National University Of Singapore Acceptance Rate


The National University of Singapore(NUS) is a large research university that assigns a wide range of degree programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including sciences, engineering, law, arts, and social science, design and environment,  computing, music, medicine, dentistry, and business. However, everything about NUS will be stated in this article. National University Of Singapore Acceptance Rate Ranking Notable Alumni And More About It

 National University Of Singapore Acceptance Rate Ranking Notable Alumni And More About It

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NUS is located in the southwest of Singapore and has been one of the best academic institutions in the world. There are several extracurricular activities a student can participate in that include athletic teams, outdoor education, arts groups, and other societies. It was given a rank by different organizations annually for its performance and standard.

NUS has been the world’s best university and collaborates with other prestigious universities like Duke and Yale, for certain programs. NUS provides a well-stocked laboratory with learning resources that promote learning, a well-equipped laboratory, and multimedia centers for its students. NUS is a school where students can persevere in their passions, meet people from different backgrounds and improve their social lives.

National University Of Singapore Acceptance Rate

As a result of NUS being the most prestigious university, thousands of students are applying to the university annually, and the wide-ranging disciplinary program that the institution offer includes over 70 courses. The rate at which they accept students is very low because admittance to the National University Of Singapore is highly competitive as per thousands of students that apply. Professors from prestigious universities such as Harvard, and Oxford, also come to NUS to be trained to be the next leaders of companies worldwide.

Having a class of over 100 students, the NUS Business School offers admission to only seven percent of applicants. An experienced student at a particular faculty have the access to an extensive curriculum and can change programs with top universities which captivate many business students worldwide. 

National University Of Singapore Ranking

The ranking organization examines each institution, and the National University of Singapore scores a good grade for its performance in academics, employer reputation, and research citations

  • The university was ranked 11th and first in Asia in 2022 
  • NUS was ranked 21st in the world and third in Asia in 2021
  • NUS was placed 75th in 2021, and 29th in 2020 
  • NUS was placed 28th for 2019-2020 and 32nd for 2020-2021
  • NUC was ranked  22nd in 2018
  • They are ranked first in the Asia Pacific and 11th in QS World University Ranking in 2018
  • NUS was named the world’s fourth most international university in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
  • In the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018, an annual ranking of university graduates’ employability, NUS was ranked 30th.

Names of the National University of Singapore Notable Alumni


  • Adrian Tan
  • Andrew Phang
  •  Chan Sek Keong 
  • Davinder Singh
  •  Kan Ting Chiu
  •  Koh Eng Tian
  • Koh Juat Jong
  •  K. S. Rajah 
  • Lai Kew Chai 


  • Philip Yeo
  • Adam Khoo
  • Chew Choon Seng
  •  Lim Li Kok
  • Min-Liang Tan
  • Dato Sri Tahir
  • Won’t Jeh Shyan
  • Chua Sock Koong 
  • Colin Tan
  • Olivia Lum

Academic and Education

  • Louis Chen Hsiao Yun 
  • Mak Joon Wah
  • Freddy Boey
  • Colin Cheong
  • Su Guang
  • Mary Wong
  • Harry Aveling 
  • Tan Cheng Han
  • Kim-Chuan Toh 
  • Tan Chorh Chuan
  • Ngiam Tee Liang
  • Wang Gungwu
  • Simon Tay

Politics and Government 

  • Abdul Razak Hussein 
  • Ang Wei Neng
  • Ahmed Inaz 
  • Awang Hassan
  • And Hin Kee
  • Chen Su Lan
  • Alex Au
  • Amy Khor 
  • Chia Yong Yong
  • Cynthia Phua
  • Daniel Goh
  • Ang Dong Guan 
  • Chia Shi-Lu
  • Darren Tang
  • Chan Heng Chee
  • Benjamin Sheares 
  • Daniel Goh 
  • Religion
  • Robert M. Solomon
  • Kong Hee
  • Lawrence Khong

Media and Arts

  • Tay Ping Hui
  • Zhang Zhen Huan
  • Tung Soo Hua 
  • Wong May
  • Wong Phui Nam
  • Adele Wong
  • Arthur Yap
  • Adam Chem
  • Chin Han
  • Abigail Sin
  • Alfian Sa’at 
  • Andrea Fonseka
  • Boey Kim Cheng
  • Celest Chong 
  • Sports
  • Jasmine Ser
  • Jane Lee
  • U.K. Shyam
  • Ng Ser Miang
  • Wong Meng Kong


Chia Teck Leng

The National University Of Singapore Faculties and Schools

Humanities and Sciences

The NUS  Humanities and Sciences Faculty is one of the biggest faculties, and comprises two faculties namely:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

These Schools operate alone but have started admitting students since the beginning of the academic year in 2021. Students completed their four years programs in the faculty by spending half and one-third on interdisciplinary modules.


The Faculty of Engineering is one the biggest in the university that consists of several departments which include;

  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Industrial Systems Engineering
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Material Science Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Biomolecular Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Computer Engineering
  • Industrial Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM)
  • Engineering Science Programme
  • Mechanical Engineering

Design and Environment

The school of Design and Environment consists of three departments which include: the Division of Industrial Design, the Department of Built Environmental, and the Department of Architecture.


The School of Computing assigns a Master’s program by completing it with a project or coursework. The Faculty is divided into two departments which include

  • Department of Computer Science and Information Systems and Analytics. This department offers two undergraduate degree programs – Computer Science and Information Security, while the 
  • Department of Information Systems and Analytics also offers two programs- Information Systems and Business Analytics.


The NUS Dentistry School is a four years course with a degree in the Bachelor of Dental Surgery. The first two years are for the pre-clinical program while the remaining two years are for the clinical program. Furthermore, the Faculty is subdivided into five departments undergraduate surrounding the Oral Sciences program.

  • Endodontics
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Operative Dentistry
  • Orthodontics 
  • Paediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontics


The NUS Business School bids graduate programs which include the Master of Business Administration, in the Department of Business Administration.

There are seven departments under NUS Business School which include Finance, Real Estate,  Marketing, Decision Science, Strategy and Policy, Management and Organizational, and Accounting.


The NUS Science School has several departments under the Faculty which include Mathematics, Food Science and Technology, Chemistry, Physics, Pharmacy, Biology, and Statistics & Applied Probability. They provide degrees in Chemistry, Food Science and Technology, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Physics, Life Sciences, Statistics, and Pharmaceutical Science.


Law Faculty of NUS runs its program for four years, assigns degrees in Economics and Law, Law and Life Sciences, Business Administration and Law, and assigns degrees in Law and Public Policy. The Law School assigns coursework for graduate students in Law who specialized in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, Asian Legal Studies, Maritime Law, International, and Comparative Law, and Corporate and Financial Services Law.


The School of Medicine at NUS has several departments which include Anatomy, Epidemiology and Public Health, Biochemistry, Diagnostic Radiology, Microbiology, Anaesthesia, Physiology, Pharmacology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedic Surgery, Pathology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery, Otolaryngology, and Psychological Medicine

 NUS assigns a full-time undergraduate program with degrees in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and assigns postgraduate Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programs.

Other Faculty in the National University of Singapore

  • Music
  • Public Health
  • Integrated Science and Technology
  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Public Policy
  • Design and Engineering 

NUS Teaching Centers

NUS Teaching Centers include:

  • Center For English Language Community
  • Center for Teaching and Learning CTL at Yale-NUS College: The Center is a benefit for students for academic development.
  • Center for Institute of System Science: Provision of information for managers and Students
  • Center for Development of Teaching and Learning, which provides support in learning.
  • Center for Instructional Technology, where to know the applications of digital technology and be improved.

NUS Facilities and Resources

Library Services

NUS Library Services consists of eight libraries namely, the Central Library, Music Library, Science Library, Chinese Library, Medical Library, CJ Koh Law Library, Hon Sul Sen Memorial Library, and East Asian Institute Library. Its collection contains subjects in computer science, engineering, dentistry, music, law, medicine, architecture, nursing, and sciences.

IT and Computing Service

NUC provides IT networks that can be connected to 1,000 computers that help students to learn and interact virtually.


The University of Singapore has a bus called the Internal Shuttle Bus which transport and operates within the campus.

University Town

In the University town all undergraduates and graduate students, and researchers live, work, and learn in the nearby vicinity. Residential College, Cinnamon College, Tembusu College, and College of Alice and Peter Tan are the four colleges in the University Town

Students’ Accommodation in NUS

Students’ Accommodation in NUS is of three types: Student Residences, Hall of Residences, and Residential Colleges. About 6,000 students are in the Student Residence and the Hall of Residence, and 4,000 students live in Residential College. NUC provides a free Internal Shuttle Bus that transports students from their housing to the campus in a week.

Student Residences

The  Student Residence is for graduate and undergraduate students of 11 to 15 single rooms with well-equipped kitchen and bathroom amenities. Each room has its kitchen, dining, and bathroom. The Hall is divided into two which are:

  • Prince George’s Park Residences
  • UTown Residences

Halls of Residence

The Hall has 3,000 rooms, with their groups and regular student productions. An inter-Hall game takes place where Halls compete with each other, and there are seven types of halls.

The Halls are:

  • Raffle Hall
  • Kent Ridge Hall
  • Eusoff Hall
  • Prince George’s Park House
  • Shearer’s Hall
  • King Edward VII Hall
  • Temasek Hall

Residential Colleges 

  • Other residential colleges include 
  • Tembusu College: It accommodates NUS undergraduates, graduate students, and scholars.
  • Cinnamon College: It accommodates the University Scholar Programme with 600 rooms 
  • College of Alice and Peter Tan: It accommodates only NUS undergraduates
  • Residential College 4
  • Ridge View Residential College 

Research Centers and Institute in NUS

NUS has its major focuses on some courses research is carried out such as Material Science, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Biomedical Science, Humanity and Social Science, and Life Science. However, below is the list of research centers and institutions in NUS.

  • Center for Maritime Studies
  • Asia Research Institute
  • Cancer Science Institute of Singapore
  • Institute of Real Estate Studies
  • Center for Healthcare Innovation
  • Tropic Marine Science Institute 
  • Center for Remote Imaging, Sensing, and Processing
  • Institute of Solar Energy Research
  • Environmental Research Institute 
  • Life Science Institute
  • Center for Quantum Technology 
  • Digital Media Institute 
  • The Logistics Institute
  • Risk Management Institute
  • Center for Advanced Material
  • Center of Medical Engineering 

Admission Requirements for NUS

  • A/AO Curriculum: Three A-level content subjects
  • Three H2 and one H1 subject with one content subject
  • One H1/AO Level Project Work
  • General Paper(GP) or Knowledge Inquiry(KI)

Mother’s Tongue Language(MTL): You must have one out of the MTL requirements listed below:

  • Minimum of D7 paper taken at the ‘O’ Level examination.
  • Minimum of D7 grade for the H1/‘AO Level’ MTL paper 
  •  General Studies in Chinese.
  • Minimum of ‘S’/‘O’ grade for the H2/‘A Level’ MTL paper
  • Pass in the MTL ‘B’ Syllabus paper at the ‘A-Level examination.


The National University of Singapore is the best institution for students living around Singapore and its environment can attend. It has made learning easy for all its students in all courses of study, and this has helped a lot of them to grow physically and mentally.


What is an NUS card?

Students at the National University of Singapore must have an NUS(National Union Of Students) card. Owning this card has a lot of benefits such as getting discounts in shops, and cinemas, winning prizes overseas and on travel, a great opportunity to save, and it is cheaper.

How can one get NUS card?

  • To get a card as a student of the University is very simple
  • Log in to the NUS website
  • Create an account by clicking on the “Get your card” button
  • Type and verify your university email
  • Select a provider of study
  • Enter the description of your course
  • Choose the card you want
  • Attach your picture
  • Input your Private Information
  • Pay for the card

Where can one use the students’ card?

The student’s card is used across high stores and restaurants, getting discounts online from retailers such as Nandos, Apple, Amazon, and Topshop. The price of food and things one gets from shops, and restaurants will be reduced depending on the type of card.

National University Of Singapore Acceptance Rate

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