing with customers. Whether it’s the customer’s feedback that expresses it or the profit, you can notice their performance. And you must give them positive feedback and appreciate their work to motivate them to keep up their performance.

If you are writing a performance review for an employee who has excellent customer handling skills, here is a set of phrases you could utilize.

  • *Employee* is an effective communicator who listens to and understands the client very well.
  • *Employee* has a bright personality and positive attitude, which pleases the customers she handles.
  • *Employee* can work perfectly well even under pressure and does not let the pressure reduce the quality of services.
  • *Employee* has a patient demeanor and deals with customers positively even though the customer might disagree with them.
  • *Employee* can persuade and attract even tricky customers who are difficult to deal with.
  • *Employee* doesn’t get flustered when faced with an adverse situation and deals with it with utmost patience.
  • *Employee* is an empathetic person who can make customers feel satisfied with their service at the firm.
  • *Employee* has exceptional skills that help them adjust their service according to their customer’s needs.
  • *Employee* always follows up on their words and never goes back on their promises to the client.
  • *Employee* is kind and gentle with the customers, and it helps create a good rapport with the customer.

Customer Focus Performance Review Phrases for Average Skills

Apart from excellent and underwhelming employees, some employees deliver a performance as expected of them. These employees are ideal at handling customers, and their performance benefits the firm. These employees might have minor improvements to make but are otherwise doing well.

Here are some of the phrases to utilize for employees who show average performance in dealing with consumers:

  • *Employee* adjusts well to others opinions and arguments and puts the clients above everything else.
  • *Employee* can handle problems with the clients well and does not bring any inconvenience to the clients.
  • *Employee* is a good listener, and customers feel comfortable conversing with them.
  • *Employee* keeps the customer at a priority and does not lose their patience while dealing with issues.
  • *Employee* is patient even if the customer might not agree with them and tries to reason with the client.
  • *Employee* is always active and joyous while meeting and dealing with clients, which the clients appreciate.
  • *Employee* understands the clients well and tries to do whatever they could to aid the clients.
  • *Employee* has a keen sense of incorporating the details and needs of a client into the firm’s offers.
  • *Employee* always deals with customers well and has an ideal relationship with their clients.
  • *Employee* never exaggerates anything or makes promises they can’t keep, they are honest and clear about what they can do.

Customer Focus Performance Review Phrases for Unsatisfactory Skills

Of course, all firms have excellent, average, and also poor employees. These employees lack the many skills needed to deal with their customers. It leads to poor performance and bad feedback from the customer. It might also impact customer relations and sales. Thus, there is a need to notify such employees about their performance quality.

You can utilize these phrases for an employee who is underperforming in customer handling:

  • *Employee* uses a faulty approach where they aren’t flexible while dealing with diverse clients, leading to problems.
  • *Employee* is impatient and often fails to keep their composure if they come across a rude or disagreeing client.
  • *Employee* gets too involved with clients and often does more for the client than they must.
  • *Employee* always uses an informal and rude tone with the clients, leading the clients to feel unwelcome.
  • *Employee* does not have the required problem-solving skills and cannot deal with most customer-related issues themselves.
  • *Employee* does not manage their time well and often ends up missing appointments with customers.
  • *Employee* has set views and is very rigid about them. They never try to understand or incorporate the customer’s point of view.
  • *Employee* has a very blank expression and always comes across as uninterested while dealing with clients and their issues.
  • *Employee* does not update themselves about the services of the firm and comes off as uninformed and unprepared.
  • *Employee* gets defensive if the customer presents opposing ideas and doesn’t make efforts to solve such issues.

Customer Focus Self-Assessment Questions

Apart from an employer’s assessment of an employee, a self-assessment is just as important. After or before you have provided the feedback about the performance of employees, you can present them with a short questionnaire to answer. You can include multiple questions testing their skills and seeing how well they know their performance.

Such assessments also help assess the behavior and strategies of all employees. So if any employees use faulty strategies or have misconceptions about customer handling, you can suggest they improve upon such persisting problems.

Here are some sample questions to help you understand the patter of the questionnaire:

  • Whenever you come across a critical and tricky client to persuade, what strategies will you utilize?
  • If you have differing views from a customer on something, how will you deal with the differences?
  • According to you, what is the best way to promote our firm to a potential customer?
  • Whenever you are dealing with customers, how should your attitude be?
  • If you lose a potential customer to the competitor firm, do you reflect on why the customer might have chosen the competitor?
  • What is your ultimate goal or requirement when you deal with the customers?
  • If you have worked with a customer, do you assess your performance and the positive and negative aspects?
  • Do you go out of your way to increase communication with the customer to fulfill their needs?
  • If a customer does not like your performance, do you try to find out how you were lacking in your services?
  • Assume that a customer shares an issue with you, how will you try to deal with that issue and satisfy the customer?


Performance reviews provide an employee honest and critical feedback of their performance through a period. It is a great way to learn about their strengths and weaknesses and grow through them.

 Such feedback also helps employees improve their performances substantially in time. 

Customer-handling skills and performance in the review are necessary, especially for client-oriented companies. So you can evaluate the performance of your employees with the help of the above customer-focus performance review phrases.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is customer focus performance review necessary for employees?

Yes, employees need to understand how their performance is in customer handling. They can understand what they are lacking and work upon it to become a better worker.

  1. How can I write about the poor performance of an employee?

You can use statements related to the issue they have and explain why the behavior is unsatisfactory. You can also provide feedback and encourage them to improve upon it. It is essential to directly tell them how they are inefficient and what behaviors they need to improve upon

  1. What is essential to note in customer focus reviews?

You must remember to take into account all details about how that employee handles clients and how clients think of them. You must mention the strengths and weaknesses briefly in the review.

Best Customer Focus Performance Review Phrases

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