Annual Yacht Stewardess Salary By Depth 2021

Yacht Stewardess Salary

Yacht Steward/Stewardess is an entry-level job position that maintains the interior of the yacht. They must provide standard care to guests visiting the yacht. They must work under the chief stewardess, as the work requires attention to detail. The applicant must be a quick learner and ability to perform any work exceptionally. The working hours may vary, as it depends on the crew briefing. We will discuss Yacht Stewardess Salary by depth in this article along with job description.

The major duties involve preparation of cabin and providing attention to detail in every work such as laundry, arranging flowers, setting tables, and cleaning the interior part of the yacht. While the guest aboard the yacht, they have to serve welcome drinks, prepare parties with various teams, pack and unpack their luggage, and be available for the guest at any time. While in some of the yachts, they may have to help the deck team of the yacht.

There may be breaks during lunch or any available breaks in between. It may be a long workday while serving the guests. Though there are no specific work timings for this job position, approximately it would take 12-14 hours in a day. They get paid for the extra working hours. The yacht industry is attractive when it comes to salary.

The yacht stewardess must be a positive and hard-working personality, with a can-do attitude anytime as the work needs many details. Everything within the yacht must be perfectly detailed, from folding the towel to ironing the pillowcase. This is a friendly profession and maintaining the privacy of guests.

Career of Yacht Stewardess

The yacht is a symbol of luxury; it is one of the means of luxurious travel. The experience from the yacht can be matched with the wealthiness of the yacht owner. It gives the people richness and power by offering a heavenly feel. The open view of the sea gives a gist to start a career in this occupation as it is most intimidating.

It is considered one of the long-term careers, a tough nut to be cracked. However, the requirements for the work are predictable. The crew members have to fulfill their promise to provide a profit and secure opportunity for those waiting to have a successful career. The job opportunity in the yacht maybe a lure, but it takes a lot of effort to achieve your dream and how effectively you use your knowledge. 

Always be eager to learn new things, come up with new initiatives and ideas. As you put effort, the job will be easy to grasp.

Responsibility – Yacht Stewardess

  • They are responsible for the smooth operation of the yacht’s interior, and that includes housekeeping services, wardrobe management, laundry services, food-beverage services, entertaining, and cleaning. They have to maintain their energy throughout the journey.
  • They have to direct, train and motivate lower-ranked stewardesses that are working on board. Also, they must assign rotational duties and take care of the human resource guidelines and procedures.
  • They have to provide valet services for the guests. The valets are nothing but providing service to the guests, such as helping them with packing and unpacking their luggage, providing care for their garments and personal items, and making daily arrangements.
  • Must protect, maintain, and care for their valuables, including artwork, fine woodworks, marbles, silk, and crystals.
  • They must create, implement, and maintaining the procedures, providing inventory supplies, a collaboration of meal services for the guest onboard.
  • They must keep the interiors organized, well-maintained with writing and updating the protocol and etiquette.
  • Creating various plans to make the journey memorable for the occasional guests.
  • Purchasing uniform for the crew members, they must select, purchase, serving beverages and requires training.
  • They must be trained in handling first aid services during emergencies.
  • Taking full responsibility onboard for the safety of the crew, even during emergencies.
  • They must ensure that the guests have at most satisfaction in their service.

Qualification – Yacht Stewardess

  • Chief Stewardess

The chief stewardess must possess training in bartending, cigar service, presentation of wine, and silver service. The essential certificates to seek a job as yacht stewardess are:

  • STCW – Basic Training
  • ENG1 – Seafarers Medical Certificate
  • Passport and visa

The basic safety training course includes the following:

  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Fire prevention and Fire fighting
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Social responsibility and Personal safety
  • Security awareness

The entry-level job for yacht stewardesses may be obtained, but having the right skills and certification will help one do the job more efficiently. Though the entry-level job includes basic cleaning and organizing work, people looking for a long-term career require proper certification to prosper in their career. The individual might have to learn about mastering skills like bartending and proficiency in silver service, which will be considered during the processing of an application. In comparison, most of the task involves handling the guest, detailing the work like cleanup, laundry, floral arrangements or decorating them, cabin preparation, and burnishing.

Work Environment – Yacht Stewardess

Here are the few rules to be maintained in the yacht: the work prolongs for hours, and one has to invest physically and include labor work. While most of the yachts are small, you may have smaller rooms that are clean enough than motel rooms. Since it is for the luxury class, the food available is rich enough. One may visit many fabulous places around and get to know people from various parts of the world.

  • While onboard, alcohol and drugs are not permitted for the crew members, though during off duty, while there are no passengers, one may indulge in taking alcohol, it totally depends on the yacht owner.
  • Smoking is prohibited on board the yacht.
  • Weapons and guns are not allowed.
  • The individuals must be well-groomed and dressed well; they must possess a friendly attitude to serve the guest onboard. Also, they must be clean and maintain overall hygiene during their service.
  • Maintaining the high privacy of the guest onboard must remain within the yacht.
  • Above all, it provides extra perks and tips apart from basic salary.

Tips to Start a Career

Though the work on board seems to be fun, it requires hard work and perfection. Here are the tips to start a career:

  • Get qualified. Get your basic qualification before starting your career as a yacht stewardess, which will help in the long term.
  • Preparing CV. Prepare a proper resume that talks about your skills relevant to the job position.
  • Yacht Hub. Registering your profile with the yacht agency helps you to seek a job on shorter notice.
  • Maintaining network. It is always helpful to maintain a proper network of people working in a similar field, as one may get to know openings, which helps you seek a job.
  • Being Dynamic. Ensure to dock walk, look for opportunities while handling your CV, keep your option wide.
  • Educating. Educate yourself about how the industry works, and be updated about your work. Follow the related website to gain more knowledge.

Salary of Yacht Stewardess

The salary these days may vary widely; it is based on training, certification, and the course, making a lot of difference. Also, the interesting factor is the salary also depends upon the size of the yacht. The chief stew earns about $3450-$5650 for a month for a smaller yacht that is up to a depth of (80-140ft). For a yacht that is 140 feet deep, they earn about $5200-$8000 for a month. Currently, it’s quite common to see a whopping salary of $90k+ for larger yachts that are deeper. The entry-level yacht stew makes about $30K-$43k annually that is $2500-$3600 for a month.

Compared to the food-beverage servers, staffs for laundry, cabin crew, the salary for stewardess is comparatively high. In contrast, the individual effort adds benefits to the extra perks because the work is done for luxury class people.

The table below summarizes the salary range:

StewardessUnder 100ft(30m)Under 140ft(40m)Under 140-180ft(45-55m)Above 180ft(55m)
No of crew1-44-86-12Above 12
Chief Stewardess (Head Stewardess)$3,300–$4,000 per month
$39K–$48K annually
$4,000–$5,500 per month
$48K–$66K annually
$5,200–$7,000 per month
$62K–$84K annually
$7,000–$8,000+ per month
$84K–$96K+ annually
2nd Stewardess(Senior Stewardess)Unknown$3,000–$3,800 per month
$36K–$45K annually
$3,300–$4,500 per month
$39K–$54K annually
$4,000–$4,500+ per month
$48K–$54K+ annually 
3rd Stewardess (junior Stewardess)Unknown$2,500–$3,200 per month
$30K–$38K annually
$2,800–$3,400 per month
$33K–$40K annually
$3,000–$3,600 per month
$36K–$43K annually

The annual salary given above varies widely based on various other factors such as the size of the yacht, usage of it, like whether the yacht is charter or privately owned. The benefits available to the crew members are life insurance, reimbursement on education. It also depends on the qualification of the crew members, the time spent by the guest on the yacht. The listed range is base salary, and it does not include tips.

Annual Yacht Stewardess Salary By Depth 2021

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