2w1 Enneagram Personality- And Best Jobs For Them

2w1 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs For Them

What is your personality type? Does that question always seem to interest you? If yes, you are not alone. There’s a constant buzz about personality types and how everyone wants to be classified into one type or the other. Personality tests, quizzes, surveys, and all sorts of activities now satisfy people and their fascination with personality types. Once the personality types have been determined, the next step is to connect them with other aspects of our lives – the social and professional. One such personality test is the Enneagram Personality test and here is the article connecting it to our professional survival – Our jobs. And let’s discuss the 2w1 Enneagram Personality.

If you’ve taken the test and found yourself to be a 2w1 personality type, read on to know about the best jobs out there waiting for you. If you’re one of those who have no clue what all this is about (just like me a few days ago), you’re in for some intriguing stuff, so hang on and do give this a read. 

What is Enneagram?

No, Enneagram is not another Instagram. It is a model of human personality proposed to classify people into different types of personalities and make the study of humans easier. The model assumes that human personality is a system of different types of traits interconnected with each other. It proposes nine different types of personalities based on the behaviors and traits, and 27 sub-types, making the personality model more complex. However, the major focus is on the 9 types of personality. 

The Nine Types of Traits

  1. The Reformer – The idealists and the perfectionists. They are full of a purpose in their lives and are great with their self-control. 
  2. The Helper – The people-pleasers, and the possessives. They have a strong need to be loved and they tend to neglect their needs for the happiness of others. 
  3. The Achiever – The success-orientated and realist. They have a high motivation to excel at their work and are good communicators.
  4. The Individualist – The self-centered and the headstrong people. They are creative with a strong sense of identity and tend to become self-absorbed at times. 
  5. The Investigator – The innovators and the detectives. They are emotionally detached people who focus more on logical thinking and objectivity. 
  6. The Loyalist – The committed and stability-oriented ones. These people are committed to relationships and are trustworthy, although they tend to dwell on negative thoughts.
  7. The Enthusiast – The fun-lovers and the carefree ones. They are always looking forward to new adventures and meeting new people, filled with a positive attitude. 
  8. The Challenger – The self-confident and dominating ones. They focus on actions more than thoughts and can be great leaders with bold and confident attitudes.
  9. The Peacemaker – The easy-going and peace lovers. They are agreeable and tend to avoid conflicts, putting their wants aside only to ensure peace and harmony. 

These 9 types of personalities with their various subtypes classify humans and decide their behavior in all kinds of situations. Knowing one’s personality type, we can predict their actions and can understand the ideal job for them. 

Who Am I?

The results of the Enneagram personality test are based on agreement or disagreement with certain statements about oneself. Based on the answers, people can be classified as being of a certain personality type. But I am sure, when you read the descriptions you must have felt that you belong to more than one personality type. Yes, that is normal as these personality classifications are not independent boxes, they can co-exist. This means that a person can be of a type 2 personality but still have some traits of type 1 or any other category. The results are then written as 2w1 or type 2 with wings of type 1. The ‘wings’ here mean the other non-dominant traits.

Understanding the Understanders

Understanding all the different personalities in detail would require a whole book on it perhaps. In this article, we wish to talk about the ones who tend to understand others, the caregivers. After all, even they need someone to understand them (mental health priorities are important too). Yet, as we talked about earlier, these types are not always individual categories. This is why our focus in this article would be the type twos with wings of type one i.e. the 2w1 personality types. The caregivers with some traits of the reformers. 

Introductions First

The Enneagram personality type twos with some traits of type 1 are called companions. This is because they not only are always there for their partners giving out constant support, they also give good guidance and advice. They are altruistic and selfless but also full of purpose and more reserved. As they have some traits of type 1, their altruistic nature extends to the larger human race and not just the people who are close to them. 

The Deepest Secrets

Being the caregivers that they are, one of the biggest fears of the people with this personality is to be neglected and rejected by the people they care about. They need to be accepted and avoid their insecurities of being left out, by caring for others endlessly. One of their biggest fears is losing the ones they love. 

However, as these people also have some traits of the ‘Reformers’ They also fear not being able to do the right thing or treating the people they love in the wrong way. Companions also obsess over letting the people they love, and the world, down, by not doing enough for the world out there. They constantly fear if they are helping society in some way or the other and if they can work towards human rights. 

The fears of people with the 2w1 personality type give a glimpse of their deepest desires as well. They want to be loved and accepted by the people they are close to, just like they treat others. They look for opportunities when they can help people and provide their services. However, there is a conflict in their desires of wanting love from others but not putting their needs first. This leads to an obsession over the negative feelings and insecurities we talked about.

It’s Not All About Love 

Yes, the type 2w1 personality is mainly the caregiver with a few traits of the reformer, but their personality is not all about love and being accepted. With their traits and attributes, they do have some strengths that help in their professional life. Along with their strengths, they also have some weaknesses as does everyone else.  Just like the positive attitude of the 2w1 personality people, let us start with the positives – their strengths.

Their Strengths 

  • They can recognize the needs of others better. People with this personality type can easily tackle problems with the client’s likes and dislikes. They can judge people better and can understand what they like and dislike through the minutest and at times invisible details. This helps them connect with other people better. 
  • They are aware of their growth areas. This is where the type 1 traits come in handy. Usually, caregivers might not focus on themselves too much, but with the spice of some traits of the perfectionist reformer, all this changes. People are better able to understand how and where they need to work on, to become better versions of themselves. 
  • Another aspect where the type 1 traits prove to be beneficial for the caregivers is the focus on the present. As the perfectionists that they are, the reformers need to focus on the task at hand to give it their best. They also have a great sense of purpose and motivation, giving them the focus they need to complete a task to the best of their abilities. This strength is also enjoyed by the people with the type 2w1 personality. 
  • As the caregiver personality is dominant, it would be unfair of us to not acknowledge one of the best strengths of the people with this personality. The support and encouragement that people with this personality type provide are unmatched. Working in any setting requires dealing with people and pulling them together at all times. A bossy leader might be able to get the work done somehow, but a supportive and encouraging leader would also inspire people to work better and make them believe in themselves. 
  • Another strength of people with the 2w1 personality type is the ability to get a hold of themselves even in overwhelming situations. This is another trait out of the type 1 personality which helps people in working in pressurized situations and keeping their focus. 

Their Weaknesses

  • They are extremely self-critical. Being emotional and perfectionists together, it is hard for people with the 2w1 personality type to let themselves go easy and make mistakes. The drive to do everything in the right manner, and the need to please people makes them self-critical which leads to indecisiveness and insecurities. Such tendencies can harm them in a professional setting. 
  • The empathetic and understanding nature of these people also becomes a weakness for them in certain situations. Companions sacrifice their needs for the sake of others. In their personal life, such a tendency affects and harms their mental health but in their professional life, such nature can also lead to an enormous workload. This happens as the person is unable to say no to the demands of the job and tends to complete and redo the work of colleagues as well. High job demands can lead to fatigue and burnout. 
  • Although people with the type 2w1 personality are self-critical, they have a hard time accepting criticism from others. This is because of their fear of being unaccepted and of being inadequate for society. Facing criticism and working towards one’s weaknesses is an important step for the success of any human being. People with this personality need to work on this aspect of their personality when dealing in their workplaces. 
  • The desire to be loved by all the people they are close to makes ‘Companions’ people-pleasers. Such a tendency makes it hard for them to work in teams and professional settings. Seeking validation and pleasing everyone is something that cannot happen in a constructive work environment. Differences in opinion give birth to creative ideas. In such a case, conformity and people-pleasing might lead to the person being disrespected and neglected by others. 

How Do They Work Then?

With all these weaknesses and the huge amount of focus on relationships and the desire to be accepted, how do these personalities perform in their professional lives? Do they struggle or can they manage? Can they excel at their jobs? The answers to all these questions are fortunately in favor of the 2w1 types. They can successfully manage their jobs and can even excel in them. They can work with great zeal and passion if they wish to. Yes, there are some preferences that they would have just like all the other personality types. To all those curious and doubtful readers, do not worry here we go in the professional realm of the 2w1 personality types AKA the Companions.

Tips For Their Colleagues

One of the most important aspects of the personality for the 2w1 types is that of being liked and accepted. In a work setting, this translates into appreciating their efforts and their work and listening to them attentively. These small gestures mean much more to them and make them feel valued. Any negative feedback or any areas of growth can also be communicated in a similar manner wherein, they should be appreciated for their efforts and then explained about their areas of improvement.

Although Companions like to be accepted and loved and they support and encourage all those around them, they are still reserved. This is one of the reasons a person with this personality would prefer minimal meetings and sometimes even shorter phone calls or texts, to convey the messages and discuss work plans. While emailing or texting, it would be good to leave some room for small talk but keep the purpose of the communication clear. This helps them to not only be open to building connections but also keeps them focused on their work. 

While addressing or attempting to resolve any conflict, it is better to talk about the issue at hand directly and let the Companions help in solving any problem. When talking about any conflict listen to them carefully and also put across your point of view. They will be able to understand your stance as well and it will be easier for you to come to a compromise. Also, keep in mind to let these people solve or help with any issue in the company while also considering their workload. 

Tips For Themselves

While working, people need to realize their strengths and weaknesses. However, it is also necessary to know what kind of work situations are the best and the worst for them. Such introspection becomes even more crucial for Companions as they do not focus on their needs frequently. Thinking about themselves would give them an insight as to how they can work better and at what point in their job do they feel stressed or burnt out. 

If not a deep insight, the people with the type 2w1 personality should at least know what work environment is the best for them to feel motivated and energized to work and what situations make them feel stressed. It is apparent that when the desires of the Companions are met, they would feel valued and the most driven to work. So, for all the type 2w1s out there remember that you will feel motivated when you are appreciated for your work, you are given tasks to help around with the company, and you are also given some space and your time. When feeling overwhelmed remember that these gestures would make you feel better. It would also be better to choose a job that inherently fulfills these needs. 

I know it is hard but along with what makes them feel motivated, they also need to know when they feel stressed so that they can understand their emotions better and ask people if they need time or anything specific from others to work efficiently again. Situations such as when facing extreme criticism, neglect, or going deep into self-criticism can make them feel distressed. Such feelings also lead to the Companions feeling a sense of unacceptance, shame, and guilt. They tend to dwell on these feelings and ignore their needs. Thus, recognizing the situations that might not work for them beforehand is a great way to control their negative effects and take timely steps. This would help in keeping their work productivity stable and efficient.

Where Do They Work Then?

With so many needs and regular situations that might lead to stress for a person with the type 2w1 personality, it is normal to wonder what kind of jobs would be the best for them. Which jobs would provide them their space while also making them feel adequate and wanted by others? Which job would require them to solve most problems? Read on to finally get that mystery solved with the list of jobs that are the best for people who identify themselves as having the type 2w1 personality. 

  • Doctors and Nurses

With the caregiving personality of the type 2w1s, one of the most suitable jobs for them is that of medical professionals such as doctors and nurses. This job not only suits their inherent personality, but it also is one of the most respected and valued professions by others. Professionals such as hospice nurses are paid to care for their patients nearing the end of their lives. The blessings and the love they receive in return make it all worth it for the nurses. 

Such love is the desire of Companions, and loving others comes naturally to them. Apart from that, by working as doctors and nurses they are bound to save hundreds of lives in their lifetime and cure thousands of others. Nothing more can make people feel that they have done enough for society than saving so many human lives. The focus and perfection that are required in this job, are inherent in the people with this personality type. Thus, the job of a doctor or a nurse is one of the best-suited ones for Companions.

  • Leaders of Religious or Non-Profit Organizations 

Full of purpose? Check. Changing society? Check. Focusing on the needs of others? Check. Encouraging and inspiring others? Check. The role of a leader in religious organizations or any other non-profit organization not only requires a person who is caring and understands the emotions of others, but it also needs someone who is driven to do something for society and to do something for human rights. This perfect mix is what the type 2w1s is about. Non-profit organizations help people in several ways and the Companions can choose whichever appeals to them the most. 

However, apart from being just a part of such organizations, becoming a leader of one would make them feel more accepted and adequate and it will also inspire others to become motivated towards their goals. Leading a big group also needs the leader to understand the feelings of the group and at times act accordingly to keep the group intact. There is no doubt that Companions are an expert at the task just mentioned. So all those altruistic, independent people, it is time you became a leader.  

  • Psychologist/Counselor

If physical health and treatment is something that doesn’t appeal as much to people with type 2w1 personalities, the field of mental health is their go-to solution. The field of mental health treatment requires individuals who are great listeners, who are empathetic, and who have the will to do something for others without thinking about themselves. The field and the job of a psychologist also require the skill to understand the emotions of others quickly and to support and encourage them in their journey. 

Companions have all the skills that have been mentioned here and also have the drive and the will to do something, to ensure that they learn and get better at the field technically as well. The job of the psychologist is one of the emerging jobs in the current times and it requires motivated people to take its cause further. Thus, it is not just the Companions who benefit from becoming a psychologist, it is also the field of psychology that would need more driven people like the type 2w1.

What Did We Talk About?

If you have reached this point of the article, I can end happily knowing that you were somewhat intrigued if not completely. If you are completely mind blown though and if you want to exclaim “What did I just read!!” in the surprise and relatability of the content, let me make it clear for you again. Hopefully, that would make the amusement better and will also help you remember what you read in case you want to talk about the topic with others. 

So, we began by talking about Enneagram which was not another Instagram but a model of human personality. The model proposed 9 different types of personalities – Reformer, Helper, Achiever, Individualist, Investigator, Loyalist, Enthusiast, Challenger, Peacemaker. We then moved to the people with the type 2 personality along with some traits of type 1 – the Companions. We discussed how they are the caregivers with a purpose, the ones who need to feel loved and accepted, and who can work better in environments that make them feel so. Lastly but most importantly, we listed out a few jobs that would be perfect for people with this kind of personality. Doctors, nurses, religious leaders, leaders of non-profit organizations, and mental health professionals were some of the best-suited jobs that we found. With that I can now leave you to your own, allowing you to go ahead and read more about this intriguing concept of personality and find out yours too.

2w1 Enneagram Personality- And Best Jobs For Them

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