Amazon l8 Salary – Benefits Of Working At Amazon


Whenever someone talks or thinks about delivery to doorsteps or entertainment amazon is the first name that comes to mind. Amazon is a multi-national company that provides distinct types of services to its customer whether it is entertainment with amazon prime or ordering slippers to mobile phones from amazon. Working for amazon is a dream for many, as the pays well, insurance and other benefits. However, like ever another benefit salary of Amazon is also distributed among several levels such as l1, l2……l8, l9, and so on. Let us know ‘Amazon l8 Salary’.

Amazon l8 Salary

Amazon l8 Salary

It may seem unnecessary, but it is important to understand these levels to get clarity on the salary structure of amazon and at what level your job will be, and what factors can help you grow the level. Amazon not only just provides services but also provides distinct types of jobs. Various jobs and high-paying salaries with thousands of different openings with distinct salary levels. To know more about these jobs’ salary structure, levels, and openings read the article below.

Amazon: The Salary Structure

Amazon or a multi-national company that sells books, music, stories, clothes, and so on. act as a middleman or a retailer for millions of customers. From buying to selling amazon can be used for various purposes including entertainment, and educational purposes as it is a parent company to amazon prime, TeachStreet, and so on. 

Amazon has a 12-layer salary structure with L1 or level 1 being the lowest to L12 or level 12 being the highest. And each salary level has a different range with distinct jobs with a variety of salaries and vice versa. The Salary Level structure for amazon is discussed below: –

Level 1 or l1

Employees who work at level 1 have a pay range of around $40,000 to $200,000 per annum. As the experience of an employee in amazon increases so does his pay range and eventually its level. 

However, employees who are hired as staff members or permanent employees do not need to increase their experience to get t higher levels.

Level 2 or l2 

Unlike other levels, not much information is available for this level like how much experience or what are jobs available. But the base salary for level 2 is $44,000 to $250,000 per annum.  

Level 3 or l3

This is one of the best-paying jobs on amazon with not much experience and a high-end salary. The employees or staff that work at this level earn $120,000 to $255,500 per annum. 

For low-level work and high-paying salary levels, 3 is one of the most demanded jobs in amazon and many new employees try to work their way up to this level. 

Level 4 or l4

From level 4 and above, these jobs require a minimum of 1 to 4 years of experience to even start working at this level. And 4 or more than 4 years of experience is required for jobs of higher level. Employees at level 4 get a salary of $80,000 to 300,000 per annum.  

For example – If a person with more than 4 years applies for a job at amazon after clearing the interview it is very much possible to work at level 4 or L5 and earn more money than the levels mentioned above.  

Level 5 or l5

The basic salary for an employee working at level 5 is $200,000 and above at the beginning. However, similarly to each level, this level also has a variety of jobs and average pay can differ depending on a position. For example: – For a software engineer manager base salary is $140,000 to $170,000 per annum and the total salary can be as high as $300k per annum. Similarly, like the example mentioned above base salary can differ depending on the job and the salary.

Level 6 or l6

Level 6 or l6 unlike the levels mentioned above to reach this level takes almost double the time and effort. The basic experience to work at this level is of 10 years and above.But this level is also more rewarding as – Business developer for level 5 with 4 -5 years of experience earns $200k per annum, however, a business developer of level 6 with experience of 9-10 years earns $300k – 500k per annum. L6 employees’ basic salary starts from $250k to above.

Level 7 or l7

Till level 6 some jobs were of similar structure just distinguishing by experience. However, for level 7 and above there are only a handful of jobs that comes in the range and are not available for lower levels.The minimum level to work for level 7 jobs is 10 years, usually, the employees are not hired from outside but hired from within and are promoted to this level. L7 average salary is $350k – $700k per annum, and again the average salary changes with different jobs and experience.

Level 8 or l8

At level 8 or l8, there are only a handful of jobs that fall into this category some of which are directors, Security and loss prevention managers, and so on. The starting salary for staff working on level 8 or l8 is $600k per annum, and the salary can reach up to a million or more.  

Level 9 (l9) & level 10 (l10)

Level 9 and level 10 is the third highest level on amazon. And the people working here are not employees but also an important part of the company. Similarly, like level 2 not much is known about L9 & l10. However, the minimum salary for these levels is $1M per annum and above.

Level 11 or l11

At level 11 or l11, only CEOs and Senior Vice Presidents (SVPs) are the ones available at this level. The information on this level is not available however, from sources it has been revealed that the minimum salary for level 11 or l11 is $1.5M to $ 2M and it gets higher depending on several factors.

Level 12 or l12

Level 12 or l12 is the highest and only the founders are at this level any other information is currently not available including yearly income or any other positions. However, the net worth of amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos is $108.5B.

Important Note: Positions above level 8 or l9 or l10 are only achieved by seniority and lots of experience. And if you are a level 10 employee at another company and applied for amazon it is possible that you need to start at level 8 for the same job.

Amazon l8 Salary – Benefits Of Working At Amazon

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