Kelloggs SWOT Analysis- And Competitions

Kellogg SWOT Analysis and Competitions


Kelloggs is one of the world’s best food manufacturing companies. It is the most widely used breakfast cereal food producing company. As well as it is one of the leading organizations in its industry and for several years it has maintained its unbeatable market reach, through various strategies such as analytical SWOT research as well. It is the first company to enter readymade cereal into the breakfast segment. With their tagline “Bring Out the best in you” they provide only the best product for centuries. Today’s topic- Kelloggs SWOT Analysis.

But first, let us know what SWOT Analysis is?

Kelloggs SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis refers to analyzing a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a brand. They help a brand to grow and overcome and be aware of all the disadvantages and factors that hinder the company’s growth.

And will know its potential competitors for opting strategies to maintain a hold over the market.

Let us first discuss its Strengths which lead it to rule the market for years!

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  • Team Work

Kelloggs is driven by its passionate workers, who collaborate with every department to bring the best in sales possible. The production department and marketing department go hand in hand to provide the maximum profit to the esteemed company.

  • Noble Remarkable initiatives

It has started a “Fighting hunger” initiative with Walmart. 

  • Market Analysis 

Kellogg has an excellent market analysis and research team. You may have seen the most famous personalities in its advertisement and those who are in news for their upcoming shows, movies advertising Kellogg’s. It promotes its brand through its mascot. It has an excellent brand presence through motorsport, merchandising. This is because there’s a super fresh market research and business strategies, especially in the promotion.

  • Go to Strategy 

Kelloggs has a hold on market for its highly rated and top quality products which are easily accessible from any local store to supermarkets. This is because they go to market strategies, which emphasize on maximum availability of the products.

  • Strong Workforce

Kellogg’s never compromised on its taste and hence it hires only the best and brightest among all, currently, it has a global workforce of over 30,000 and its employees provide only the best quality and quantity in cereals which is a strength of the company.

The following were the strengths of this giant cereal company, let’s move forward to look at Some of its existing weaknesses.

  •  Limited products 

Since we have heard the name of Kellogg’s company, we know it for making cereals only.

Today as well it is only using its resources in producing only one product that is cereals. In this cutthroat competition era, they should experiment in other fields of products for more reach and growth.

  • Expansion

They don’t have another business financial model rather than the previous 30-50 years

old one. They should expand their criteria of products and production.

  • Work Style

Kelloggs is a traditional cereal-making company having the same working styles and rules, with the revolutionary era they should also change their style of working for the betterment of the company and its employees. Controversies regarding product recall affected the brand image of Kelloggs. 

  • Technology 

This leading cereal company needs to invest in high-tech technology to carry the traditional procedures more efficiently. 

The following were the weakness of this giant company, let’s move on to get mesmerized by its present and future opportunities :

  • Branding

For years in a recession period, Kelloggs never fails to disappoint its customers, because of its nominal and constant prices it is a trustworthy brand which the users trust in every condition and period. It gives the company opportunities to experiment in different domains and spend little on branding.

  • Try different Genre 

Equitable to the trust of its consumers in this prestigious business over the years, they should renovate their products or try different trending products for their users.

  • Online Business

It should invest in online platforms to showcase and promote its products on online platforms. To attract new potential customers by online advertising.

  • Collaboration 

This food manufacturing company could collaborate with any non-governmental or governmental schemes to provide food for homeless, poor, unprivileged people.

  • Competitive Advantages

Kellogg is a leading brand, hence it has ample profitable growth and development opportunities from its competitors. 

After knowing its attainable opportunities let’s know the threats of this incredible company.

  • Consumer behavior

Any change in customer pattern could be a possible threat to the company’s profit.

  • Increasing Competition

Many new companies are starting to enter into the niche of Kellogg, which possesses its weakness as a strength.

  • Raw Material

The easy availability of raw materials could be a threat to the company.

  • Innovation

Kellogg’s biggest threat is the rising competition in innovative marketing and production.

  • Competitive planning 

This traditional company lacks some of the new and trending analysis of traffic.

The following was the analysis of prominent strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Kellogg’s.

In the further article, we are going to discuss Kellogg biggest arising Competitors:  


  1. Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats Company is a top Kellogg contender. It is a worldwide maker of marked shopper food varieties. Their items are sold through retail locations. It uses protein and oats which are loved by every fitness wishing person. Oats have become the new cereal as they have great taste and do not transmit fat to our bodies. Hence Quaker oats are one of the biggest competitors for Kellogg.

  1. Nestlé

Nestle is a swiss based company it is known for its wide variety of products from cereals, to chocolate. It leads the food industry with its delicious and consumer-friendly products.

It’s a strong competitor for Kellogg’s as its creative market strategies and legendary products, which are a weakness of Kellogg’s.

  1. Britannia

Britannia is an Indian food formulating organization that is established in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The Britannia organization produces signature best-selling biscuits and Tiger-marked bread rolls. It assesses 38% of the portion of the overall industry of the organization. It provides the best and healthy products made from top quality raw material and is a much-loved brand of India. Thus, a potential competitor for Kelloggs. 

  1. Kraft Heinz

In 2015, an American food company Kraft Heinz was established in Illinois, United States. It is the world’s fifth-largest food and Beverage Company and a trusted producer of delicious food. The company provides high-quality food with great taste and nutrients. Being one of the biggest competitors of Kelloggs.

The following was about the SWOT that is the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of one of the largest cereal food manufacturing companies Kelloggs and its potential competitors! We hope it has enlightened the iconic and emerging brand. Happy Knowledge 

Thank you for reading!

Kelloggs SWOT Analysis- And Competitions

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