Bright Horizons Termination Policy- Know More

Bright Horizons is a UK-based childcare service provider owned by Bain Capital.  They work with more than 300 nurseries, preschools, and schools. Bright Horizons is richly renowned for not only providing exceptional care to children, families, and its employees but also providing excellent education. Bright Horizons is a public company that was founded by Linda A. Mason and Roger H. Brown in 1986. Let us know What are the ‘Bright Horizons Termination Policy’.

Bright Horizons Termination Policy

Bright Horizons Termination Policy

A termination policy is an authorized document including written guidelines and procedures about how, when, and why termination (of an employee) will happen at any organization. A termination policy is essential to avert ruckus, systemize, and ease the termination process of employees. 

Just like every other company, organization, or industry, Bright Horizons also has a termination policy for its employees. The comprehensive guidelines under Bright Horizons Termination Policy are strict, straightforward, and precise. Under some specific conditions, any company can terminate any employee; thus, the company has to enlist some guidelines which when not followed become the legal cause of their termination. The termination policy includes unlawful practices like performing religion-based discrimination, harassment, retaliation, unsupportive of diversity, racism, and discrimination based upon cast, creed, color, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, mental, physical, or medical condition, marriage status, age, sexual orientation, etc.

Discrimination: Bright Horizons Termination Policy

If there have been any complaints against facing discrimination at Bright Horizons, either verbal or written, the employee is subjected to the termination. Any hateful remark even as a playful banter is not tolerated at Bright Horizons. The victim need not suffer in silence. Offensive comments against someone’s sexual orientation, gender or gender orientation, race, caste, creed, health problems (physical and mental), disability, religion, color, and other things are considered not only unlawful but also lead to the termination of the employee (culprit). Moreover, the victim can also file legal complaints against them. 

Any Hateful comment against someone’s religion doesn’t go unnoticed at Bright Horizons as they have a strict anti-religion policy. In case, if someone is found to be enacting such activities they have to face harsh consequences. Indirect taunting or constant admonishment without significant chaos can also be contemplated as an example of discrimination.


Workplace harassment is becoming more common these days and sometimes, it can be done in a veneer and vile way that might make it go unnoticed. Feeling threatened or intimidated physically or sexually can be traumatizing for an individual and thus, must be addressed and reported. Bright Horizons has rigorous guidelines against all types of Harassment.

 A few examples of harassment are stated below:

  • Verbal threats, demeaning slurs, suggestive comments, and derogatory remarks
  • Offensive jokes or speech
  • Inappropriate and unwanted touch
  • Body shaming or any horrendous comment remarked against your body
  • Unwarranted and endless mocking 
  • Damaging personal property
  • Creating an intimidating environment for work
  • Forcing you to do things outside of your job scope such as bringing in inconceivable demands
  • Physical bullying and cyberbullying as well
  • Sending offensive jokes or asking for inappropriate pictures, sending obscene messages
  • Looking at obscene pictures or videos around you or at the workplace
  • Vulgar gestures
  • Repeated phone calls and not taking ‘no’ for an answer
  • Intimidating texts and speech


Any sort of retaliatory action (physical or verbal) is a punishable offense at Bright Horizons. The reprisal in form of violence or threats is not only common but also inadequate especially in a professional setting. The best and the most reasonable approach to handle the retaliation is to report immediately to the HR, supervisor, or the higher authority in power. Bright Horizons takes care of discipline and also ensures decorum. If violated, the violator has to face the consequences of unlawful actions.

What Can You Do?

Bright Horizons prohibit these above-mentioned actions and if you find someone else or yourself being subjected to the prohibited and unlawful, you should instantly approach HR or the equivalent. You may report it within the company as well as legally. At Bright Horizons, your complaint can be registered in either form- verbal or written. If you wish to, you can complain anonymously at their official HR concern mail ([email protected]). Bright Horizons is known for taking strict actions against such derogatory practices.

Heart Principle of Bright Horizons

Bright Horizon is exceptionally forthright with its core values. They work hard to maintain the decorum and integrity of their company. They believe in treating everyone with equanimity. Treating everyone with dignity and respect matters the most at Bright Horizons. Their purpose is to ensure the security of their customers/clients along with their workers.  With great teamwork come great results. Additionally, trust between the workers is amongst the most important values at Bright Horizons as the trust factor increases an individual’s efficiency to work with positivity, comfort, and security. Moreover, these principles boost the morale of an individual working there.

Documentation of Termination Process

For security and legal purposes, every company is required to document the entire termination process. Documenting the process might leave no loose ends for anyone to retaliate in the future. Moreover, if the termination is occurring due to poor performance or any other reason, in such cases, a notice period of at least about 10-15 days is provided at Bright Horizons.


Bright Horizons is a company that keeps the respect of people and its employees a priority. However, the termination policy has some apparent, rigorous, and straightforward guidelines that must be followed. Both involuntary and voluntary termination has to be done lawfully. They have a strict policy for anti-religious tactics, racism, discrimination, assaults, etc. An employee might have to leave if these guidelines referred to in their termination policies are breached and not obeyed.

Frequently asked questions
  • Question 1: What are some of the employee benefits of working at  Bright Horizons?

Answer 1: There are plenty of benefits to working at Bright Horizons. Some of the benefits are mentioned as follows:

  • Sick paid off
  • Medical and dental plans
  • Retirement plan and savings
  • Vision insurance
  • Discount programs
  • Pet insurance
  • Teacher degree program (free childhood education)
  • Disability insurance and many more.
  • Question 2: What is the hiring process at Bright Horizons?

Answer 2: The foremost step is to apply for the job role or the job position you are looking for at Bright Horizons. Once you are done applying, they will call you to set up a date for an interview within a few days. The interview process is easy, consisting of a few rounds (verbal and working), if you happen to come across as the right person for the given job, they may offer you the job soon within a couple of several days.

  • Question 3: How frequently do raises occur at Bright Horizons?

Answer 3: To get a raise at Bright Horizons, the employee should be eligible i.e., at least qualify for the working standards (the employee should be working for a specific number of days and hours per day). Usually, the raise occurs yearly but it depends on various other aspects such as skills, performance, etc.

  • Question 4: What is the dress code at Bright Horizons for employees?

Answer 4: The dress code might be at variance contingent on where the branch of Bright Horizon company/off is located. At some places, they’ll provide employees with Bright Horizons shirts and khaki pants, or at other places, the employees might be seen wearing business casual. Bright Horizons values comfort and thus, an individual is usually allowed to wear their comfort clothing.

Bright Horizons Termination Policy- Know More

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