Best Chairs for Work From Home

Best Chairs for Work From Home

As we all know COVID19 pandemic had brought the whole world to a standstill, and almost all the businesses around the globe had opted for working from home until it subsides. This resulted in a huge shift in everyone’s day-to-day lives. People starting working remotely from the luxury of their homes which gave them a better work-life balance, and soon it became like a normal routine for everyone in the US. We know that we all will be working from our homes for a bit more time, so why not make our homes comfortable and more enjoyable. To work from by investing in some best chairs for Work From Home lifestyle seamless and make this journey more fruitful. 

Since many of us have already been working from home for the past few months now, people have started to realize how important it is to have a proper workstation (for example, working at a desk, sitting in your most comfortable chair, etc.) Chairs are one of the most important accessories in your workplace, and with the pandemic showing no signs of subsiding quickly, it seems WFH would be the new norm for most of the business in the coming time. This is why to make the WFH lifestyle more happening. I’m here to advise everyone about some of the best chairs available in the market which they could consider buying for making their workspace more professional, which would definitely enhance many people’s WFH experience by helping them focus on their given deadlines rather than worrying about the back pain caused due to discomfort.

Below I have to give details about the top 5 best chairs that are highly in demand and enhances your workstation at home, making it feel professional just like office days. I will highlight all the points possible which will help you choose a great chair for your WFH workstation.

Best Chairs for Work From Home

I must say that selecting the best chair for the WFH workstation becomes very tricky as we always tend to focus more on the comfort part and less on the chair’s looks. In a good quality chair, we must not only focus on the comfort but also on the health part of it because they are the ones who are going to support our body, legs, and arms as we sit in front of our workstations for hours. This way, we don’t have to worry a lot about backaches and posture-related injuries. To make the WFH experience more seamless, it becomes our duty to suggest people buy the best chairs available in the market ranging from premium quality ones to the most casual ones.

How to Choose a Great Chair for Work From Home

  • The ergonomics and the design should always be kept in mind whiles choosing a great supportive chair. 

Why it is Important to Have a Good Chair While You are Working From Home

Studies and surveys were taken from the past few months. It suggests that the employees who sit upright in a comfortable position in front of their workstation have proven to be more productive and contribute more towards the task assigned to them to the uncomfortable ones. There can be several benefits associated with good work from a home chair as it prevents discomfort and reduces the break timings of employees, and provides good support to the body, which reduces the fatigue level and less of the back strain problems. That is why having the correct and the most comfortable chair fits your body type accordingly.

TYPES OF CHAIRS: From Premium to Modern 

Here I will give more details about each chair, the top ones in each category, so that it becomes easy for the readers to choose from the given options.


The Premium or the Classic quality office chairs for WFH purposes can be brought by those readers/people who are not on strict budgets while researching for a good and premium quality office chair. For such people, it is like a one-time investment in a classic quality premium chair. A premium quality chair starting cost can be around $200 and can sometimes go up to $2000 depending on the person. You get what you pay for in such chairs, like adjustable arms, a tilting seat, a mesh back with great lumbar support. There are also choices for the fabrics from which you can choose. 

Herman Miller Aeron 

It is considered to one of the best in the market, but as it is of premium quality it is for those who have an unlimited budget like a one-time investment to make on a great chair

  • Features: 
    • Optional Footrest
    • Optional Headrest
    • Adjustable Armrest
    • Elastomeric fabric (For proper ventilation)
    • Highly Lumbar Support
    • Adjustable
    • Premium Quality
  • Seat Width: 18.5 inches (large), 16.5 inches (medium), 16 inches (small)  
  • Weight Limit: 350 pounds.
  • Colors Available: carbon, graphite, mineral. 

The readers/people looking out for a damn comfortable chair, this one for those people. This chair allows the person to sit on it to adjust about everything (the lumbar support, changing the armrest angles). This chair could provide support to you in two modes: Leaning forward and Reclining back. We all know that we would be working from home for a long time, so this would be a worthy investment to make for your body and your butt to give it a nice place to rest while’s working on various office-related projects.

Hon Exposure

This is just another good chair for your workspace, and it will suit well for people who have budget constraints. This is the 2nd best chair which people prefer to buy for their work from home purposes.

  • Features: 
    • Lumbar support.
    • Mesh Back.
    • Adjustable seat.
    • Adjustable Arms.
    • Adjustable height.
    • It doesn’t support much weight (The only drawback)
  • Color Available: Black 
  • Seat Width: 20 inches  
  • Weight Limit: 250 pounds

This is the most decent and the most affordable chair in this price range. It is perfectly made for those people/readers who have tight budget constraints and can’t afford to overspend on an office chair for work from home. I suggest until and unless you are planning to work permanently from home, this would be the best option possible for all instead within a budget instead of spending more on a luxury Herman Miller Aeron. 

You definitely don’t need to go all-in with a higher price range chair when you easily get a perfectly decent chair with almost the same features within a much lesser price. It matches the standards of lesser price and more adjustability. The best part about this chair is that it has a reclining option too, which can make you feel even greater when you are feeling a bit tired, or maybe you can recline and relax back on the chair when you don’t have much work or many things to be done for the day. 

This chair usually costs around $200, a good price range with all the features included. This is a much cheaper chair than Herman Miller, and it has almost all the same features with a much lesser price range. It has an adjustable body, with full lumbar support, which is in the form of a crossbar along with a pad that takes care of your lower back whenever you sit on the chair. Another feature added is that it has a mesh fabric which will help in the air to pass through, so in summers you don’t get too sweaty, so it basically has the air conditioners to let the air pass through let the person not feel too hot whiles sitting on the chair.


Now moving on to the modern classic chairs. The Modern classic chairs are the ones which will keep on revolutionizing from time to time. These chairs are considered the epitome of innovation. With the continuous innovation in the modern world, chairs are also going to be transforming in their features, design, color, and how they change the whole look of the room when it’s placed beside a workstation. 

The modern chairs will be more of the looks, as to how these chairs lift the spirits or an ordinary room when placed along with a table. These chairs have a proven track record of making an ordinary room look more spectacular through its looks. Here I have brought to you the top 2 chairs which I believe could be the best for every person who is looking for a more sort of modernized office chair while he/she is working from home. You could have a look at these chairs and decide which one you are going to buy. 

Leonardo Genuine Leather Task Chair

This chair gives some serious retro vibes. It can surely elevate the interiors of a room, wherever it is placed. It is basically a mid-century combined with a modern design put together to give out the retro looks. It definitely comes with some extra cushioning and lots of foam-filled in the chair to make it more comfortable to sit on while completing your day-to-day office tasks. It is the ideal chair for both homes and offices.

It is made out of genuine leather with all the extra cushioning for supporting your body and making it feel comfortable whenever anyone sits on it. The armrests are also made up of extra leather padding to provide support to your hands. The most positive point about this chair is that it can swivel a full 360 degree. It makes you move around easily from one place to another, sitting at your place. Plus added advantage to it is that you can adjust the chair according to your height and body needs in front of the workstation. I must say this chair is so smooth in looks, design, and comfort, it can make anyone fall in love with this task chair, and of course, you can be the boss while sitting and working from home in your own task chair. 


  • 360-degree Swivel
  • Leather Armrest
  • Seat Adjustment
  • Interior Friendly
  • Height Adjustment
  • 2 in one useable

Inessa Task Chair

The next best chair currently running in the market is the Inessa Task chair. This type of modern chair can be used both for homes and offices. It gives more of a professional look whiles sitting in your own home too. It comes with all the similar features that you get in a Modern chair, and it is structured so that it fits your body structure perfectly so that you don’t suffer from any back pains or discomfort while you are seated on this modern classic. It is very carefully crafted, keeping in mind the human body’s needs. The curve is designed to take care of the body structure, and it provides all-day comfort to the person sitting in front of their workstation for long hours.  With the help of this chair, you can move anywhere in the room freely. 

Top Features

  1. 360-degree rotation
  2. Tilt adjustment
  3. Height adjustment

With this I conclude this article of mine, I hope I have done justify all the things had to mentioned in the article.

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Best Chairs for Work From Home

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