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Work from home, which is prominently known as WFH has become the new normal. The Covid19 pandemic made this term very common in the lives of everyone. When the pandemic struck, everyone was stuck in their houses. The offices of many companies were closed temporarily, hoping that the conditions will get better soon. However, the conditions worsened. Work could not be compromised, so the concept of work from home, which had a negligible presence before, now became prevalent. Learn more about Amazon WFH.

Amazon WFH

Many companies introduced work from home for departments that can be managed and operated from home itself. Or, in other words, those who do not require the employee to show up at the office. Amazon is one such company, which has permitted work from home for its many departments. In addition to this, Amazon has also introduced some work-from-home jobs. Amazon has created many work-from-home job opportunities for people. Read on to know more about wfh at Amazon.

What is Amazon?

Amazon has become a common name amongst people all around the world. It is an American multinational company founded by Jeff Bezos that facilitates people with e-commerce services, digital streaming, and many more. Amazon is prominent for its fast delivery services all around the world. It is a fast-growing company. It provides employment to around 950,000 workers in the United States and has a revenue of  $11,308 crores. 

The Covid 19 pandemic has given an impetus to Amazon’s business as people are relying more and more on e-commerce, with Amazon playing the central role. 

Amazon has started hiring for full-time work-from-home jobs, particularly for customer services based on phones and emails. This has created many job opportunities which people can easily avail. If you want to know more about wfh jobs at Amazon, continue reading.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Work-from-home jobs at Amazon

Work-from-home jobs at Amazon are mostly for customer services which are phone and email-based. A person looking for a wfh job at Amazon might end up in customer services.

The following are some of the work from home jobs at Amazon:

  • Customer services at Amazon

Amazons offer wfh jobs in customer services. It hires workers for dealing with the queries of the customers over phones and emails from the comfort of their houses. However, there are certain things that you need to be a wfh worker at Amazon’s customer service. These things are as follows:

  • Access to a phoneline dedicated solely to the job.
  • A stable internet connection is also needed for a wfh job.
  • A suitable working environment that is a place free from noise, as you will be talking and dealing with the customers, you need a peaceful place to work in.
  • Good speaking skills. Since this is a customer service job you need to have proficiency in spoken English.
  • You should have at least a high school diploma to be eligible for a customer service wfh job at Amazon.
  • You should have prior experience in the field of customer service.

These all were the eligibility criteria of work from home customer services job at Amazon. 

Another thing to be kept in mind is that Amazon hires employees for wfh only from some of the remote states. These jobs can be part-time as well as full-time. The average pay is $16 per hour. Amazon pays you on an hourly basis for wfh customer services jobs. 

Hiring Process

The hiring process is pretty simple. You will be interviewed either by phone or through a video call. If you get selected, you will be trained for the job. The training might be paid based on your role in the job. After the training, you can start with the job from the comforts of your house.

Nature of job

The wfh customer services jobs are temporary. The employees are hired for a set period. The openings for applying for the jobs are also seasonal. You have to be fast to avail the opportunity. The job might get permanent based on your performance. You are asked to choose your schedule type while filling the application form. This schedule type includes options of the part-time, full-time, part-time seasonal, full-time seasonal, holiday, and all schedules. You can choose your work schedule according to your convenience.

  • Work from home jobs at Amazon in the IT sector

Amazon also hires employees for wfh jobs in the IT sector. The job of software developers at Amazon can come under the ambit of work from home jobs. The qualifications required for this job are more than that required in a customer services job. You need to be an IT professional and should have significant experience in the IT sector. You should have a degree in the field concerned. The wfh job as an IT professional at Amazon offers a decent salary and benefits. You should consider applying for it if you are eligible.

  • Work from home job at Amazon in human resources

Amazon also offers wfh jobs for the human resources department. This department involves engaging with humans who are your fellow employees. The HR department is responsible for solving the queries of other employees. It is not an easy job, especially when it is a wfh job. You need to coordinate and carry out your job. To become a part of the HR department, you should have a bachelor’s degree and at least six years of experience in the field. If you fulfill the requirements, you should apply whenever the position is open.

These were some of the wfh jobs at Amazon. The company also permitted its corporate employees to work from home during the pandemic. However, since the conditions are becoming better, the employees are asked to report to the office. They are allowed two days of work from home. The rest of the days, they have to report to the office. This hybrid method is beneficial as it reduces the chances of transmission of coronavirus to some extent. 

Things to keep in mind while filling the application form of Amazon

There are certain things to be kept in mind while filling the application for Amazon. These are as follows:

  • While applying, you will see an option for remote jobs, click on that if you are interested in a wfh job.
  • You should be ready with your cover letter and resume. Make sure both of them are impressive.
  • Choose your work schedule carefully.
Benefits of wfh at Amazon

Amazon has tried its level best to formulate the best work from home office policy. They have tried to inculcate all the beneficial traits of the wfh setup. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Less Stress

Wfh at Amazon is less stressful when compared with its other contemporaries. Moreover, the work-from-home setup has reduced the traveling cost for the employees as well as their stress in some ways. They are not obligated to reach the office on time.

  • Work-life balance

The wfh setup has permitted the employees to maintain a better work-life balance. They can now give more time to themselves and their families. They can relax more in this wfh set up and work as per their convenience.

  • Improved productivity

The wfh setup has improved the productivity of employees by providing them with time to rejuvenate and freshen up. This has helped employees at Amazon to work at their convenience, which has led to increased productivity.

  • Providing a working environment free from any distractions

The wfh setup permits Amazon to provide a distraction-free environment to its employees. While being in office one can face many distractions. At home, there are distractions but they can easily be avoided.

To make their employees feel that they are working in the office, Amazon expects its employees to follow the dress code, this might give a working environment to the employees.

These were some of the benefits of working from home not only in Amazon, but many companies in general.


We all know that wfh jobs have become the new normal. Many companies provide wfh jobs and Amazon is one of them. The article traced the wfh jobs available in Amazon and how the company is providing its employees with a hybrid of wfh and office jobs. The pandemic made the wfh setup a common culture. However, this is beneficial in many ways like saving the cost of traveling, a better work-life balance, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the types of wfh jobs does Amazon offers?

Amazon offers work-from-home jobs mostly in the field of customer services. However, some wfh jobs are also available in the IT sector and the Human Resources department. You can do full-time, part-time, seasonal, and holiday wfh jobs at Amazon.

What is the average pay for a wfh customer services employee at Amazon?

A wfh customer service employee at Amazon gets paid mostly on an hourly basis. The average pay of an employee in the customer services department is $16 per hour. This is decent pay.

What are the benefits of working from home?

Working from home saves the cost of traveling, it gives you time to rejuvenate, give time to yourself and your family. This also reduces your stress and increases your productivity.

Amazon WFH – Know More

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