8 Best Ways Of Creating A Good Rapport


Creating a strong and lasting relationship proves to be the dream of everyone. When we talk or meet new friends, we might want to have fun with them, create everlasting memories, and build strong bonds. It will heavily depend on how your first conversation went. When you have well-centered talks during the first meeting, the outcome will be positive, and the relationship predicted to be long-lasting. Everyone wants to be connected forever with their new friends. What leads to a long-lasting relationship? It highly depends on the rapport you create with the person during the day you first met. If you are wondering what rapport means and some ways of building a rapport, you are at the right piece of writing. The article explains what a good rapport is and the eight best ways you can follow to make sure you create a good and strong rapport with the people you meet. Let us know ‘8 Best Ways Of Creating A Good Rapport’.

8 Best Ways Of Creating A Good Rapport

8 Best Ways Of Creating A Good Rapport

A rapport means a friendly and harmonious relationship with mutual agreement, understanding, and empathy which altogether makes what you are conversing about flow well. The formation of a good rapport ensures that there are positive intentions between two people who are conversing over a matter and this makes their interactions even easier. 8 Ways to Creating a good rapport with someone is a process and will require you to follow some steps, in this article you will be provided with a step-by-step guide that you can follow when building a good rapport between you and your friends. The guide provides you with the eight best steps you will follow to flourish the rapport between you and your friends, read through to be a good person, and create great rapport.

The concept of a good rapport

You should always ensure that 8 ways to creating a good rapport between you and your new friends as this will help improve and make your relationships to be strong. Everyone around the world will always want to have strong and lasting friendships and this is where rapport comes in. A good rapport will always ensure that your communications are of mutual agreement, friendly, understanding, will be harmonious, and good rapport will always be a sign of empathy. Some of the requirements of a good rapport in a relationship are mutual attention, positive vibes, and strong coordination. When the three elements are in a rapport then you will be sure to create a good and strong rapport in your relationships.

Let us now look at the eight best ways you can follow when you want to create a strong and great rapport between you and your friends

Creation of a good introduction

The first impression you give to someone will set the tone for the entire conversion. When you give a warm and positive first impression your friend will even be interested to listen to what you are about to tell them. The first moment also creates the mood of the conversation. 

Some tactics for creating a good intro include giving a warm smile, a good handshake, and maintaining strong eye contact with your friend.

You should be an active listener

The conversation can be so boring when two people are talking at the same time or in a scenario where one person is always interrupting the other when they are talking. If you interrupt someone when they are talking, they can be disappointed. Remember you want to build a good rapport with a new friend, so it will be wise for you to actively listen to them when they are talking as this will bring positive vibes because they will assume to be much respected when they are giving you information.

Always ask engaging questions

One side conversation can be so boring and unengaging. One way to spice up a one-sided conversation you can chip in with some engaging and thoughtful questions so that the talking is two ways allowing both of you to contribute to the conversation in turns after the other.

Ensure you mind your body language

In our day-to-day lives, nonverbal communication will always prove to be important just like verbal communication. The way you express your body language will affect the rapport you create. To create a good rapport, you will need to ensure that all your non-verbal cues are positive and will spice up the conversation. The body language you will express includes, your posture, eye contact, and your facial expressions.

Always find a common ground with your friend

When you meet with new friends and you want to create a good rapport while communicating with them, then you should try and find a common ground with them. A common ground could be the things you both like doing, your favorites like music, games, and even your best meals.

Respect and empathy should prevail

Empathy and respect are indeed the most important things that will lead to the building of a strong rapport. Treat your new friend with respect and empathy in your conversations and see how best the friendship will last, the relationship will be long-lasting because empathy and respect also allow for trust to build between the two of you.

Remember people’s names

Remembering your friend’s name is very important if you want to create a strong rapport and a strong friendship. Imagine a situation where you tell a person your name and they keep forgetting, meaning that each time you meet again you have to tell them your name again, this can be so boring hence preventing the creation of a good rapport.

Ensure you create a shared experience

Conversations lying between shared experiences tend to be so interesting. Make sure you share all your shared experiences in your conversations. The shared experiences can be your best experiences and places you have all traveled to.

The Importance of creating a good rapport

Creating a good rapport has the following three important issues.

  • A good rapport establishes trust among friends and relationships.
  • A good rapport will always help you improve your performance in business.
  • People with good rapport-creation techniques will always have strong social connections.

How to Re-establish a lost rapport?

A good rapport could be lost at any time or moment and you will need to follow some strategies to make sure that you go back to your good rapport. Follow these steps when trying to re-establish a lost rapport.

  1. Ensure you know why your good rapport was lost.
  2. Be humble, and explain what happened, then apologize where there is a need.
  3. Repair any broken trust between the two of you.
  4. Keep your word, then start having happy conversations again until a good rapport is re-established between you and your friend.


A good rapport is a friendly and harmonious conversation with mutual agreement between two new friends. It is very important to create a good rapport whenever you meet with new people as this will affect the lasting period of the friendship and also the trust in the relationship. There are very many ways of creating a good rapport some of which include, the creation of shared experiences, finding a common ground, minding your body language, and having a good first expression or introduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a lost rapport be re-established?

YES, when a rapport is lost, you have the chance to rebuild it but there are some rebuilding steps that you should follow.

  1. Does a good rapport increase your social connections?

Having a good rapport with all the people around you will increase your social connections because the chances of connecting to many people will be very high.

  1. What does a good rapport entail?

A good rapport entails mutual attentiveness, positive vibes, and coordination.

8 Best Ways Of Creating A Good Rapport

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