Dollar General Termination Policy

Dollar General Corporation operates about 17,266 stores across the country. The total number of employees working for dollar general is 143000 as of 2021. All the employees in the corporation have to sign an employment contract, which also includes the termination policy. The policy states that, if an employee quits working for the company, or their employment ends with the company, or the pre-existing terms and conditions of the company, if an employee violates these policies. If, In case of a dispute and brought to the legal standpoint. These actions should be justified in the court of law based on certain conditions on the company policy when the contract between an employer and employee starts. They should state the reasons for this termination in the company’s termination policy. Here is everything you need to know about the dollar general termination policy. Dollar General Termination policy and conditions for an employee, which may lead to their termination. 

Dollar General Termination Policy

About Dollar General Termination Policy

  • If they ever caught an employee stealing, assaulting an employee, slandering the company name, leaking private information, intoxication during work hours, stealing company property, the company will fire the employee without notice.
  • The employer usually gives warnings to the worker in case of misconduct and lack of performance.
  • Depending on the severity of the issue, the employer will initially issue write-ups. The write-ups are forms, which will describe the violation caused by the employee and the discipline deployed regarding it. They are Verbal, written and final write-ups, after which they will end the contract effective immediately.
  • For the employer, the policy also states their rights regarding firing an employee if the company found them unfit for the job for many reasons. In Dollar General, essentially after three write-ups, the employee efficiently ends the job. 
  • Some employers build moral clauses in their employment contracts, which essentially bind the person to behave in a certain manner inside and outside the job or in certain situations. The company can end the contract and fire the person, in case of media activity or violation of these standards.

Will the policy consider the employees’ rights to defend in case of unfair write-ups?

The policy also states the employee’s rights, which enables them to qualify for full payment of their salary after termination. Although the conditions for the payment entirely depend on the reason for termination. Employees can end their employment for any reason. 

If an employee quits the job, what is the procedure to end the employment according to the rules? What should they do?

The employee should submit a notice stating a valid reason for the termination of their contract with the company. Hand over their resignation notice at least two weeks before so that the company can plan regarding the replacement for the position.

The employee is eligible to receive all their benefits, payments that include insurance, severance pay, unemployment benefits, and vacation pay before the official termination of their contract. 

General Rules and Basic Rights of the employee, violation of which can be stated as the reason to quit the company.

Dollar General has to maintain certain basic working conditions for its employees. These are some reasons an employee can state against the company, in case of unfair termination or voluntary quitting.

A reduction in base salary allowed for the employee 

  • Failure to provide insurance benefits
  • The company cannot provide resources to work if the employee is moving. For example, if the company cannot offer remote opportunities for the employee if they are moving.
  • The employee cannot adjust to the change in supervisor or managerial staff.
  • The company cannot promote the employee to higher positions, which meet their qualifications. An employee is within their rights to quit their job at any point of their employment without notice. Although this is to prevent future opportunities with the company and may prevent getting a good reference from the company.

What is wrongful termination? How can an employee protect himself from such actions? 

Wrongful termination happens when an employee ends the contract with the company. Discrimination. Unlawful termination without stating the reasons, unable to comply with unfair requests, and refusing to work under dangerous conditions. These activities refuse to comply with activities that violate employment laws. In such cases, the employee has every right to pursue legal action n against the company.

What are the steps to take in case of unlawful termination?

You can appeal the decision with the employer or Human resource department. If you are part of the employee union in the company, you can contact the representative regarding the issue. You can also consult a lawyer and discuss the legal steps you can take to ensure they rightfully compensated you for your loss. You may apply for an unemployment insurance claim with your lawyer until further progress. 


Dollar General has deployed a proper termination policy in their contracts for all the employees and employers, which states the process of termination if in case the situation of both parties demands it. The policy states the rights of the employee and employer and the rules and regulations that they have to follow in case of such a situation.

The employee may rescind the resignation. He can willfully leave the termination without handing out the two weeks’ notice. The employee can opt for a legal discourse in case; they have proof that such a termination is unlawful. The termination policy also states the benefits that the company has entitled to an employee.

Dollar General Termination Policy

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