Amazon Leadership Principles- 16 Leadership Principles

Amazon Leadership Principles

Before getting into details, let’s first begin with an introduction and history of amazon. It is a multinational technology company situated in the United States of America. The company has a broad range and deals with various platforms such as e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence; amazon comes among the top five companies in the United States. The founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. The exciting part is that it started from a garage. From the garage to dominating the industries, Amazon has come a long way. It even expanded its horizon. At first, it was an online store for books, but now it consists of all the things you can think of. It is also a part of the digital world with its amazon prime streaming services. Here, we’ll discuss Amazon Leadership Principles.

When we start to work on something, we have some values and principles that drive us. It can be a drive, to be honest, innovative, committed, etc. But apart from your personal choices, those companies have their principles and values too. It is possible to achieve success by developing a solid system of codes. This is what Amazon has done. It has established its own set of principles—a collection of guidelines used in corporate decision-making, brainstorming, problem-solving, and recruiting. Jeff Bezos believes that a company should have a core culture to achieve success. This vision has proved successful for him. Well, we all know how Amazon is doing.

His accomplishment has astonished the world, and many people desire to discover the core principles that led to his achievement. So, it is evident that people around the world want to know these principles. Amazon takes complete pride in its principles. These principles have helped it to reach the top. The Amazon leadership principles are a set of guidelines for running a corporation. These 14 fundamental principles regulate the organization and its personnel; amazon puts its staff and hopefuls to the challenge of the job-related principles. These Amazon leadership principles are put in place to help the company develop a solid visionary and execution-oriented culture. Every Amazon staff is supposed to follow these guidelines, and the company conducts background checks on all new hires.

These Amazon leadership principles are difference makers since they encompass anything from interviews to team relations and company culture. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Amazon leadership principles based on the most effective types and leads.

Amazon leadership principles

 1. Customer Obsession

Leaders begin with their customers and work their way back. They work hard to acquire and maintain consumer trust. Though Amazon executives are aware of their competition, they are preoccupied with their customers. Customers are an essential part of any business. They are the ones who make a business a success or failure. So, it is no doubt that utmost importance should be given to them. It doesn’t matter in what type of industry you are in. If you are selling products or making them, the ultimate goal is to get customers. If there are no customers, there will be on sale. So, they’re an essential consideration when crafting the business model and marketing strategy. This is what Amazon has done. It has put the customers at the top of its principles. 

2. Ownership

Ownership is something that leaders have. It is the quality of the leaders to decide while thinking about the future. Whatever decisions they make have a significant impact on the employees and the company. So, the leaders are the ones who should own their choices. Employee and employer relationships are strengthened as a result of ownership. This is what Amazon is trying to do in its second principle. Employees value the concept of responsibility and demonstrate dedication to their organization as a result of ownership. It produces the necessary good results for the company’s growth.

3. Invent and Simplify

These two are essential for the success of any business. Amazon says that you should focus on how can you simplify the work, what innovations can you make. The leaders want their teams to come up with innovative ideas. It produces the necessary good results for the company’s growth. Leaders wish to expect creativity and innovation from their staff, and they are constantly looking for ways to make things easier for them. They are curious about the world around them, seeking fresh ideas from anywhere, and are not constrained by the fact that they were not created in this country. Amazon has been following this principle for so long, and we know where it has taken them. 

4. Are Right, a Lot.

A lot of the time, leaders are correct. They possess strong intuition and sound judgment. They seek out different points of view and strive to disprove their beliefs. Individuals who are frequently right listen frequently, and individuals who are often correct alter their minds frequently. According to Jeff Bezos, most people seek facts to strengthen their current convictions while tuning out competing viewpoints.

5. Hire and Develop the Best

The leaders hire the talent that helps their company to develop. With each new employee and promotion, leaders increase the bar. They find the talent and hire them for different positions for the organization. Leaders invest in the development of others and recognize the importance of coaching.

6. ​​Learn to be curious

Curiosity leads to great inventions. It is one of the significant Amazon leadership concepts since it lays the groundwork for the entire company. Leaders never seem to be content with their work. They want to excel with every step. It’s curiosity that pushes them to achieve new accomplishments. Learning is an ever-long process. They are continually looking to enhance themselves and are never satisfied with what they have learned. They want to know everything there is to know about all the opportunities and explore them. The exciting part is that the leader always wants their business to reach new heights. Increase the number of questions you ask – inquiries are far more effective than solutions. The pressure on company leaders to tell employees what to do, supply effective responses and responses – is constant. It’s tempting to resort to the role of a leader since it reduces time and ensures that everything will most likely get accomplished in the manner you need them to.

On the other hand, this attitude stifles inquiry and development; instead, one should take the opposite approach and start asking questions. More people should be questioned. Leaders should think outside of their comfort zone, company, or sector. Learning has still been viewed as an afterthought in many businesses instead of a critical competency. Companies also could drive staff to contribute to continuous learning by promoting and instituting learning as a purpose rather than an afterthought. Performance is crucial, but it’s also critical to ensure that staff adopts continual innovation and creativity to keep the business competitive. It’s important to remember that a great leader has to try to make the right decisions. Decide to become more curious and open to new experiences today. Leaders should develop a habit to do every day. 

7. Insist on the Highest Standards

 Leaders are held to a higher standard than the rest of the population. Well, it is what makes them stand out from the crowd. For some people, it can be unreasonable. But it is a leader’s job to raise the bar and drive the team to reach a new high. The leader is responsible for motivating the team so that they can deliver quality products and services. Leaders make sure that no flaws are passed through the track and that the issues are resolved and remain resolved. One should never compromise with the quality, 

8. Think Big.

Small-mindedness is a self-fulfilling narrative. You have to be bold enough to take tough decisions. When you think big, then only you can take significant steps. Leaders are made when they dare to think big and move forward in that direction. When they talk, the leaders reflect their ideas; it inspires the team and yields fantastic results. 

Leaders set and articulate a bold course that motivates people to take action. They explore new ways and seek new methods to help clients.

9. Bias for Action

Great opportunities only come to those who take the risk. But the risk should be calculated. This is what amazon tells its employees. In any business, time is money. We place a premium on taking prudent risks. In any business, time is money. Many judgments and acts can be reversed, and they do not necessitate much research.

What Are the Benefits of Bias for action?

As a leader, you must think clearly and make quick judgments to ensure your firm’s future. Here are some of the reasons why you must complete your tasks.

  • We frequently add to the complexity of an issue by overinterpreting it, resulting in analysis paralysis. Our thoughts paralyze us, and we cannot make rational decisions. Affinity towards action encourages us to embrace our instincts and make better decisions. Whether you have numerous targets to meet, action bias would assist you in prioritizing and getting to work rather than overcomplicating the job.
  • Employees with a variety of operational and styles collaborate in a company. Staying informed and inclined to accept changes when the situation calls for it is essential. The leader’s reputation will benefit if they make the proper judgments and get good results. Individuals will put their trust in them. They’ll help to improve the experience and level of knowledge, making the leaders stand out. 
  •  It’s okay to be rebellious and push ourselves out of our comfort zone now and then. Action bias will enable the leaders to take chances and seek out possibilities that will help them grow as a person. Individuals with a bias for action are not hesitant to question conventional wisdom, change jobs, or pursue other risky career decisions.

10. Frugality

Frugality, like other limitations, encourages innovation. Inventing the way out of a box is one of the ways to go outside. This is what Jeff Bezos believes in. Frugality means to be economical. And this is what amazon’s principles about frugality are about. It focuses on getting more by spending less. Restraints encourage creativity, individuality, and innovation. There have been no extra points for increasing headcount, increasing financial plan size, or increasing fixed expenses. It can help you make sensible decisions, especially when it comes to money. 

11. Earn Trust

Without trust, you cannot do business. Trust and risks go side by side. You have to take risks, and you have to earn the trust. This is the philosophy of amazon. Leaders have to listen to their customers, employees attentively. They have to treat people with the utmost respect and speak nicely. They are loud in their self-criticism, even though it is uncomfortable or unpleasant. They set a benchmark and encourage their teams to achieve that. Leaders are skeptical that the team’s or their body odor smell like perfume.

12. Dive Deep.

Leaders have to dig deep into the matter. They should go into details, try to learn, get points and facts. Leaders have to work at different levels, from top to bottom. So, they have to be connected. They have to audit; when statistics and narrative differ, leaders are dubious. They are capable of completing any work.

13. ​Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit

One thing that a leader should have is a backbone. What does it mean in business terms? The leaders should be able and ready to challenge and voice decisions that they do not agree upon. But all this should be done respectfully. It doesn’t matter whether it is embarrassing, exhausting, or even uncomfortable; a leader should be ready to take this step. Leaders are persistent, and they are passionate. They don’t make concessions in the name of social cohesiveness. They stay committed after one decision has been made. 

Committing is also part of leadership. Despite the differences, a lovely thing occurs when the leaders are brave and dedicated to appearing for others as the most authentic, honest, and empathetic selves. They begin to connect and experience the environment in new ways.

Change is frequently required for growth. True transformation often necessitates a sustained effort. It’s a systematic procedure; that is why lasting transformation is so difficult. Setbacks are unavoidable on the road to success. The leaders aren’t always going to get everything right. Leaders must rise to the occasion when faced with difficulty, hardship, or uncertainty. We are held back by fear and discord. It is a duty, responsibility, not a job, to lead. All who take this obligation sincerely have the potential to make a significant difference in other people’s lives. They all can lead, influence, and contribute positively.

It is not unknown that teams, companies, organizations, and countries are split on proceeding. Leadership should strive relentlessly to foster collaborative partnerships while setting aside private and organizational disagreements to get things done. Leaders must work together to make significant progress toward common goals.

14. Deliver Results

​Well, what will be the use of all that work if we cannot get results. We put so much effort to get the desired results. Patience, perseverance, and keen attention to detail are the main priorities. Leaders who put their focus on essential contributions; put in efforts and deliver the desired result. 

 Regardless of delays, they meet the challenge but never compromise for less. This is the quality of a great leader. Every leader should follow this principle. Any work we begin aims to get satisfactory results. It doesn’t matter how much hard work we have put on; if we cannot get results, it all goes to waste. The results will determine the success of the company. 

Amazon has recently added two more principles which we are going to learn below. 

15. Strive to be Earth’s Best Employer

Leaders should work to become fantastic employers. If the employer is impressive, so will the employee be. It is the work of the leader to generate an environment that is safe, output-providing and has diversity. Also, it should not be only work and no fun. They are empathetic leaders who enjoy themselves while work and make it easier for others to enjoy themselves. Leaders have to ask some questions: whether their employees are showing growth? Do they feel empowered? Are they ready to take on challenges? Leaders also have a role in the success of their employees. It applies to any industry, not only at amazon. This principle is newly added, and it is related to Hire and develop the best. This principle elaborates the hire and creates the best direction furthermore. 

16. Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility. 

We began in a garage, but we are no longer there. We’re big, we have a global influence, and we’re far from flawless. Even the unintended consequences of our acts must be considered with humility. Every day, we must strive to be better for our communities, the earth, and generations to come. Every day, we must commit to making higher, do our best, and be more brilliant for the customers, partners, employees, and the rest of the world. And we all must end each day with the belief that we can accomplish much more the next day. Leaders produce more of it than they spend, and they often finish things in a positive state than when they arrived. This is what the newly added principle states. 

The leadership principles have become embedded in Amazon’s environment. The executives routinely mention them in conferences and cite them as justification for a variety of actions. Jeff Bezos has been speaking more regarding Amazon’s obligation to its workforce and the rest of the world, and it should be no surprise that the company has chosen these two new principles. However, it does reveal a little about Jeff Bezos’ vision for Amazon’s heritage and how he intends Amazon to work and grow after he leaves.

How is Amazon’s design based on the idea of trying to learn something new?

  • Amazon has a vibrant empowering culture, and they have a provision of getting regular feedback. This help Amazon to grow and be better the last time. As we have seen, it is one of their principles to learn and be curious. This has helped them to do better. As a result, they encourage employees to attempt new skills and learn as they go. Learning is an ever-growing process, and this approach by amazon to encourage their employees to learn has helped them a lot. 
  • Amazon put together a learning environment. Whether be it Vice president or an employee, everybody can learn something new every day. Around 90% of their employees know because of getting challenged while having experience and unique ideas in their careers. This has helped them to achieve their goals and excel in life. 
  • The speed with which ideas are brought to market is well-considered. A backward working method is used to develop almost every thought. Whenever an employer needs to convey a concept, they begin with the customers’ point of view and work backwards. They create a storey that addresses concerns like, “How will the consumer acquire the product?”, “How much will it cost?” and “What will be its benefits” After that, the debate and criticize the concept. 


Now, we have reached the conclusion we all can say that amazon’s story is of success; what Jeff Bezos has achieved is brilliant. We all can learn from their principles and apply them to them ourselves. 

The principles of Amazon leadership delivers the most satisfactory outcomes. We hope that this article has helped you in some way. Whether you are looking to get a job at Amazon, preparing for an interview, or you want to apply these principles to your business. We hope that we have been of your help. We wish you good luck on your journey. Be patient, and you will achieve whatever you want to for. These Amazon principle has taken amazon where it is now so that you can take inspiration from them. 

Amazon Leadership Principles- 16 Leadership Principles

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