John Lewis SWOT Analysis- Know More

John Lewis is basically called John Lewis Partnership which is a British company that operates John Lewis & partner’s department stores which deal in Furniture appliances, handbags, shoes, homeware and all kinds of clothes for kids wear to men and women. It is founded by John Spedan Lewis at Oxford Street, London, United Kingdom. The headquarters is in London, United States. Also, their products can be made purchased online. All their products are available online on various shopping platforms. Currently, approx 80000 employees are employed in this company and the present revenue is 12.14 USD billion. Let us know more about that the John Lewis SWOT Analysis- Know More.

John Lewis SWOT Analysis- Know More

What Is SWOT Analysis?

It is basically a tool of measuring the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a company. It is very helpful to any organization so that they can come up new opportunities to eradicate all their weakness and to be preparing such a business plan which will harmless due to future uncertainties or threats. It helps a company to analyse its internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats. It helps a company to find its realistic position where they stand in present and to utilize all internal and external factors to build more strong networks across the countries in order to strengthen its position in future 

John Lewis SWOT Analysis

Let us see the Strength, weakness, oppurtunities, threat i.e SWOT Analysis of John Lewis.


  • John Lewis has been seen continuously growing and expanding their channels across many countries. It has created widespread channels, it regesters in increase in growth of it as compared with last years.
  • John Lewis it is better known for its product diversification, it provides people with different kind of products that are clothes, furniture, houseware and electrical appliances.
  • John Lewis have an effective level of employment.
  • It has strong brand image in various countries which provides high quality products 
  • It has strong virtual presence across many countries
  • John lewis has very loyal customers, reports have been proved that their customers does not got influence towards others easily, they are very loyal to it.
  • John lewis  provides promising and wide range of products in more than one sector; it offers high quality products and hence takes a position of valuable brand in the market
  • John lewis is able to earn handsome amount of revenue that is approx 3 million USD dollars and currently 80000 employees works here 


. There are no such many weaknesses of Sony .There are only few weakness which incurred 

  •  Their profits dropped  in some previous years as there is sudden decrease in the demand of their products .
  • Their products are very expensive as compared to others stores  and cannot be afforded by every class only top and upper middle class families can purchase their products, whereas company’s perspective while designing any product should be that it should design budget friendly and easily affordable by every family class whether middle or top  , they have to work upon its price policy .
  •  John lewis  does not focus more on promotional  activities ,it have poor strategies of marketing and selling therefore their products cannot reach to at large extent as compared to capacity it holds to be
  • John lewis is only limited to UK , it should expand their channels outside UK or can create awareness of the brand outside United Kingdom in order to enhance their  virtual business 


  • John lewis can work on its purchase policy in order to increase purchasing power of people , this will led to increase in demand of their products.
  •  It can focus better on promotional and selling power so that it can able to increase purchasing power of their products
  • Business diversification and new product development can foster the growth of the company and can boost up their profits at great extent 
  • John lewis can overcome up with many more new opportunities and can develop many more new electrical gadgets or household appliances even though they are already made their space in many sectors
  •  John lewis  can come up with many more new innovations and products and also it have potential to do the same 
  • John lewis  should expand their business across many different countries beyond US , it should try to reach at various countries as much as possible


  • There is intense competition; Laura Ashley is one of its biggest rival companies. Customers can be easily influenced by the policies of discount by another companies, they started moving to other company.
  • Changes in government policy can easily affect the business at great extent. Policies of government changes from time to time due to which many companies have to face an immense loose. Legal environment is one of the main threat to it 
  • Imitation of one company’s model by other is a big threat to any company. There has been seen imitating Jon lewis’s model by many other companies which are giving it a stiff competition
  • Economic recession and instable financial policies can be great threat for any company
Frequently asked questions
  • Can we rely on SWOT analysis to be versed with any company?

NO, there can be many limitations of Swot analysis it can miss out some opportunities and also a company does not shares its confidential information. Therefore, Swot analysis cannot be much reliable to be versed with any company

  •  How to get proper information about company to make SWOT analysis?

  A candidate can go through their website and get information through   investopedia .Job description can give an overview about company and if it satisfies you than you can apply

  • How to write a personal SWOT Analysis?
  1. First of all, a company have to list all its strengths 
  2. Secondly, a company have to review all its weakness which they have to work upon it 
  3. Third, a company have to define its opportunities which they can successful grab for company’s better performance and to build a more strong base 
  4. Fourth, a company have to understand any potential threats if any so that they can develop business plans to overcome uncertainties that might occurs in future
  5. And lastly, it have to make an informed decisions
John Lewis SWOT Analysis- Know More

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