Kohls Shift Hours & Kohl’s Distribution Center Shift Hours- Know More


Kohl’s, founded in the year 1962, is an American brand that operates a chain of departmental stores in all of the states of the US except for Hawaii. As of today, the company has as many as 1162 locations all over the US, and the numbers continue to grow over the years. The company has been a constant presence in the Fortune 500 list of companies and is the largest departmental store chain in the United States. Initially founded by the Polish immigrant, Maxwell Kohl, a group of investors purchased the company back in 1986 and the company subsequently went public in the year 1992.  Here we will see about Kohls shift hours & Kohl’s distribution center shift hours.

The company usually offers different job hours for seasonal employees and full-time employees. The seasonal employees are expected to be working for around 6-8 hours per week, whereas the full-timers usually have to work for around 40 hours weekly. Timings are flexible and can be adjusted as per the requirements. Generally, there are two shifts – morning and evening ones.

Kohls shift hours & Kohl's distribution center shift hours

Shift timings

The morning shifts are usually from 6 AM – 6 PM for the full-time employees and 6 AM – 1 AM for the part-time workers. The evening shifts also have the same timings with the AMs being replaced by PMs and vice versa. Job hours can be adjusted according to the needs of the employees. But the superiors need to be informed beforehand.

The shift timings mentioned always stay the same for the store workers and the distribution centers as well. The company’s workplaces are known for providing excellent opportunities and also, for providing an amazing work-life balance. The salary packages provided are decent and one won’t have many complaints while working here.

What happens on missing shift hours?

At Kohl’s, this policy is quite strict and an employee can end up losing his/her job if they miss their shifts. Generally, being late results in salary deductions and warnings being given. If someone is absent without prior notice for more than 3 days, he/she may end up losing his job. Thus, it is suggested that candidates be extremely cautious of the work hours they can put in.

Expectations from temporary employees

If you are someone who wishes to work here part-time or seasonally, they are mainly interested if you can work during the weekends. It is because a number of the permanent employees are on holiday during the weekend and there is also increased pressure on the stores.


Thus, we have seen in this article that one can have flexible working hours while working at the company. Employees are free to select their working hours or shifts as per their choice, but once selected, they need to follow the timings and be present on the days. If someone is absent from their job without notice for many days, it may result in their job getting terminated. The company offers a perfect solution to those people who are looking for some part-time or seasonal jobs, though many people work here permanently as well. So, through this article, we would have learnt about Kohls Shift Hours & Kohl’s Distribution Center Shift Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

We looked at the most asked questions on the internet about the company and its shift hours. In this section, we have compiled together a few of those questions along with their appropriate answers.

Question. Is it difficult to get a job here?  

Kohl’s has a lot of branches all over the US and as such, they do have a lot of openings as well. The hiring process at the company is not so difficult and the interviewers have spoken of positive experiences. A few necessary documents need to be submitted at first, which is followed by an in-office interview process. The candidates are let know within a few days whether or not they are selected for the job. Another positive thing is that the company usually lets the candidates know even if they are not selected. This gives them the chance to apply to other places.

Question. What is the minimum age limit to be working here?

A person needs to be of at least 17 years of age to be eligible to apply for a job at the company. Candidates are also required to pass a drug screen before applying for the hourly, seasonal job at the company. The senior jobs or the permanent ones usually require experience or a formal college degree. 

Question. Where can I apply for a job at Kohls?

One needs to simply head over to the careers section on the company website and follow the steps that are given there. Candidates can choose their preferred job titles and also, their preferred job locations. At Kohl’s, the application process is fairly simple and one would be contacted by the hiring managers if his/her profile is found to be satisfactory. It is also possible to apply through any other online job-listing portal.

Kohls Shift Hours & Kohl’s Distribution Center Shift Hours- Know More

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