20+ Best Good Excuses for Being Late for Work

Good Excuses for Being Late for Work

Let’s be honest. Is there anyone who has gone late to work intentionally but ended up with a lame excuse but still made the boss buy it? We are sure everyone would have, at least those who go to work. But if you haven’t done it, then you’re probably checking this article because you’re going to the hereafter, or you’re just curious. If you’re the boss who is checking this article out to find out employees who lie, here’s a word of wisdom: “We all have issues, give it a break, buddy!” We will list the best Good Excuses for Being Late at work.

Going late to work happens to everybody eventually when it comes to being punctual. Once in a while, your boss understands it, yes. But sometimes, those excuses might be explicitly unwise, which is why we need to be well prepared not to get fired. The reasoning you slept late, you dropped the kids at school, your car/bike got stolen, your vehicle broke down, and other such common excuses will only enhance the suspiciousness. In this article, we’ll be checking out some real, legit reasons that will save your job.

22 Good Excuses for Being Late

  • Jamming with the traffic: This is literally the most commonly used excuse but at the same time is understandable. The world is busy, and traffic jams aren’t unnatural. People on the roads will be honking their horns during the daytime to get through, so this excuse works completely fine. Everybody realizes that traffic would be at its top during top hours, which would amount to your late passage. Although you get up late, this is a typical and incredible affection that many people give. We certainly believe that this extremely regular reason which most people would approach with is good to go.

  • Last-Minute Technician: Whether you’re married or unmarried, living alone or with your family, things at home need your hand. Unfortunate events happen to like our water tap breaking or refrigerator not working. At such moments when it has to be repaired, we tend to become the technician. Explaining to your boss that you had to fix an appliance urgently is good enough. This fascinating reason, which most specialists approach, is pretty uncommon but is worth the buy.  We say, with this exceptional excuse, employees can persuade their boss. 

  • When Relatives are Ill, it’s not Chill: We cannot let go of someone’s health, which is depleting. Bosses do understand how important family is. This normal clarification each recount that their relatives, particularly old individuals like granddad or grandma, are sick is completely fine. You can generally specify this and legitimize yourself that you were out to the medical clinics or supporting them till they were persuaded. Bosses are not cold-hearted, so coming up with this excuse won’t get you fired, but hey, if this situation is true and your boss says no to it, then report about them or quit the job because that’s cruel. You deserve better treatment and respect at work.

  • Alarms do Fail to Alert: Gone are the days when the alarm clocks were set with a key that disturbs our sleep with a loud and long tring tring. Our smartphones have replaced it, and in just one swipe, the alarms are set. But what if our mobile was kept on silent? What if we set the alarm at 6 pm instead of 6 am? Many of us neglect to set the alarm or unplug or mistakenly switch off our mobiles while resting by stumbling over it. Failures such as this do happen, and we can’t deny that. Reasoning your delay to work can be clever with this strange explanation.

  • Public Transports are Often Lazy: If you really love your job, no distance can depart you away from it. Not all workers stay near their office hence the mode of transport alone is the way. Some use public means to travel, say bus, train, cab, etc. For employees who live far away from the city and depend on a public vehicle every day for work, you can reason that the nearby train or bus turned up late. Ensure that when explaining this excuse, no other employee usually accompanies you on the same public transport. Because if they had reached earlier and you excuse yourself with this reason, then oh, no! big trouble.

  • Your Health Matters: During this pandemic, when jobs were knocked for many, a couple of us stood strong with our careers. But as soon as things started to calm down, the lazy days turned back to normal. At this crucial time, if you want to excuse at work for being late, health can pitch in. This is a normal but still an intriguing reason behind late coming employees. You can ring up your boss and notice with a whisky voice that you are somewhat sick and would be late to work. Isn’t this an ideal excuse yet trustworthy? We suggest you make it a minor disease and not something serious. You may have likewise imagined the earlier day saying that you are going to get sick. This will fix things and make your arrangement a perfect one.

  • Spouse is Sick: If you’re sick, it is understandable. If your spouse is sick, it also must be understandable, so you’re free to use this excuse up at the point when it’s consistently you who is the basis in being late to work, state about your significant other this time. Offer a reasonable expression to your boss that your better half was sick and you were needed to deal with their health. This can be a substantial and important explanation for being late. 

  • Last-Minute Chase for Vehicle Keys: This might sound ludicrous but trust us, it works. Our mind tends to forget, and many of us are absent-minded. This assertion to be late for work can be useful when you reached the office just a little. It makes the boss understand that you couldn’t have started the vehicle without the key; hence all your searching took some time. Additionally, when you have little children around at home, losing vehicle keys can be a brilliant excuse as kids will, in general, play with vehicle keys, wallets, watches, and so forth. You may likewise reason that you discovered it at an unexpected spot, for example, in the refrigerator, in the lobby, etc. 

  • The Vehicle Broke Down, Oh No: A harsh cut reason numerous people think of for late pardon is that their vehicle stalled. It’s unfortunate, and it could have been prevented with regular repairs but aren’t we all extremely occupied and busy? If our vehicle broke down, it’s not just our fault. Instead of just saying that your car or bike broke down, there are numerous alternatives for that situation. For instance, you can say that your car had a punctured tire or the battery stopped, etc. 

  • The Police Held my Time: For intriguing reasons, another great pardon can be saying that the police held you up for no reason. You will be requested verification when you say that you were gotten for an overspeeding or red sign. Thus, to remain on the more secure side, notice your supervisor that you were hauled aside for no objective by any means. Sometimes cops stop cars due to suspicion of another case. So, you could say you were misunderstood.

  • Medical Check-Up Took Long: Going to regular medical check-up is mandatory as it keeps you aware of the body’s condition. When you realize that you’re running behind schedule for work because of your check-up consuming a lot of time, you can offer an unmistakable expression to your boss that you’re holding on to meet the doctor. This can be a legitimate explanation that persuades your boss only if you sound it earnest.

  • Encountering Cramps: Dear ladies, we know how terrible it is to have menstrual cramps that make you restless 200%. Bosses get it so that you can talk about it. Women need to talk about it, and its high periods are normalized. Simple, however evident, you can say that you have period cramps and would be late for office or work. This functions respectfully, so proceed with that. 

  • Unfortunate Passing in the Family: When someone leaves us, it hurts. When someone eternally leaves us, that’s traumatic. Be it anyone in your family, when they close their eyes the emotions, you’d go through are unexplainable. This excuse is legit and receives consideration no matter what. With the different clarifications for being late, passing in a family is another one that numerous individuals use. Either grandparents or far-away family members are dead; you may turn up late to work. This will calm your boss’ attitude when you’re not at your work area, and this sort of reason has no contentions to be made except for to acknowledge. 

  • Trouble in Getting the Vehicle out of the Carport: When your vehicle garage is programmed to open automatically, and not manually, chances are there it might get broken. You can excuse yourself that when you clicked the garage door button, but it never budged as a reason for coming late to work. On the off chance that you don’t have a subsequent choice, this explanation will work out. Try it—rarely or just once.

  • Climate Condition: Nature is unpredictable. You’d have slept peacefully on a cold winter night but little did you knew the next morning, your entire car would be submerged in a pile of snow. In winter or blustery, nature would clasp hands with you to make your excuse an ideal one. At such an event, you could ring up and say to your supervisor that the climate was terrible, or your territory was excessively frigid, etc. This can be an ideal purpose behind being late. 

  • Wardrobe Malfunction: Again, we’re busy. We are in a hurry to get to work, and we’re halfway, but what if suddenly the attire flops? Say that while getting down from the cab, your shirt gets torn by some sharp object? That will be so embarrassing to work in a torn shirt. So, explaining that you ran late to work as you went back home to change the dress will be appealing. Another issue is when your dress gets spoiled due to certain unexpected events. What if, due to the unexpected rain or someone splashing juice, you wreck your garments? Possibilities are there; hence returning to the condo to clean it up is mandatory. Of course, you’ll go late to the office but cleanly. 

  • Missed your Handbag: Losing your handbag might be rare, but ladies, there are chances of that happening. You can excuse saying you missed your bag and while searching you forgot the running time. We hope this is just a fake excuse, but you better find it if it is real. 

  • Helped Someone: Listen up folks, helping a visually challenged person to cross the road, rushing to the veterinary to aid a sick stray dog, taking a lost child to his/her parent, etc., are all great reasons for being late work. Moreover, kudos to you for doing that because it is humane and morale. Though these good deeds aren’t usually spoken aloud, it’s not wrong to explain it to your boss, who might get disappointed in you for being late. Opening up the social causes expressing that you were held up helping someone can be a satisfactory explanation to the boss. 

  • Responsible Parent: If you’re a parent with kids, then your responsibility is huge. A large portion of the employees concocts a legitimate and regular reason to get their children to class and infants to daycare before setting out to the workplace. This excuse can be valid and genuine yet can’t be utilized frequently. 

  • Managing Pets: Another impossible to miss conciliatory sentiment many workers land up with will be with their pets. Their pets may have run out or stood higher up, not descending, or perhaps your pet might be sick. These are likewise a couple of focuses referenced to your boss when you’re late to the workplace. Hopefully, your boss also owns a pet, so they’ll empathize and let you free.

  • Was Bolted Inside: What if your spouse got up early to work and forgotten you were inside a home that they locked you and left? Yes, the spare key would be inside the home, but who’ll be outside to open it? These situations do happen. Not many employees express that they were bolted inside by their children accidentally. They needed to call up their neighbor to get them out for a similar explanation, but this is a good excuse to give.

  • Assaulted by Animals: As much as it sounds weird, it can’t be denied. A stray dog might rush behind you to bite, or a monkey might grab your stuff and run. Yes, these excuses are extremely uncommon, but it is possible to happen. You can explain to your manager how terribly you were annoyed that you lost track of time at such events.

So, how to apologize?

Being late to work is one of the regular issues you will see in pretty much every office. In any case, making it a propensity is something that can’t go on without serious consequences. So, you need to apologize when you reach late. Your such conduct can make you noteworthy and make your boss feel that you genuinely esteem your time and occupation. 

  • Call ahead: Calling your boss or their assistant to notify you that you’ll be late is much better than stomping inside the office at an unusual time. Consider the conditions holding you up and gauge how much longer it will be until you can make it in. Contingent upon what you do, a couple of moments may not be the apocalypse. If you think you’ll be deferred for some time, let the boss know. In case you’re stranded in rush hour gridlock, for instance, utilize a route application that gives live traffic updates to discover how quickly things are climbing ahead. Think about the day’s occasions and call sooner if fundamental. Your lateness may cause a greater amount of an issue contingent upon what you have going that day. Giving your boss thought of when they could anticipate that you should show up will comfort them and make them feel you’re genuine. It is always better to inform them so the apology needn’t have to sound it long. Remember, precaution is better than cure.
  • Saying ‘sorry’ in person: Address the matter with your manager when you appear, and make sure you first say a ‘sorry’ once you stroll in the entryway. Odds are, your boss will wave it off, and you can work. Else, they’ll get an opportunity to converse with you about it later. It would be best if you gave a conciliatory sentiment in person regardless of whether you brought in previously to tell your manager that you would have been late. On the off chance that you put off saying ‘sorry’ because you’re occupied or fear confronting your chief, you may wind up looking uninterested or flippant, which can think about inadequately you as a worker. Offer a concise clarification for why you’re late. Whenever you have your manager’s ear, please give them a record of the conditions that caused your lateness. Your conciliatory sentiment ought to be unequivocal, honest, and direct. The more intricate a story you tell, the more it will seem as though you’re simply attempting to cover for yourself. Your smartest choice is to be straightforward and acknowledge obligation regarding your mistake. Try not to snicker, joke, or attempt to get over your lateness as immaterial.
  • Write a letter: Setting aside the effort to create a conventional letter will show that you’re truly sorry and assist you with getting your manager’s acceptable graces. You ought to likewise consider composing an expression of remorse letter if you’ve just had at least one infringement before or if your lateness caused a significant issue for your organization, for example, a lost customer or security infringement. Utilize a proper construction for your letter. Spot your complete name, address, and email address at the highest point of the letter. On the accompanying line, note the date that you’re composing. Open your letter with a customary welcome. Start with “Dear,” trailed by your manager’s proper title. It’s standard to utilize a given title like “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” or “Miss,” regardless of whether you’re usually on an easy-going footing. Never allude to your boss by their first name. Be mindful so as not to sound excessively acquainted with your manager. Doing so could seem to be rude. Clarify that the motivation behind your letter, sum up your explanation behind being late, regardless of whether you’ve just worked it out with your manager face to face. End your letter by expressing how you intend to compensate for your slip-up. Disclose how you intend to try not to be late in the future. This will show that you’re centered around noteworthy arrangements, not simply void excuses.
  • Be honest and admit: Every human commit error, so it owns up to yours and proceeds onward, says Sheila Dramis, CEO of HR Partners. In case you are late, be straightforward. Did you sleep in, neglect to set the caution, kids made you run late? Honesty is the thing that each organization needs. When you lie, you break that trust, and that will agitate a business significantly more. It’s critical to apologize, too; hence recognize that you comprehend as your boss needs to realize that you are finding a way to change. Moreover, the constant delay can wind up harming you over the long haul. Sooner or later, the boss might fire you so try not to go late to your work.

Does the explanation matter and is your reason really legit?

Bosses have heard many reasons why individuals are late to work, from ladies issues and sleeping late to carpool issues and vehicle inconvenience. As far as we might be concerned, the explanation isn’t significant on the grounds. Occasionally, if employees excuse the bosses to find them as genuine reasons, they turn to be senseless reasons and look like the employee is lying. 

Now, are you really late to work due to a reason or just like that? Ponder why so. If you’re late to work because you don’t like the job, quit it! There are plenty of jobs which deserves your passion so seek it.

Our final thoughts

In some cases, you needn’t bother with an all-out main story to clarify why you’re late. Essentially tell your boss that you were held up for “private reasons.” Life occurs, and well, being late, it happens to potentially anyone. Please don’t make it a propensity, and all things being equal, practice acceptable work manners by making yourself dependable. On the off chance that running late is for sure something you can’t help, with our rundown, we trust you don’t run out of reasons! Have a happy work life.

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20+ Best Good Excuses for Being Late for Work

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