Meaning of 1st Shift Hours

1st shift hours

Here we will see the Meaning of 1st Shift Hours.

Almost everyone wishes to do a regular Nine to five jobs, while the shifting role is somewhat limited to people who have to do those roles. Certainly, the regular job hours are what everyone is conversing with, the traffic, the rush hour buzzes, and the hope to make it to work in time before it’s the official resumption hours. However, shift jobs are kind of rare unless you are in the medical line or a sales cashier. Some other people would love to get a shift job, and they would also love pre-knowledge about the working hours. 

As the name suggests, the 1st-hour shift is mostly loved by people who are morning people and would love to get things done and be back in their home by the afternoon. If you are working the 1st shift hours, there would be some benefits you would be enjoying; however, to be clear 1st shift isn’t for everyone. Most often, the majority of us find it very difficult to open our eyes when the day breaks as we enjoy the cozy warmth our bed is offering us. Besides, most people snooze the morning alarm over and over to get another extra sleeping time. Generally, 1st shift hours are mostly close to the regular 9 to 5 job time, eight hours per day. Meanwhile, the 1st shift hours precedes the afternoon shift. You should know that the 1st shift hour varies based on the organization and the profession. 

What are the 1st shift hours?

Working very early in the morning can be very great especially if you are an early person, as it has some drawbacks, there are some other extra benefits you can gain from these specialized working hours. Your first shift hour is largely based on your profession and the organization you work for, as your first shift hours can start by six am, and it could also start by 7 am if you are taking over duties in the emergency ward of a hospital. Meanwhile, any person who works shift jobs would understand that completing the 3rd shift can be very tasking, and you always wish the clock moves very fast. You would be very happy you are handing over to the first shift hour’s staff, and you can’t wait to head home. With this in mind, the shift pattern and hours spent at each shift would depend on how the organization has structured the shift duties. The first-hour shift is often when you are back from the day off, so you feel refreshed and energized to pick up the first shift. The work roaster always specify when your shift starts and your working days. The first shift gives you free time in the evening to hang out with friends and family more often.

The first shift, meaning

Simply put, the 1st shift hours are considered the morning shift. At any organization, the first shift morning staff took up the duties from the 3rd shift staff and then handed over the duties to the people coming in the afternoon to take over the organization activities. It could be somehow confusing, as these terms might be new to you, and basically, each organization might also term the shift in its own words. If you continuously hear details like Day shift, morning shift, AM shift, Earlies, Early morning shift, early turn shift, and daytime shift, they are referring to the 1st-hour shift. 

Now that you know what the early morning shift has been like and the terms used to describe the 1st-hour shift, you should be ready to show up at work as early as possible. Besides, you would have it in mind that you would soon become a regular shift worker where you are clear with your duties, resumption time, and be considered the regular shift worker. More so, other abbreviations and instructions would now be part of you.

Common hours for 1st shift hour’s jobs

As you have read in the previous sections, the 1st shift hour job varies from one organization to another. This will allow staff to get tasks that will not be comfortable to be done in the night or easily completed for the staff in the afternoon or night shift. However, it is common that some professionals are fixed in a particular shift hour, mostly the morning shift hours. This normally means that employees in this category get to finish their work early and head out of a job.

Some job roles that typically have starting hours by 5 am to 7 am 

Here are some job roles whose starting hour for the morning shift falls between 5 am and 7 am as designed by the organization. The list includes but is not limited to Emergency services workers, Security services, correctional officers, Transportation services (Bus drivers, train drivers, pilots), Café employees, Chefs / Baker, Small grocery stores, Cleaning staff/housekeeping, Postal workers, Truck drivers.

Some job roles that typically have starting hours by 7 am to 9 am 

Aside from the 5 am to 7 am morning shift job starters, some other work schedules utilize the early hours of the day as their 1st-hour shift starts from 7 am to 9 am. Here is the common list of the workers that fall into these categories Store managers, Sales executives/customer services associates, Bank clerks, Bar staff, Hotel managers, Front desk services, Laboring service – (Carpenters, plasterers, electricians), Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and many more.

What are the advantages of 1st shift hours?

Of course, there are many benefits you tend to gain from the 1st shift hour, which is not available for other shift duties. There are certainly so many amazing benefits you gain for both work and your personal life. However, some disadvantages also come with the job duties for early morning people. You will either want to enjoy the early sunrise or prefer to take more sleep in the morning. Here are the advantages of the 1st shift hours and how you can implement the job duties to ensure a productive day at work. 

Other departments are open for work already

Anyone who works on a rotating shift job always knows the pain involved with work when some other department is not at work already. This could potentially slow down your work process; imagine waiting for the accounting department to get access to cash needed by 7 am. Some inconveniences would be caused for you either as the person in the other department services or as the department as a whole. 

However, the number of clients satisfied by the organization increases because customers can easily reach out to the business as early as 5 am and respond to the issues that require solutions. 

Everyone is more social

Workers who have their shift performed in the morning can easily go out and socialize with their family members and have a good time. In addition, they easily get out of work and have extra hours with their loved ones, friends, and family. 


Early morning risers mostly prefer the morning shift, and they find it very convenient and interesting to have their job fall into this time of the day. Moreover, the 1st shift hour job provides other benefits such as being social, and you can always have the rest of the day to yourself after the daily work.


What is the duration of 1st shift hours?

Most 1st shift hour jobs have their duration between 7 am and 3 pm, while some organizations have them from 9 am to 5 pm. Typically, the duration is between the very early hours of the morning and the first couple of hours of the day.

What is the best shift to work?

Generally, people prefer to work the day shift, and normally, this shift is between 7 am to 5 pm, as determined by the organization they work for. 

Meaning of 1st Shift Hours

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