How Long Do Spiders Live?

How Long Do Spiders Live?

How long do spiders live? Generally they live around 1-2 years which is mega for the tiny lads and certain species even live up to 20 years.

Every one of us on planet earth are unique with our different traits, perks, and likes but some things are common among certain people that often unite them together. If you’ve chosen to read about the lifespan of spiders, you either might be guilty of squishing one or scared of it or just curious at late night, so you’re randomly reading about it. Well, if you’re not among the above three, let’s say you’re in the other category. No worries.

Speaking of spiders, they are little crawling living beings who creep out people if caught say while having a happy shower time. We are serious, it would definitely creep us out but if you love spiders, that’s alright. We mean, who won’t love an eight-legged creature with the power to build webs? After all, our dear Marvel comics gave out an ongoing series with the protagonist enthralling the power of a spider. 

Children are mostly the ones who can’t stand spiders who are usually caught abundantly during autumn as that’s the time female spiders breed. If you’ve ever wondered how long the babies grow and live, we’ve got you.

Having around 650 spider species, here we present you real facts on how long spiders live with few common species as your subjects. Let’s Spidey!

How long do our eight-legged buddies live?

If you wonder about this after killing one, you’re probably trying to console yourself that anyway, they live for a short time so why not? But mate, they live around 1-2 years which is mega for the tiny lads and certain species even live up to 20 years.

If you’ve killed one, that’s okay, it was fate. But do you know that there lived an Australian trapdoor spider for a solid 43 years? We certainly hope that nobody has put an end to a spidey lad who on the off-chance was a meant-to-be to die at an old age (rest in peace mates who all died young).

On the off chance, do they get murdered by others?

Spiders find solace living in dusty areas where their webs can remain without disturbed often (aren’t we busy to regularly clean?) but most of the spiders who live indoors are known to live around a year and female spiders live usually around 2 years. But it is there that they often face other challenges that cut down their lifespan. The newborn babies are yummy for insects and the spiders are also food to certain indoor mammals. Spiders who live outdoors are even more open to various other species say birds who prey on them. So, the chances of living a good ripe age are on edge.

Also, certain spider species are loved by humans as delicacies especially in South Asia. We pity you spiders, we do.

How do they slip to live long?

Interestingly, every living creature has to be cautious to maintain a steady life. Just like humans who fear possible problems, spiders do too. As discussed above, spiders are killed by other creatures for food but here’s the new info (if you weren’t aware), spiders fall sick as well! 

Yes, certain infections gauge spiders which result in death. Some common infections spot in spiders are fungal infections and mite infections. Another important factor is the presence of Mermithid nematode worms inside the spiders which eat internal tissues that result in the decrease of health. Gradually, the spider starts to get weak and fall fatal. 

We’ve come to an important fact. Just like how nowadays humans kill humans, spiders also kill spiders, especially females. In certain spider species, the female spider ends up eating a male spider right after intercourse. As much as it is sad, there’s a huge theory behind it which we would encourage you to surf about. 

Speaking of species, let’s discuss some interesting spiders’ journey and appearances.

Black Widow

Marvel Studios couldn’t really keep their hands-off spiders that one of their major hits was the iconic lady superhero, Black widow starred by our ever-glowing Scarlett Johansson. Alright, keeping aside the celebrity info, this type of spider is common but indeed a dangerous one. People belonging to the south-eastern area of the US, especially in Texas, won’t fail to witness a black widow.

These venomous spiders’ bites are not fatal but they cause serious issues and records are there to prove some unfortunate deaths. Most of the black widow spiders take shelter at dark spots because they dislike human contact which is safer for us but if you wish to disturb them, they don’t mind giving a bite. But, spotting a black widow at your home is not easy because they are good at finding the best area to be invisible. So, don’t disturb them.

These spiders live up to 3 years and the females who are bigger than the male tend to live longer than the guys. 

Wolf Spiders

Spiders are having cooler names than most of us but anyway, wolf spiders are once again a common type found globally. Though there are subtypes among them, you can identify them with their brown shaded body with hair on their belly. 

Just as wolves love howling at nights so do our wolf spiders who are enthusiastic only during the night. Scientists have proven that these mates don’t wish to annoy people during the daytime so that during the night, they have their party time. Wolf spiders are said to live around 1-2 years but as usual, the males rest in peace sooner say even less than a year.

Barn Funnel Weaver

Claiming the last spot in our list, barn funnel weaver aka domestic house spider is also one of the global dwellers of the dark and dusty.  These meek spiders can’t be easily found because they’re tinier than the usual size of spiders but that’s how they tend to play safe.

If you’re wondering about their name’s origin, it’s simply because the web they build is funnel-shaped but strong enough to trap a target prey. Being tiny in size, these spiders are trained killers who eat their prey if they target one, without fail.

Normally, these species live up to 7 years long but if they’re prone to the possible dangers we discussed above, they can die on the day they were born or assumably might live around a year to two.

Our final thoughts

Spiders are one of the creatures who don’t ask your permission to be your pet neither require your consent. If they like your home, they walk in, as simple as that. Spiders don’t come to only homes or spots that are a mess but go to areas they find moisture to dwell. Before you think of getting rid of spiders, there’s something we need to ponder. Spiders don’t really disturb us, even if they creep us out suddenly they don’t intend to disturb us because, in reality, spiders guard homes against insects and pests. 

We presume that hereafter whenever you decide to kill one, you’ll recollect what you read today because man-o-man, they have a life, family, and diseases to fight. Stay united, stay undisturbed, stay without disturbing. Have a nice year!

How Long Do Spiders Live?

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