How Much Does An Overnight Coach At Walmart Make?

Walmart is a tech-savvy person, and overnight coach ensures adherence to company policies and procedures and promotes the company’s mission, values, and ethical and integrity standards by putting related action plans into practice, making use of and supporting the Open Door Policy, and giving instructions and guidance on how to use these when carrying out business processes and practices. Let us know about “How Much Does An Overnight Coach At Walmart Make?”

How Much Does An Overnight Coach At Walmart Make?

Overnight coaches at Walmart make an annual salary range for this position is $55,000-$80,000. There is a table of salaries of overnight coaches made at Walmart in different cities are- in California overnight coach’s annual salary is $45,593 & hourly salary wage is $21.92, in Walmart annual salary of the overnight coach is earning $44,933 & the hourly wage $21.60, in Kentucky annual salary of the overnight coach is earning $44,711 & hourly wage is $21.50, and Oklahoma overnight coach average salary earning is $44,647 & hourly wage is  $21.46.  

Description Of Overnight Coach At Walmart-

  • Effectively leads and develops teams by instructing, training, and actively listening to team members; visiting stores, and giving feedback (Tour-to-Teach).
  • Interacting and working together with team members at all levels concerning merchandising, business strategies, technology use, and retail operations. 
  • Introducing and guiding firm transformation initiatives, outlining expectations clearly, supplying direction for putting business solutions into practice, and communicating business goals. To properly address the customer wants, grievances, and difficulties, the One Best Way (OBW) service model manages and supports customer service activities (such as store of the community and community outreach programs). 
  • Setting a great example for shop workers includes things like creating and implementing action plans to address shortcomings and offering process improvement leadership to guarantee a high level of customer service.

Duties Of Overnight Coach-

  • Managing and aiding in the budgeting, predicting, and controlling costs in the defined business area to ensure they are linked to sales; analyzing and assessing profit and loss (P&L) statements, and driving the financial performance and sales of the designated retail area. 
  • Monitoring and guaranteeing efficient inventory movement, seasonal transitions, merchandise presentation, and operational procedures; as well as creating and putting into practice action plans to reduce shrink. 
  • Builds and maintains connections with key stakeholders, and supports strategies and activities to satisfy company and consumer needs. 
  • Determines and conveys objectives and goals. Creates accountability for results and tracks progress in reaching them. 
  • Recognizes and takes action on areas for development, demonstrates adaptability, and encourages lifelong learning. oversees and completes tasks and activities relating to your employment.

Walmart Salary Average/Hourly-

Salary is divided into two heads:

  • Median annual salary- $52,500 and ($25.24 hourly)
  • Highest Top 10 percent Annual salary- $122,000 and ($58.65 hourly)
  • Walmart Entertainment Job post employee Salary- $13 per hour

Description Of Other Job Positions-

  • Walmart cashier job – this job post is related to the where you are meeting the customer while they are entering or taking exit and cashier scanning the items, explain the offers on items, count cash amount carefully, and billing customer products. Moreover, cashiers sometimes juggle lots of tasks when there is a festive season or a shortage of staff.
  • Walmart overnight stocker job– this job position is related to stocking of products, back room, and receiving work of associates to supervise the store weather products are placed at cards so that customers can find the product items easily during shopping. 
  • Entertainment post employees– Entertainment post employees also maintain and verify the inventory department at Walmart by scanning the bar cipher The entertainment post employee at Walmart also performs the duty of counting products that are coming to the stores daily. Entertainment post employees at Walmart also work in the cleaning department where entertainment post employees clean the sales floors and maintain the displays at Walmart and restock the shelves.


By and large, the overnight coach employee is the core team player at Walmart, and for making Walmart successful at stores their presence is vital. Without an overnight coach, employee customer service will be crippled, and difficult to continue customer service. Overnight coach post employees are tech savvy. And they have a full understanding of important departments to handle questions, the odd situation raises, and escorting customers with a smile, and this job description will help them apply at Walmart. Before applying read all the descriptions carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions-
  1. How much salary Entertainment post employee is getting?

Average $13 per hour.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  1. How do they keep a track record?

Entertainment post employees also keep a track record of sales with the help of scanning product items at check counters.

  1. How much attendance is needed?

If it falls below 85%  disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, may be taken.

  1. What is the entry-level pay at Walmart for an overnight coach?

Starting pay for an overnight coach is $47,420 per year.

How Much Does An Overnight Coach At Walmart Make?

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