Zomato SWOT Analysis- Find More About It

Zomato is an online platform which allows people to buy food, snacks, deserts and even groceries online from various kinds of restaurants and stores from within the country and recently few days back it also make an advancement in their features that now you can even order food from far away states within the boundaries of a country which able people to eat specialization of various states. Now, People living in los angles can order food from California with minimal delivery charges. It is largest food delivery, Dining and restaurant .It is founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008, and their headquarters are located in Gorgon, Haryana. Let us know What are the ‘Zomato SWOT Analysis’.

Zomato SWOT Analysis

Zomato SWOT Analysis: What is Swot Analysis?

Swot Analysis means Strength(S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunity (O) and T means threats. It means to analyses all the business’s strength and weaknesses which will able them to eradicate all its weakness by seeking on opportunities they have but keeping internal and external threats keeping in mind. It helps any business to grow and helps in wholesome development.

SWOT Analysis Of Zomato


  • It is most prominent and world’s leading company of food delivery and dine in. It is more search websites across the world . It has its connection with more than one lakh cities across country. In recent reports, it has been founded that there are approx  average of 181457.25 US  dollar  consumers making orders from zomato.Its distribution channel are widely spread , it almost connected  with 200000 restaurants and are having approx 3629.15 USD delivery agents 
  • Zomato has created dominance in markets of USA within very short span of time. It holds more than shares of market as compared to its rival companies 
  • Zomato has been seen continuously growing and expanding their channels across India . It has created widespread channels ,it regesters in increase in growth of 24% as compared with last years.
  • Zomato is being a  big supporter of making trend of digital payments in India. It made people to believe in making digital payment by redering their promising services to customers 
  • Zomato always adapts a dynamic strategy of business , it always tries to make changes in their  module of business by bringing an attractive advertisements to the people like, recently zomato tweets on twitter that “ kabhi khana ghar pe bhi bna liya karo “ which strengthen its publicity among people and many companies tweet like it to be in list of fame 
  • Zomato is worldwidely spread , it doesnot exist only in India but also now it is expanding its channels outside India in many countrues like Usa ,Australia , Turkey


  • Zomato seems to be in loss status from a long period of time due to its poor decision making decisions . In recent reports Zomato is founded in heavy loss making company which is giving opportunities to rivals of Zomato to take over its area of market across India. There is 50% increase in its losses.
  • Swiggy is giving a tough and rough competition to its due to its poor formulation of some of the policies like giving 40% discount on ordering every meal and  many coupons of discount which halt it to make enough profits 
  • There is poor management infrastructure of the organization as one of its co founder; Pankaj Chaddah quits company in its worst position. There is an emergence need off building up their management team especially their top level managers.


  • Zomato has potential of market growth as it has large and widespread distributions channels. It is estimated that Zomato has capacity to expand its growth by nearly 30% and within next four years it will show a remarkable success
  • Zomato can expand its partnerships with many more restaurants and have potential to explore new business opportunities in forthcoming years
  • Zomato has been successful in bringing up with many new business ideas. Recently, it launches ordering of groceries too and ordering food from far distances from one state to another. Now, people can able to order every state’s specialization in food. To be a in more good position, it has to overcome with many more new opportunities like these
  • Zomato should not made itself limited or restricted towards its products but has to diversify in its products. It can come up with many more new innovations and products and also it have potential to do the same 
  • Zomato should expand their business outside India , it should try to reach at various countries as much as possible


  • There is intense competition; Swiggy is one of its biggest rival companies. Customers can be easily influenced by the policies of discount by another companies, they started moving to other company.
  • Changes in legal policies can easily affect the business at great extent. Policies remain changes from time to time due to which many companies have to face an immense loose. Legal environment is one of the main threat to it 
  • Imitation of one company’s model by other is a big threat to any company. There has been seen imitating Zomato’s model by many other companies which are giving it a stiff competition
  • Many shareholders , holding shares in Zomato starting withdrawing their shares from it due to is weak financial position which can become a great threat for it

Now We’ve learnt about ‘Zomato SWOT Analysis’, We can conclude up that it has lot of opportunities to overcome all its weaknesses and to widespread its channels among many countries. A company cannot always rely on Swot analysis but have to use different parameters to measure ones company effectiveness.

Frequently asked questions 
  • What are the various employee benefits given by zomato?
  1. Period leave, employees can avail 10 leaves in a year for free and women employees are given leave on their menstrual days 
  2. There is no probation period of any employee who works in Zomato, they keep their employees with warmth heart and also they did not give any notice periods to them
  3. Zomato believe that health is very important so they offer sick leaves whenever any employees need 
  4. They takeover all the expenses of their delivery agent if they meet up with any accident during providing their service and also provides them paid leaves.
  5. They also provide paternity and maternity leaves
  • What is procedure to apply for a job in Zomato Company?

First of all, we have to open the app , there they provides a free training session to candidates who are willing to work for their company and after completing their training they can apply for it and after approval  they can start working and earning

Zomato SWOT Analysis- Find More About It

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