Apple Software Engineer Salary- Read More About It

Apple is a multinational company with its origin in America. The headquarters are located in Cupertino, California. The corporation came into being in 1976, as Apple Computer Company by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. It is included in the Big Five American information technology companies. The products manufactured are iPhone, iPad, Apple watches, iMac, and Apple TV. Let us know more detail about ‘Apple Software Engineer Salary’.

Apple Software Engineer Salary

Apple Software Engineer Salary

Software engineer at Apple is one of the prestigious positions with various merits. It is considered that getting a job as a software engineer is quite hard but not impossible. According to the Comparably official webpage, it is estimated that total earnings by the Engineering department at the company are $17,120 which is comparatively higher than the legal department. Annually, a software engineer at the apple department earns $132,640 which is a combination of bonus and base salary.

Comparison of Average total salaries:

Human Resources (HR)$162,290

The chart concludes that the Engineering department has a higher total annual income than the legal department but lower than the HR department.

Positions at Apple:

Apple is a worldwide running company and has several employees working in different departments. A few of them include:

  • Sensing Hardware engineering
  • Algorithm engineering
  • Machine Learning engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Quality insurance engineering
  • Human factors engineering

Salaries of some of the designation are stated below which is extracted from

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Director of Engineering $301K
Group Engineering Manager$250K
Principal Engineer$220K
Engineering Manager$280K
Lead Engineer$176K
Automation Engineer$153K

Software Engineer at Apple:

At Apple, software engineers need to fulfill the tasks that include planning, analyzing, designing, developing, testing, and maintaining the company’s software.


  • Solid programming skills in JAVA/J2EE.
  • Expertise in software engineering using Agile systems.
  • Working knowledge of Cloud Systems.
  • Experience in Apache Kafka, Spark, or Flink.
  • Experience in working with databases.


At Apple, software engineers have to go through the following steps to be recruited by the company.

  • Hiring Manager Phone Screen (Interview): Includes general questions concerning resume or experiences.
  • Technical Phone Screen (Interview & home tasks): In this round, topics that are questioned are usually regarding data structures and algorithms.
  • Onsite Round (Interview): Here interviewer may test candidates’ knowledge about Apple coding.
  • Salary

Software Engineer Salaries at Apple:

The wages of software engineers at Apple can range from $87,00 up to $170,000 which is considered to be more than developers and less than senior QAs. This salary often comprises $116,617 as a base salary and a bonus of $17,000. According to recent records the software engineers’ salaries are ranging from $265K-$148K. A senior software engineer can earn up to $383K.

Software engineer Salaries comparison on a gender basis:

There is not a big difference between the salaries of males and females working as software engineers at Apple. The exact salary issued to females defined by a webpage is $123,971 and those to males is $124,749.

Types of Software Engineers:

1. Full-stack Software Engineer

  • Experience in software development (at least 6 years)
  • Excellence in Java and Java enterprise technology
  • Understanding of data modeling and database
  • Communication and collaboration skills
  • Experience with a front end development

The salary of a full-stack engineer at Apple may range from $127K to $151K.

2. Senior software engineer

  • Experience of around 5 years using Xcode
  • Good command of C, and C++ while writing Xcode.
  • Experience with Linux, and macOS.
  • Well aware of technologies like Web services, XML, HTTP, and JSON.
  • Good understanding of distributed system design patterns.
  • Experience with object-oriented concepts.
  • Strong understanding of SW development cycle
  • Collaboration qualities

The average salary of a senior software engineer at Apple is estimated to be $216K annually.

3. System Software Engineer:

  • Experience in software like C, C++, Obj. oriented. (at least 3 years)
  • Critical thinking ability
  • Knowledge of wireless communication.
  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Knowledge about the basis of software design and infrastructure.

The salary of a system software engineer is usually between $130K-$212K.

Salaries of newly appointed Software engineers:

The comparative study shows that newly appointed engineers at Apple enjoy more employee benefits than other companies like Microsoft. It is said that newly entered software engineers can earn up to $118,810.

What are the highest and lowest levels for software engineers at Apple?

A website called explains the levels as following:

ICT2Entry level software engineer$163K
ICT3Software engineer$271K
ICT4Senior software engineer$315K
ICT5Senior software engineer$447K
ICT6Senior software engineer$738K


Software Engineers working at Apple enjoy various benefits with their salary with an additional bonus annually. But being recruited as a software engineer at a firm like this is itself quite a difficult task. As claimed by the company itself, there are 210,000 employees responsible for carrying the task of designing and developing the software. It has been reported that since 2016, Apple has been recruiting more software engineers than hardware engineers. And as for the salaries, there has been a constant increase.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What are the benefits of working at Apple?
  • Employee discount: According to an employee experience, employees at Apple can enjoy the benefit of getting new products with a little bit of waiting.
  • Health Facility: Employees are given expense amounts that can be utilized for medical necessities.
  1. Which is the highest-earning job at Apple?

According to the statistics at, a Project engineering manager has the highest salary which is $151K and above. And the highest-paid department is Business Development. The highest paying location at Apple in Cupertino.

  1. Is it hard to get employed at Apple?

Apple is one of the leading telecommunication networks in the market. It is labeled as the world’s second most valuable company by 2022. Being a big name in the market, it is quite difficult to be employed at Apple. It is claimed that only 2% of the people applying to the firm are selected.

Apple Software Engineer Salary- Read More About It

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