What to Write When Forwarding an Email?

What to Write When Forwarding an Email

Globally 2.4 billion emails are sent each second and on average, a person receives 140 emails per day. Just imagine the bulk of emails a person gets, not to forget the number of forwarded emails one receives. Now think before you forward an email because you might just end up like one of those people who forward every email and remain unclear about the utility of the email or a simple forward from you might render the receiver confused. Hence it’s imperative, what to write while forwarding an email. Let’s know What to Write When Forwarding an Email?

Email forwarding is simply an act of a click to transfer a piece of information or data from a third person to the second person where you (the person who is forwarding act as the middleman). 

Why do we forward emails?

We forward emails for numerous reasons every day. It can be to convey information from your boss to another head or to convey information to your subordinates. Remember that your subject section is auto-filled when you are forwarding an email, so you have to convey your message in the compose mail section.

Here’s an example:

Dear XYZ, Hope everything’s going well. I’m forwarding the email below from the southern clients. Refer to the email to understand their requirements and make adjustments to the plan accordingly. Let me know if there’s anything else.Best regardsMark. 

Whether you are the boss or just an employee, writing politely opens the conversation and it also reflects your personality. Let’s imagine while forwarding that if I ask someone if they are doing good, there is a high probability that the other person will read my email first and will also feel good about it. 

Why do we need to write anything while forwarding an email..?

This is an interesting question many ask. One must remember that when they are forwarding an email, there is a high probability that you don’t know much about the person you are forwarding to, or don’t know them at all. Hence, simply writing ‘’Forwarding for your reference” or “ Kindly refer to the email for your reference’’ might make you sound uninterested in conveying the information, or the person receiving the email might be sick of forwarded emails that they will ignore actual utility. This makes it important for us to write politely and amiably explaining the purpose to build strong professional relationships on all fronts, and make the other person comfortable if they want to ask you something further. 

  • Common mistakes we commit while forwarding an email

    1. Writing a short and unclear message: Many people simply write ‘’Refer to the email’’ or ‘’Forwarding you the email’’ or even simply ‘’ Forwarding for your information’’. The person receiving your forwarded email, most of the time ends up thinking questions such as ‘ Reference for what..?, or why do I need to refer to this email exactly..?, ‘ It seems that It’s not for me but Martha, can I forward it to her..? ‘Should I reply..?’ Etc So, it’s important that your message while forwarding is like a notice, short and simple but with ample information. 

2. Writing way too professionally: Well, it’s important to be professional but that doesn’t mean that you sound like an AI machine. Sometimes through your messages, you can try to make the other person and yourself comfortable with each other and make future communications better along with collaborations making coworking easier

3. Respect: We must respect everyone around us, be it our junior, co-worker, or some colleague from another department whom we don’t know. Being respectful and cheerful makes people feel good about you and respect you. Hence give respect and take more than you expect.

4. Forwarding your emails blindly: One should always check emails before forwarding. If the content is useful to the person you are forwarding to, how should the person use it? Are you forwarding the email specifically to that person or everyone? All these pointers make you and the people around you work efficiently, maybe faster as well. 

  • Things to remember while forwarding an email
  1. To be respectful.
  2. Send Greetings and be polite.
  3. Wish them at the end.
  4. Try to sound cheerful.
  5. Explain to them what the purpose of the email you are forwarding is.
  6. Write why the person needs to refer to it, and what should be kept in mind while referring.
  7. Never sound authoritative, sound confident.
  8. Be open to questions from the person you are forwarding the email to.

Some common gestures to write while forwarding an email

  1. Always Greetings first: Greet the person with good morning, or even a simple hello would do but greet them. 
  1. Hope you are doing well: This simple gesture tells a lot about you, more than the person you are writing to. So, ask them how they are. 
  1. I’m happy to help: Keep your conversation open to others so that they can ask you further questions or doubts comfortably. 
  2. Please refer or kindly refer: Requesting shows your respect towards them and towards the importance attached to your email. 
  3. have a good day ahead: You can expect a quick reply, I mean everyone appreciates it when you talk about them. So, wish them a good day ahead. Who knows you might end up wishing someone a good day. 

With these simple gestures, you can enhance your personality as well as your work. Don’t expect others to reply to you in the same way. Focus on your part and you will see the difference. 

Perks of writing differently while forwarding an email

  1. Your email stands apart and gets noticed. Oftentimes people are bogged with messy email forwards, so make sure you are not one of them.
  2. People will know you and will feel comfortable initiating conversation or asking for help regarding your projects or whatever you are working upon.
  3. The person receiving your email forward will have a good opinion of you, I mean who doesn’t want to be asked how they are ?.
  4. The most important thing is that it helps in increasing the efficiency of your work as well as the person receiving your email due to clarity of thought. 
  5. Helps you build good relationships, these days connections help in growing your career.

Templates one can refer to understand what to write while forwarding an email.

  1.  When forwarding an email to your Boss
Good Morning Sir/Madam, Hello sir, Mark here (Write this even if your boss knows you) I’m forwarding the financial analysis report from the accounts department, for your comments on the same in the next meeting.With regardsMark.

Make it short and polite, Remember you should not be too direct or too personal. Just polite and professional.

  1. When forwarding an email to your colleague :
Hey Davis, Mark here, it’s a nice day today and I’m forwarding you the email from our northern clients for your reference. Hope it helps.RegardsMark. 

You can try sounding friendly and respectful to know your colleagues better. This sort of message expresses that you respect the other person and it makes working together easy.

  1. When Forwarding an email to your subordinates
Dear Michael, Hope everything’s Good. I’m forwarding you an email regarding our company sales this quarter. Kindly prepare a detailed summary of the same. Let me know if there’s anything else.RegardsMark.

Here, Remember that the other person is your subordinate and they may have doubts regarding your email forward, so make sure that they are comfortable around you to ask for further details. 

  1. If it’s a Cc ( CARBON COPY)
Hello there, I’m forwarding the below email for your reference regarding our new project. Please have a look and let me know your inputs.RegardsMark.

This type of email forward will be generally sent to many. Hence it must be addressed to everyone, but it should sound such that it’s addressed to someone specific.

  1. When it’s a Bcc ( Blind Carbon Copy )
Greetings, Mark hereHope it’s been a good day. I’m forwarding the below email regarding the upcoming project. Kindly refer to this for our next meeting for the same.RegardsMark.

Bcc forwards are generally sent when you don’t want everyone to know who all is getting this particular email forward. Hence make sure you do sound professional but confident. 

What can we conclude

These days with the bulk of emails, it can be annoying to receive them, and being confused about them is another level of hardship. Email forwards are the simple and little thing that shows who you are, what your personality is, and at the end, you get to learn. You might not understand the nuance of writing when forwarding an email at the beginning but once you start doing it, and doing it a little bit differently, you will notice the difference over time. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is it alright to ask someone how they are..? 

A:- This gesture suggests that you care about the workload of others too and you are patient. 

  1. Why can’t I forward my email with a simple FYI? 

A:- Of course you can, but being different helps your email get noticed and stand apart and saves the receiver from a boring email. 

  1.  What to say when I don’t know about the forward but I’m doing it because I’m instructed to? 

A:- well, mention the person who instructed you and ask your receiver to email their questions and that you will convey it. 

  1. Can I write, Hey, what’s up..? 

A:- No. Never do that, it doesn’t matter if it’s your colleague or anyone. Remember to be professional yet polite. 

  1.  What if the other person doesn’t reply in the same way? 

A:- It does not matter, remember it’s your way of doing things. Just write and do, don’t expect the same from anyone.

What to Write When Forwarding an Email?

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