APOLOGY FOR SKIPPING CLASS: How To Write? Explain in honest ways why the class was skipped to avoid further punishments

Oh yes! Some lecturers really wonder why students skip some classes even when they feel students need those lessons learned in such classes. According to Anderson, Students likely skip classes because they feel they could invest their time doing better and more profitable things. They could probably study the course material in their leisure time. Isn’t it disturbing to know that students find it killing to sit under some lecturers? Oh, they feel that the lectures are becoming unbearable for them, and they better sleep at home than sit and not grab anything.

According to Klawunn, students also skip classes cause such classes or what they learn in such classes seems not to interest them. These students’ behavior annoys some lecturers, and they give serious punishments to students who violate their rules of attending lectures. Some take it up seriously as they know that students who don’t attend classes would probably not have a good grade, hereby diminishing their efforts on training the students; it’s generally known that one of the ways to appreciate your lecturer’s effort is by excelling in what your lecturer taught you.

Another thing worthy of knowing is what students do during the periods they were supposed to be in class. It would be surprising to know that some students just while away time doing some basically pointless things that could add no value to them, why some students need those rest periods to cause they are not strong enough to cope in class as such periods, that isn’t a completely genuine reason though, some students spend those exact time in researching to know more about such courses in better ways which they could comprehend as not all lecturers could explain things so well in ways which students can comprehend. No matter the reason for skipping a class, to the Lecturer, it isn’t genuine enough to be skipped hereby making it of high necessity to apologize.

The best ways for writing apology letters are to explain in honest ways why the class was skipped, for example, should in case you slept off. You forgot to set the alarm, you could explain and apologize for being negligent of the fact that you should, by all means, be in class, or for example, if such student was at the game center and forgot entirely about the lecture, he or she could tell the lecturer the truth about that and sincerely promise not to repeat such error.

A student who is to submit an apology letter should also do that on time as when due to avoid further punishments; if the class was skipped on Wednesday, a serious student should ensure that the letter of apology is submitted by Thursday evening with a sincere feeling of repentance. A student’s Lecturer should be highly respected, and one of those ways to respect a lecturer is by meeting their requirements.

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