Does JCPenney drug test?- All About JCPenney

Does JCPenney Drug Test?

The JCPenney Corporation is a leading department store retailer in the United States and the world. It is known as a low-cost department store. In addition to its typical outlet stores and mall locations, it operates more than 700 specialty stores in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Let’s know ‘Does JCPenney drug test?’

The retailer employs over 200,000 associates. JCPenney, a former family-owned department store, was first established in 1902 as a $10,000 investment by James E. Penney and a group of investors. In 1913, when E.B. Dick purchased the company, it went public, leading to the expansion of the chain nationwide.

At the time, it was primarily a purveyor of sewing needles, yarn, and fabric. 

Does JCP drug test its employees?

Are you wondering whether your JCPenney store has a policy to drug test its employees? 

JCPenney, a retail company that was founded in 1902 and currently operates over 1,000 stores across the United States, does not have a policy to drug test its employees. 

No one at JCPenney is required to take a mandatory drug test before employment. Working at JCPenney is voluntary, which means that there is no legal requirement for the company to drug test their employees. 

However, if they choose to do so voluntarily, it must be done per the law and with the consent of the employee. Ever wonder why JCP does not drug test its employees? Well, the company has its reasons. 

They believe that their personal and professional lives should be kept separate and they want to provide a comfortable work atmosphere for everyone in the workplace. But the results of a survey in 2015 showed that over half of all American companies require drug testing for at least some employees.

So what are their reasons, you ask? You might be wondering how this will affect your health insurance rates if you are not tested. That’s right- it won’t! Drug testing will only be required for certain positions including workers who operate heavy machinery or have direct contact with children or patients.

Drug testing at JCPenney

If a worker is injured on the job, and he or she is suspected of being under the influence of a controlled substance, then the worker will likely be required to submit to a blood or urine test to determine whether or not he or she is under the influence.

 However, JCPenney is not required to do this, nor are they required to drug test all of their employees who are injured on the job. So, if a worker is injured on the job and tests positive for illegal substances, then the worker would likely still be able to return to work without any type of mandatory drug test.

 Also, employees do not have to be tested at all. They can be tested just once, and that is the only time the company will drug test them. If an employee tests positive on their first test, they would still be allowed to work.

How to apply for a job at JCPenney?

Candidates should choose their preferred JCPenney store first to find out whether they have a vacancy available. Search on their website and type in the name of the store, including the area and the address. 

Also, note the job title. For instance, a customer service associate usually is a cashier who can help customers as well as assist in helping them select clothing. A product consultant may be a part of a team of up to ten consultants that work at a single store. 

JCPenney is a great place to work if you’re looking for a career in retail. Of course, there are other ways to make money, such as tutoring, writing, fashion modeling, acting, etc. However, if you are looking for a job with a company that’s often a staple of American culture, such as JCPenney, there is no better place to work.

What kind of jobs are available?

JCPenney hires thousands of people a year for all types of positions. These include shop stewards, sales clerks, cashiers, and product consultants. Additionally, the company utilizes seasonal work, from summer sales associates to year-round promotions supervisors.

 There are several kinds of jobs that are available, like sales associates, which can be part-time or full-time. While most of these jobs involve selling and assisting customers, some sales associates have the power to sell, control inventory, and manage the store, as well.

 JCPenney also hires customer service representatives and managers. Many employees spend a good amount of time interacting with customers, which is sometimes called sales, marketing, customer service, or service.

What is the application process?

A job posting on JCPenney’s official website is the first step in the process. Those who apply will be asked to send a resume and cover letter, as well as a video of themselves stating why they are interested in the job.

 Applicants must also provide any existing education or experience that they may have. The key thing to remember is that there is no guarantee on how quickly or easily JCPenney can interview you for a job. 

You can, however, use the website’s new hire prospecting tool to help you in your job search. The website will direct you to a series of questions and prompts that may help your application along. If the job posting was published in December 2020, you will have to wait until March 2021 for a response.

The interview process

Successful candidates must go through a process that includes various tests and interviews with various staff members in a store. The interview process can include any of the following elements: 

• An assessment that demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge of store policies and procedures.

• An assessment that assesses the candidate’s ability to work with other employees and customers.

• A short written test that is conducted in front of the entire store.

• A 20-minute interview with a store manager.

The same tests are used in the hiring process of other JCPenney stores. For example, employees are judged on criteria such as customer service, non-performers are terminated, and the best performers are promoted to higher positions.


Although it is one of the most common questions people have when considering working for JCPenney, a fundamental question that any prospective employee needs to ask before getting an offer is whether the company has a drug testing policy.

JCPenney is a company that has been through the ups and downs of the retail business. In the past two decades, the company has endured changes in both consumer tastes and technologies. At the beginning of the 21st century, stores were transforming into a venue of digital shopping and e-commerce.

 In the past few years, however, a lot of the retail chains that relied on brick and mortar stores, such as JCPenney, have suffered. One certain thing is that times are tough in the retail sector, and the recent chain closures and mergers will only worsen the job losses in the industry.

 However, there are plenty of opportunities available at JCPenney. The company continues to hire job candidates that have strong customer service and retail experience.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1.) Does JCP drug test its employees?

Answer- No one at JCPenney is required to take a mandatory drug test before employment.

Question 2.) What kind of jobs are available?

Answer- These include shop stewards, sales clerks, cashiers, and product consultants. 

Question 3.) How to apply for a job at JCPenney?

Answer- Search on their website and type in the name of the store, including the area and the address. 

Question 4.) Who is the founder of JCPenney?

Answer- James Cash Penney and

William Henry McManus.

Does JCPenney drug test?- All About JCPenney

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