Describe Your Teaching Style?

We were taught from a young age that our parents are our first teachers, and our environment has a second impact on us. But when we grow a little older, we are sent to school where we have mentors, and they are the ones who guide us, teach us, crave a personality out of us, and some of them become idols to us. We all have different DNA and different behavioral patterns, which can direct different attitudes toward teaching. A teacher could be as brittle as metal or as goofy as a friend. It all depends on his teaching style. Your recruiter will be curious about your teaching style. So here are the techniques that you can follow to get hired. Let us know ‘Describe Your Teaching Style?’.

Describe Your Teaching Style?

Describe Your Teaching Style?

Teaching style can be very personal to an individual. In a situation where you are asked about it, you can refer to the sum of your skills or the perceptions that you follow and believe. This can include increasing the awareness and communication skills of the child to ensure equal attention and equal knowledge for every child, or it could be supporting the individual to pursue the dream or the interest of his choice. You can also emphasize that theoretical knowledge is not the only thing that should be considered by highlighting the old orthodox way of teaching and including new and effective ways of learning, and you can suggest that you believe in more practice rather than overloading the child with the syllabus all at once.

How to answer, along with some relatable sample answers?

You can consider the following answers and amend them as per your skills. These answers can give you a slight idea of how to tackle the question about your teaching style.

Honing cognitive skills

  • If there is a the question in a classroom, it is supposed that the teacher will answer it first, and then the students will learn that and write it down in their paper, but in
  • In my opinion, if we keep giving them the answers, then how will they know how to answer it by themselves? 
  • Thus, in my class, I will focus on asking questions before giving the precise answer, creating an environment that will help the children hone their skills and think outside the box.

I do not prefer favoritism

  • A common problem in a classroom is a teacher’s lack of attention to some students while showing favoritism to others. 
  • Most children complain about their teachers’ lack of attention and favoritism towards some students. 
  • I believe that this problem should be addressed; each child possesses a unique set of abilities that should not be overlooked; these abilities must be nurtured from a young age.
  • As a result, in my opinion, I will first observe the individual capacities of the students and then design my teaching plan in such a way that each student can comprehend.

Avoid unnecessarily forcing

  • As we have discussed above that each child has got his capabilities that are unique and different from others so we need not unnecessarily force them to achieve any particular goal.
  • The fact cannot be ignored that scoring good marks in exams is very important for individual academic performance but what if he does not score very well or stand out academically?
  • But he does so in sports or any other activity.
  • Hence, my point is we need to understand the interest of the student and should not force them in any appropriate way so that their young talent will shine rather than be curbed. 

Theoretical knowledge is not the sole purpose

  • The fact cannot be ignored that theoretical knowledge is as important as practical knowledge, but both aspects are not treated equally.
  • Most schools and institutions focus more on theoretical knowledge and the children do not
  • know what is the practical use of the theory that they have been reading since
  • they were a child.
  • So, in my opinion, I will focus more on the practice at hand rather than reading out
  • things written exams are important for academic performance but practical knowledge is important to build one career and understand life more abstractly. 

Marks are given out every week

  • Generally, teachers believe in completing their syllabus and leaving all on to the child so that he will cover the syllabus at the time of the test or the finals.
  • But in my opinion, the practice should be done regularly or frequently.
  • In my teaching experience, after completing a particular chapter, I will consider taking the test of that chapter so that the burden of the syllabus would not bother the child at the end of the finals.
  • And he can be more prepared and revised all things more efficiently.
  • So, this would enhance his performance and of course the institution’s performance as a whole. 

When you are a fresher?

  • If you do not want to repeat the old methodology then you can also prefer this which says as I am a fresher or I have not any experience in the teaching field. So, I would first meet the class and students understand the environment and will act according to it.
  •  Different environments required different efforts and techniques so, first I need to observe the classes and the student and likewise I will follow technical which will suit me most efficiently.
  •  I am not using any single method of teaching as for being a better teacher you have to be dynamic to achieve your goals

You will need the following skills when attending an interview:

There are some skills that you will need whenever you sit in an interview. These are some skills that will show your personality and make you stand out.

Ability to express
  • I don’t think I need to say how important it is to express yourself while teaching. 
  • This might surprise you, but it is the truth that there are some teachers who do not know the art of expressing themselves while teaching.
  • While attending their lectures, you will feel like they are revising for themselves, and this is the reason why the students do not feel connected to the lectures and often use a copper mechanism like escaping or zoning out.
  • If you are choosing teaching as a career, then you have to improve your communication ability.
How organized are you?
  • You as a teacher need to accomplish some tasks before your deadline.
  • This may include your documentation work or your lessons that need to be completed before the exams. 
  • This will give a clearer idea about the day. 
  • Further a deep study before delivering any lecture will further prepare you for the questions raised by the students.
  • Hence, you have to develop a plan that will help you meet all your goals more efficiently.
  • A more organized person will face fewer problems because he is prepared for any accountability.
Your uniqueness– 
  • There are a lot of teachers out there who can teach like you, who can deliver
  • lectures like you, and who can face and interview just like you are doing, but what makes you different is your unique abilities. 
  • Children are exposed to a large number of teachers throughout the day, but they feel connected to only a few.
  • If you want to stand out in an interview, you must convince the recruiter that you care about the student and that they can achieve if they have the desire and can rely on you as a teacher.
A child inside you
  • I agree that for maintaining the decorum of the class you need to pretend strict when it comes to maintaining discipline in the class but at the same time you cannot connect with your children by being rude and stripped all the time.
  • Sometimes you have to be goofy or playful in order to engage them and only enjoy your profession.
  • When you make it a little creative and teaching is a highly professional job creativity every single day keeps you engaged and it will motivate you to wake up the next morning with a little more energy.
  • So, this energy will channel through you throughout the day and make it a product for you and for your children.
Management skills-
  • This ability is highly dependent on your personality; you may be very authoritarian, demonstrating that you control your class with discipline but do not involve yourself as much. 
  • While a person with an authoritative personality has the ability to maintain the decorum of the class with discipline, he also sometimes shares his life and likes to indulge with the students.
  • A permissive or indulgent personality has no control over the class and is uninterested in any involvement with the students.
  • Whereas an indulgent has a low level of control over the class but is eager to get involved in class matters.
Accountable for your work
  • For making your work more effective you need to understand that you should prepare your lecture a day before your teaching.
  • You should also have some sort of questions that you are going to discuss the next day.
  • Along with this, you have to take care that while you are teaching the decorum of the class should be maintained.
  • And any nonsense from students should not be tolerated when you are delivering a lecture you need to make sure that you are students pose good listening skills and after that.
  • You should ensure that every doubt of the students will be addressed by you Do not jump to another chapter so quickly give a day or two for any class activities where you discuss more questions that are prepared by you along with your student so that the chapter will retain for a long.
You should consider giving assignments
  • Assignments related to any topic should also be considered not only theoretically but practically as well. 
  • Children are tired of taking tests, but learning must continue, so you must find a way to rekindle their interest while ensuring that they do not lose interest in taking tests, so you change the format.
  • Instead of administering tests, you can assign them any project or assignment on which they can work and submit a final report on time. 
  • This will not only eliminate boredom but also let the child grow mentally, as theoretical knowledge alone will not take him anywhere; he also needs to know what is the practical use of the lessons that he is learning.
How can you make teaching more engrossing and effective?

There is a concept known as “learning with fun.” You might have encountered some teachers whose teaching style is so unique that the whole lecture passes

And you don’t even realize it. They just create an environment in which we can dive in and observe as much as we can because their way of delivery is very interesting and not boring. Here are some of the ways that you can adapt to make your teaching is a little more interesting.

Consider producing riddles
  • When you start a lecture by just going into the details and producing answers all by
  • yourself, the students will not spend their minds at all, and hence, they will not retain the information for long.
  • But when you start asking questions and creating puzzles, the students will be more inclined to research the question and try to find answers by themselves.
  • In the process, they will spend their minds, their energy, and their thoughts, and the information will be retained in their minds for a long.
Breaking your own rules
  • It may be similar and easier for you to continue with your own method and methodology of teaching that you have been following for four years.
  • But what if you knew more about enjoying yourself while you teach if the subject matter is not interesting to you out? 
  • It may include bringing newly updated facts about the topic. 
  • You may also consider listening to your own students for their own points of view because sometimes they can also teach their teacher. 
  • And how can you expect your students to be interested while you are delivering your lecture?
Visualization as a teaching aid
  • In many institutions projectors are installed. There is hardly any place where smart classes or projectors are not being utilized by the Teachers.
  • But still exist some institutions where visual aids are not utilized.
  • As per they should researchers have shown that things that we see remain in our minds for longer than the things we write.
  • seeing creates an image in our mind which will help us to remind a particular topic or any particular thing more quickly than text.
  • By using some videos to explain a topic will create more fun and interest in the class so you can replace your plane teaching methodology with some videos and activities in the class
Engage with the students
  • Students can relate to you then you will listen to them and respond to their thoughts and perceptive as well.
  • They will find your lecture more appealing if you listen to them also and health them to direct their thoughts in a rightful direction or else learn from them because sometimes a student can also teach a teacher.
  • And they should be taken as a given take relationship you have to sometimes give up your authority of being so period and act like a student because growth never stops so as learning.
Lecture classes should be as important as doubt classes    
  • You know you have to make yourself available for all the queries that are being raised by the
  • students so that they can consider you while they are in a problem.
  • And this is the meaning of a real teacher should not do shaming of them when they are silly questions
  • whether you need to improve their thought process so that they can think in a rightful way You have to understand that doubts are doubts so you have you should avoid distinguishing doubts as silly or interesting

You need to understand that the job interviews that you will face are not any kind of exam that has a particular type of syllabus, it is conducted for a personality check. This is nothing but showcasing yourself, what you possess, and what potential you hold. All you have to do is be confident and showcase what you have got without being egoistic. Being egoistic is when you have an overly proud attitude that can sometimes sound arrogant to others.

You will have to show off your skills, but on the same hand, you have to sound humble. I am not suggesting that you have to follow these questions that are mentioned above, but the article is for helping you get an inside look at what really can be asked there, And the real answer that you need to deliver will be personal to you and should come from your inside. In this way, you can feel satisfied that you have done justice with your personality.

Describe Your Teaching Style?

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