Do Amazon Employees Get Free Prime Subscription?

We all know that every successful and huge company provides some extra benefits to its employees other than paying the salary. It depends on what it deals with. Amazon is a multinational company dealing with so many things. It has its e-commerce services, production house, streaming services, and much more. So, what type of benefits are offered by Amazon to its employees? Do Amazon employees get free prime subscription? We will dig deep into this matter and find some answers.

Do Amazon Employees Get Free Prime Subscription?

Do Amazon Employees Get Free Prime Subscription?

Amazon does not provide free prime to their employees. But Prime services consist of various features. Do Amazon employees get all of them or just a few? We will get into every little detail. If employees do not get free prime then they might be getting something. We would like to explain the aspects in detail.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a multinational company that was established in July 1994 by Jeff Bezos in his garage in Bellevue, Washington, USA. At first, Amazon was started as an online book-selling marketplace, but as of now, it has expanded the variety of products. There might be something that isn’t sold by amazon. Amazon is not just limited to its e-commerce services; it has a vast reach. With all that it has established itself as one of the most venerable companies out there. We would look at some of its services, shall we?

Services provided

There are several services offered by Amazon, which includes-


It is an AI-based virtual assistant which was first used in echo services after a while it expanded and we can have Alexa on our own devices. It is a very useful assistant as it helps the user to go through the entire internet just by asking. Any music, information, news, weather, reminders, and the list goes on.

Amazon Digital Game Store

It is a video game downloading service owned by Amazon. It provides the privilege to download so many games.

Amazon Drive

This service provided by Amazon is a cloud storage application. File backup, file sharing, and accessing uploaded files from any devices after logging in.

Amazon Fresh

This service provides grocery delivery in major cities as of now. By this service, amazon claims to provide fresh and fast groceries at your doorsteps.

Amazon Prime

This is a paid subscription program that offers various services like ad-free music, access to video streaming platforms, fast delivery, and no delivery charges.

Amazon Studio

It is a film producer and distributor service that includes the television sector too. Content under the production of Amazon Studios can be streamed in the prime video.


This service is an app store for the Android operating system. 


These are smart speakers with Alexa services provided in them. It responds when the user says, Alexa. It is a home assistant which has proven itself quite helpful.

Fire Tablets

Amazon built tablet computers known as fire tablets.

Fire TV

To access this service, you’ll need to connect fire TV to your television, it provides digital audio and video through the internet which can be accessed on a connected television.


This service is for e-readers. Using this they can access, download and buy e-books, newspapers, magazines, and other written and readable documents.

Kindle Store

This store helps the user to purchase a copy of any book they wish to. This service can be accessed through the kindle app, fire tablets, and amazon kindle. 


This service provides online streaming of songs and downloads them. There is quite a variety. If this service is accessed after the prime subscription, it provides an ad-free experience.


Mostly known as prime video, this is an online movies and series streaming service. This can be accessed after the prime subscription.

More about Amazon Prime

Amazon’s Prime service provides some special benefits and privileges which are not available to unpaid users. Some of its benefits include – fast delivery of orders, ad-free streaming of music, video streaming services, e-books, gaming, and grocery shopping. 

This service is available in 20 countries as of 2021 which includes – USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Luxemburg, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, China, Japan.

About free prime to the employees

Do Amazon employees get free prime?

No, Amazon does not provide a free prime subscription to the employees neither a discount in purchasing it. 

But there is a privilege provided by Amazon to its employees. The employees get a voucher of 10% discount on products sold and shipped by Amazon. By using the promo code they can access the 10% discount. However, the maximum value of that discount is $100. They must spend $1000 to be eligible.

Point to be noted, the item which the employee wishes to purchase must be sold and shipped by Amazon. If it is been fulfilled by the 3rd party it isn’t considered.

Employees of only a few countries get the discount. Not every employee is considered for the discount. But the employees of the USA are under the eligibility criteria, therefore they do get a 10% discount but not a free prime subscription.

Frequently asked Questions
  • When did Amazon start its prime services?

Amazon started its prime services on the 2nd of February 2005. But many of its services were included later. For example, video service was included in prime benefits in 2012. 

  • How many prime users are there?

As of April 2021, there are 200 million prime users worldwide. 147 million users are citizens of the USA.

  • How much revenue does prime generate?

As per the census of 2019 prime service has generated a revenue of $19.21 billion. And as of 2020 revenue was increased at $25.21 billion. 

  • How much does a prime subscription cost?

The cost of a Prime subscription varies from one country to another. Even the specifications may differ. In the USA prime subscription costs $12.99 monthly and $199 yearly. While the prime video costs $8.99 on monthly basis. Prices may vary due to offers and rewards.

  • Can someone out of those specific countries access prime?

No, it’s not possible if Amazon isn’t offering its services in your country, you can’t get your deliveries as there is no one to deliver. But you can access prime video and music using VPN. 

  • What was Amazon formally called?

Amazon was originally named “Cadabra” which is related to magic. After a while, it was changed.

  • Where is the headquarter of Amazon located?

Amazon’s headquarter is located in Seattle, Washington, the U.S.A. where it was founded.

Do Amazon Employees Get Free Prime Subscription?

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