PwC Job Application Status – How To Check It?

PWC or PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the big 4 companies in the field of audit, accounting, and taxation It is a dream company for any chartered accountant, company secretariat or aspirants in the legal and accounting field. Let us see about the Job application status of PwC in this article.

PwC job application status

PwC job application status

The more reputed the company, the stricter and choosier the overall recruitment process. With these companies’ applicants always lose their patience after applying for a job or internship. 

The expectations with a company like PwC are always high, hence each passing day after applying feels like a week. 

The daily routine of applicants then includes checking the application status. Surfing the internet, a little bit will make you go through applicants who are awaiting a response from HR for 7 days, 17 days or even more. 

In this article, we shall help you know the exact PwC job application status, the required number of days you must wait and all related information. 

Applying for a job/internship at PwC

It all starts with a search engine on google, yahoo or any search engine regarding the PwC jobs. Various avenues will provide you with information regarding opportunities at PwC. Some of the most common venues to look for a job or internship at PwC are: 


In current times, there is no place better than LinkedIn to look for a job or internship. It is one such portal that has the world’s topmost valuable companies. 

If PwC is hiring people, you can find that in the jobs section. If relevant vacancies are available, apply for them. Unlike several companies, you cannot simply apply for the job in the LinkedIn portal itself. 

After clicking on the Apply Here option, it will redirect you to the official careers section of PwC.

Careers PwC

The second way to apply for PwC job postings is to directly visit the careers page at PwC. This is the main page where you will land by clicking on Apply at any secondary website like LinkedIn, or 

Hence, if you are aware of this, why use the indirect method, directly go to Careers@Pwc. 

Application Process

Online application

It all starts with filling out the online form available at Careers Pwc. It will ask for personal information and educational qualifications. 

Be careful to upload the documents in the required format mentioned. 

Online assessment

If all goes well, and the information, documents and other credentials are correct, you will be mailed regarding the online assessment. 

Get a good internet connection for online assessment as they wouldn’t reschedule the test. The test mostly includes reasoning and aptitude questions. It is intended to check the logical ability of the applicant. 

Get a call

If you passed the online assessment with flying colours, a member of the hiring team will reach out to you via call. 

The call is to make you aware of the next process. They would be invited for an in-person interview. All the details regarding the interview will be provided in an email as well. 

The interview

Before working at PwC, giving an interview at PwC is the dream of accounting/taxation or audit aspirants. This step will fulfil that dream. 

Be fully prepared, cracking an interview at PwC is not an easy job. Besides the academic knowledge, they check the overall behaviour of the applicant. 

Signing the contract

After passing the interview process you are all set to be included in the PwC team. You will be made to sign a contract which includes all the terms and conditions regarding the job or internship. 

How to check the Job application status of Pwc?

After that you have filled in all the relevant information in the application for a job or internship at PwC, it is time to wait to check the status. The steps to check the status of the application are as follows: 

  • Visit the careers page of PwC. 
  • After logging in with the credentials, if you have already applied it will show Application Received.
  • In the next step, the status will change to Under Review. Now, there is no exact no, of days which it takes. It could take anywhere between 1 and 3 days to get under review. 
  • The next step is the one actually which takes a lot of time. After under review, the applicant is allowed to sit for an online assessment conducted by PwC. 


The internet is filled with application status queries for PwC. As an applicant, it is your job to keep asking the HR or the point of contact.
They have thousands of applicants; hence, you may get overlooked. 

  • How many days should I wait after applying online?

There is no exact duration, but one week is the least time required by a company like PwC where they need to evaluate thousands of applicants. 

  • What to do if it’s been around a month of not receiving any response?

You must have the contact email of HR and ask regarding the application over there. Most probably they reply easily, so keep sending emails. 

  • Does the application process the same for internships and jobs?

Mostly the process is the same, just there is no online assessment. For internships, you need to fill out the form and they will directly invite you for an interview if they like your resume. 

PwC Job Application Status – How To Check It?

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