Tilly’s Careers – Job Application Process, Salary And Benefits

Tilly’s is a highly specialized and athletics full-price store with over 202 locations across the United States. The business was formed in 1982 and has experienced stable growth, promising entrance employment possibilities as well as managerial vacant positions. Let’s know more about Tilly’s Careers.

Tilly's Careers

Tilly’s is a general merchandise company headquartered in Irvine, California. They sell a wide range of labeled jewelry, clothing, shoes, and other items. They sell active life brand names such as lounging, motorcycle racing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. Hezy Shaked and Tilly Levine, a husband-and-wife team, started the corporation in 1982. From several goods at a swap meet to a first retail outlet in Los Alamitos, California, it has come a long way. They with over 202 shops in 32 states in the United States.

What is Tilly’s Career? 

Tillys is an American fashion retail company selling labeled apparel, accessories, shoes, and other items. Tillys’ headquarters and operations are based in Irvine, California. In 1982, the business opened its 1st retail outlet in Southern California.

Tilly employs nearly 5,200 people and generates total profits ranging from $500 million to $1 billion. Workers receive a 21% discount on store things. They have timetabled flexibility and it is simple to request time off.

Yearly ratings are conducted for their staff members, allowing them to earn a salary increase. Despite some complaints about the comparatively low salaries, individuals still consider it a great position to collaborate. The company offers generous rewards for early retail sales results. Furthermore, the manager’s plan maintains a positive correlation with its employees.

Tilly’s Employment Opportunities

Tilly’s promotes skate-centric, alternative surroundings, and stylish palates by carrying brand names such as Volcom and Vans. The clothing store caters to men, women, and children and successfully offers clothing for people aged 12 to late twenties. In addition to a complete selection of apparel and footwear for all males and females and generations, the company sells a wide range of equipment, including backpacks, earphones, speakers, goggles, cameras, and skateboards. Because of the large variety of merchandise, the company prefers motivated prospective employees who can exhibit an understanding of both style and recreational activities.

The organization maintains outlets in more than 32 states across the country. Tilly’s is looking for motivated and ambitious professionals to lead new shops as it expands across the United States. High school students are good prospects for the job because entrance roles with the corporation need applicants to be at least 16 years old. In most cases, no prior experience is required for entry-level positions. Managerial roles are normally filled by people who are at least 18 years old and have some previous experience in the sector.

Tilly’s requires a basic age of 16 years old to work.

Tilly’s operating hours are as follows: Monday—Saturday: 10:00 a.m.—09:00 p.m.; Sunday: 11:00 a.m.—06:00 p.m.

Tilly has the following opportunities obtainable: assistant manager, buyer, lead salesman, sales associate, and store manager.

Tilly’s Positions and Salary Information

Tilly’s, as a clothing store and expanding business, has a significant demand for entrance personnel to fill labor shortages generated by turnover and growth. While applicants seeking to advance in their professions in retail by moving up the levels of the business are excellent candidates, the retailer also requires workers to assist in staffing stores during high sales periods. Many of the more attainable jobs are as follows:

  • Sales Associate

Sales associates are willing to take responsibility for trying to impress the company’s values on paying customers through outstanding client providers and basic supply maintenance. This is an entrance stance ideal for individual people with very little coaching.

General condition is also a significant aspect of the profession, as long shifts of standing with no rest, bending, kneeling, and lifting continue to be required of sales employees daily.


The basic salary for sales associate roles is from $16 to $18.

  • Cashier

This role requires perseverance and cheerfulness when interacting with a diverse array of clients, the ability to help clients in acquiring goods for particular purposes, understanding of clothing and sports activities products, preserving the clean environment and general look of stores, and operational cash records. Seasoned employees may be given raises depending on their performance and/or length of service with the organization.

Applicants who appreciate dealing with people and are up to date with clothing styles are desirable.


In the United States, the regular hourly wage for a cashier/salesperson is $14.

  • Management

Those with traits such as dependability and excellent work-management skills can apply for store manager and assistant supervisory jobs. Tilly’s management is responsible for a variety of tasks in the business, including payroll, personnel planning, and maintaining the store in good working order.


Earnings varied from $32 to $35 based on the scale of management.

  • Divisional Merchandise Manager

They are accountable for reaching sales, operating income, and stock turnover targets in their allocated territories. They are in charge of leading and developing stock control and product selection strategy. They are in charge of the buyers and the workers in their respective sectors. They collaborate with advertising, allocations, and visual teams to ensure that product selection is correctly executed in stores.


Tilly’s Divisional Merchandise Managers make an average of $45,685.

  • Loss Prevention Officers

 These are in charge of ensuring that contracted security officers adhere to their timetables. They educate said guards on how to secure storefronts and commercial valuables. They implement health and protection policies such as store closure, employee security systems, and appropriate inspections. They inspect and evaluate loss prevention procedures such as vehicle audits, sensor conformity, and emergency medical services testing.


Tilly’s pays a yearly salary of $63,000 for the position of Loss Prevention Manager.

  • Store Manager

The happy atmosphere is yours to keep, and you have the skills required to meet goals and provide high-quality service. You are a leader who is in charge of growing personnel and coaching them to success.


Income Yearly pay varies depending on objectives and but can range between $39k and $45k per year.

  • In-Store Merchandiser

The In-Store Merchandiser shapes the brand’s consumer experiences by presenting and arranging store products. They assist the management in accomplishing the company’s objectives by directing and implementing the visual and functional activities of the business. They are required to be highly creative and imaginative in carrying out their responsibilities.


In-Store Merchandiser has an annual wage of $67,292.

Application procedure

Step 1 — Visit the company’s employment website in a separate window or window by clicking on the link provided:

Step 2 — Browse down on the website and click the link for the job category that interests you.

Step 3 — Press the button highlighted in red here.

Step 4 — Fill in the searching criteria below.

  • Choose a place
  • Choose a time frame.
  • Postal code/zip code
  • Description
  • Distance

Step 5 – Select the connection of the position for which you wish to begin the online application procedure.

Step 6 – Study the employment descriptions and click the button as seen below.

Step 7 – Fill out the form with all of the appropriate details:

  • Contact information via email
  • Passcode
  • Details about you
  • How did you find out about this?
  • Further details
  • Employment accessibility and interests
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • References
  • Attachments of a resume
  • The cover letter
  • Sign off as a participant.

Application Suggestions

Whereas the hiring process is still available online, find enjoyment is not permitted to complete finalized applications through to Tilly’s webpage. Potential employees are required to download the registration, fill it out, and submit the signed copy to the store. Always double-check facts for correctness and clarity, and emphasize any expertise or personal qualities that are still relevant to the post. People may benefit from dressing properly and displaying individual styles when submitting applications. Following the publication of an implementation, hiring managers may be accessible to answer a few questions. Candidates might demonstrate preparation by anticipating inquiries and performing experiments on the firm before entering the shop.

Status for Application

Tilly’s often calls preferred individuals with employment opportunities within two weeks of submissions of applicants or interviews because of the high supply of labor. Calling the business and asking to speak with a hiring manager is still a courteous method to accelerate the procedure. Expressing real interest in working and effort is usually advantageous; nevertheless, being competent and courteous is as crucial.

Benefits of Working at Tilly’s

Tilly’s provides simple yet substantial workplace compensation packages to both full-time & part-time employees. Health coverage will be provided by the firm, which covers dentistry, optical, and long-term disability. Individuals are also still qualified for 401(k) pension accounts. Paid vacation, sick leave, and vacations are also provided, as are worker incentives.

Further details on Tilly’s

The corporation is still invested heavily in the well-being of young people. Tilly’s Life Center, or TLC, is a non-profit organization that operates many programs to meet the needs of poor teenagers. Tilly’s We Care is a sponsoring program conducted by the apparel shop in which workers assist and engage in various academics, art, and sports-related initiatives both in primary and secondary schools. The corporation has originally sponsored publications, walk-a-thons, raffles, and PTA activities.


The brand emphasizes providing its clients with a one-of-a-kind buying experience. As a result, workers are likely to be innovative, creative, and enthusiastic in their work. So far, there have been no noteworthy reports involving their company or leadership.

There had been negative feedback about their client care, but this was more of a case of poor retail administration. The business is well-known for offering popular active life products. Even though these brands are regarded to be pricey, clients enjoy shopping in their establishments because of the amazing offers and promotions they offer. Tilly’s Life Center is their philanthropic foundation. It aims to teach social skills and maintaining a healthy mentality and mind through programs geared at children.

Interview Questions 

Q1. Please define your job description and main responsibilities.

I worked as a sales representative. I would assist clients in making purchasing choices as well as assisting them at the checkout counter. If they could have any difficulties, I would do everything I could to assist them. In addition, I would assist my manager with incoming shipments, such as placing them on the sales floor.

Q2. How were the workplace surroundings?

Anyone got along. It was not at all frightening. If you have any issues, you can speak with the manager.

Q3. Describe the application and interviewing procedure.

In my case, I registered because I noticed this before the store even started. They had a webpage where you could apply. I applied and received a call a few weeks later. Then they announced that they were going to open. I began working first before the store even started, such as assisting in the setup of the store, and once the business started opening, I worked as a normal sales assistant.

Q4. How was the Interview discussion?

We did conduct an interview session. That went quite well. It felt more like it relieved me of a lot of fear and worry.

Q5. During the job interview, whatever points did the recruiter enquire?

They will ask query things like, Why do you want to work for the business and What do you believe makes an excellent worker, and What’s an ideal professional environment. 

Q6. What distinguishes you from other applicants?

I informed them that I was able to distinguish between my professional and personal and that I valued assisting others. I believe that is a career I would love.

Q7. What further recommendations could you offer to a job applicant who is looking for work?

I would tell them to just be themselves because of the employees they like, whenever you’re confident in your workplace and can cooperate with the people, and things like that.

 Q8. We have a straightforward return policy at Tilly. How might you deal with a consumer who was disputing with you regarding a possible return?

Returns procedures are intended to be followed; nevertheless, occasional exemptions may be made recently. I agree that customer satisfaction is by far the most essential point and that rejecting a refund often is just worth the poor word of mouth or the chance of bad consumer reviews. It is difficult to strike a balance between someone being flexible and being a pushover. If I was unsure about the best course of action, I should ask for clarity from my manager.

Tilly’s Careers – Job Application Process, Salary And Benefits

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