All About Xerox Employee Discount, Salary And More

Xerox is a multinational American company that deals in selling printers, projectors, and other appliances used at office and documentation work. Xerox company provides lots of special discounts to its employees, which are different from that provided by other companies. This not it  there are several other benefits that are also provided to the employees that help in their daily lives. Let us know all about Xerox Employee Discount, Salary And More.

All About Xerox Employee Discount, Salary And More

What Is The Xerox Company?

Xerox is a multinational company that works in producing digital copies and prints of documents for different companies. The company is categorized as Haloid Photographic Company. Xerox is a public-based company and is noted under the Information technology sector. The Xerox company works in almost every countery since 90s. Speaking Accurately, it has been 115 years. The company was officially founded on April 18, 1906. For the very first time, it was launched in Rochester, New York,USA. Xerox headquarter is situated in Norwalk, Connecticut, The United States. Currently, the company is serving in almost every country. There might be any country where Xerox has not served yet. 

What Does The Xerox Company Do?

The company is headed by Keith Cozza, who is the chairman of the Xerox. Along with Keith, John Visentin, the vice chairman and CEO of the company is also leading Xerox. The company is a superhit and a big success. according to the information of 2020 the company has a turnover of around USD 7.2 Billion. Xerox Company deals with selling printers, Office printers, presses, digital presses, wide format printers, projector, scanners, and many other offices or documentation appliances. Almost everyone must have heard about this company. Xerox supports more than 24 thousand 700 people financially by employing them under their company. 

Discounts Provided To Employees Of The Xerox Company

Other than benefits Xerox also provided SOme special discounts on various things to its employees. The xerox employee, their family, and also their friends are completely eligible to avail these benefits. The best part of the discount is that it is provided with good things. Other than cars and health discounts it also provides entertainment, travel, movies, park discounts. To read more about the offers and discounts you can read on the official website of the Xerox company or any other trusted website. Given below are the basic discounts to the employees of Xerox:

  • Cars and other automobiles discounts: A Xerox employee gets a discount on buying a new car, motor servicing, New tire discount, Car and automobile loans, motor insurance, and other warranties. 
  • Discounts on Entertainment Activities: A Xerox employee gets discounts on movie tickets, golf ground discounts, books, newspaper or magazine discounts, discounts on entering theme parks, etc.
  • Discounts on getting a new debit or credit card, special offers on credit score, discounts on personal and other loans, home loan discounts, and much more.
  • Health and medical Discounts: It includes discounts on health insurance, medical alert, supplement and aids, vision checkup, medicines, and vitamins supply. 
  • Discounts on certain types of warranty and insurances like home, life, health, and renters discounts.
  • Discount on trips and vacation traveling. Discount on some specific airlines, flights, hotels, cabs, and resorts or camps.
  • Not only does it provide discounts and insurances to the employees, but also their pets. A Xerox employee gets a discount on their pet care item, pet insurances, and dog registration.
  • Other than this there are some special discounts on purchasing clothes, gifts, stationery, flowers, fashion accessories and watches from a specific shop/mall.

These are the discounts provided to employees of Xerox. Isn’t it mind-blowing? 

Average Salary Of A Xerox Employee

Although the benefits and discounts are excellent, the salary is quite less according to reviews. Only 45% of the employees are satisfied with their current salary. The salary at Xerox is quite similar to all other tech-based companies of their competition. To get a good idea about the average salary you can look at the list of salaries provided below. This list includes the average salary of all the popular posts and jobs under the Xerox Company:

  • Customer Service Representative $9.96 per hour
  • Project Manager $79,016 per year
  • Operations Manager $56,708 per year
  • Customer Service Representative: $9.96 per hour
  • Customer Support Representative $10.75 per hour
  • Customer Care Specialist $11.08 per hour
  • Transaction Processor: $26,568 per year
  • Data Entry Clerk: $25,204 per year
  • Eligibility Specialist: $27,887 per year

Xerox provides hundreds of discounts to its employees. It offers discount in every field of life from car insurance discount to theme park ticket discount, from buying gifts on discounts to pet care discount. The company is extremely concerned about its employee’s welfare. Although the salary is not sufficient as per the employees review. But the discounts and benefits are up to mark. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does the company pay? Weekly or Bi-weekly?

The Xerox company pays bi-weekly. But many employees work from home, hence they are paid weekly.

  • Is there any Drug test required at the job?

The only time you will be drug tested is during the hiring process. Other than that there will be no other drug test.

  • Approximately how many hours one has to work at Xeroxoffice?

This depends on your shift and work. But on average a full-time employee has to work for around 7 to 9 hours a day at the office based on their job. 

All About Xerox Employee Discount, Salary And More

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